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The KGB and mating

Солнце отвернулосьThis will not even in the movies:
You're in power and you …

In small countries with a population of, usually, up to 20 million, the secret services have special status. Because they face no one knows, They magically, incredible, elusive and always Read more

Satan's in the community

Освещение руинAnd Cosmos knows exactly, who wholeheartedly Loves.
Who does the Cosmos Likes death before shaking.

On the planets death United terrorist groups are secretive war with the population. That's why sometimes free the planet from terrorism, that is like a Power, but reasonable people call a potential threat to Read more


ДэвыEach creature is developing according to its own Standard. Even not knowing or not knowing it, Substantive development cycle is precisely because of this Standard. Read more

Art Of Murder

imagePeople, with respect to each other,
See around your reflection.
“The Microbes” from the lack of Genius
Built animal a brazen tracking.
And those, that are prone to krovopijstvu, improving technology of living Death…

Direct to business? :)

In order for the, to Need energy to live Life…

The Devas. Sin. Rotten Karma. Opposites.

image…You slivaeš′ on living fictional you “Madame Tussauds!”.
(A) “I” – Like burn Patterns!..

You need to be able to think, to not understand simple things, the meaning of which is, the entire development process in the universe occur before the State, in which the Read more

“Death” Fènšuâ…

imageRui oranges, grouse Rui:
Your last day comes to Feng Shui…

(M. Mayakovsky + Feng Shui)

Everyone knows, that any object Radiates (and contains) The energy of different quality, which Read more

Non-Probabilistic Meditation Without A Title. Enlightenment.

imageDo you want to win even one account,
To “earn” new recognition.
We also carry out Space Calculation,
From Neveroâtnostnoj Meditation Untitled…:)

If you bent your meal,
At the table, on the table, under the table, or desk.
(A), Perhaps, political map
- Be careful: someone is playing you. Read more

Black Holes. Calculation. Interaction.

imageWent Out Hedgehog from TheMana.
Took out the knife from KARMAon.
“Will cut, going to beat,
Choose with whom to BE FRIENDS…” :)

(schitalochka harmless from our childhood a prominent)

Sky Blue, Sea Blue. Dad- Strong, Mom-Beautiful!
Bottomless Bowl…Clean Ocean Of Tears….Spring Snowdrops and white roses…sss

( Shu …born of Our Childhood, recorded Kosmovedstvom. ) Read more

Black Hole

imageABOUT! It's nice to see you, in the arms of your,
When your fear, caressing herself, you said.
How about you, watching myself, you feel your The True The Size Of The.
AND, with the rudiments of thinking, sklonâeš′sâ to view:
That no matter what you look like:
Microbe – your present value and Size… Read more

A Brief Weather Forecast. :)

imageI am confident that my Personality is the essence.
I believe in the essence of your personality, because the assertion, My Individuality is Special Content – Axiom. That saves me from having to prove it and protects my health from unnecessary hemorrhoids. But! because. everyone has a Personality, that is his own “I”, the Read more

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