Освещение руинAnd Cosmos knows exactly, who wholeheartedly Loves.
Who does the Cosmos Likes death before shaking.

On the planets death United terrorist groups are secretive war with the population. That's why sometimes free the planet from terrorism, that is like a Power, but reasonable people call a potential threat to their own enrichment and needs-appropriate robbery. Even their fictional “the laws of” they totally violate articles of the criminal code (calendar. 206, 209-210 UKRF, calendar. 13, 17-19, 285-295 UKRB, 147, 255-270 UCU and the corresponding calendar. UKSŠA, The criminal law of the UK and other countries). The details will be: 1. Make preparations for a crime, developing the evil plan of the slow destruction of the population. 2. Create a Gangster organization to intimidate the population. 3. Are involved in organized crime for personal enrichment. 4. Commit terrorist acts to eliminate the desire to do his own job (MOL: “your seats we already”). 5. The appointment of judge member of the thuggish group. 6. Continuously committed acts of mass disinformation through their own channels. Mol: “There is something that we don't know: and I don't know, and you do not know, and can not know (because we need to), then it was good. And now I am your King (or the Tsar's minion), and you are my slave. All of us hard: and you and me – but so have. We all suffer.” (In Taiga evening comes quietly). 7. Withholding information and hold hostages in the dark. 8. Suppression capabilities, ways and methods of obtaining information. 9. Its full and complete removal of data carriers.

In order for the, to see a larger number of crimes sufficiently study the Penal Code of any State and the first violation is a State, who owns the code. Because that's where they violate every item.

Космическая панорамаКосмический видКосмический вид 2

While living in the community “offspring of Satan”, at first will have to watch and wonder as these biological organisms are discussing each other's backs and strongly encourage all other similar acts. And the reasons for it are stupid and are only required to, to trigger a surge of hatred. The organisms are not prone to moral and biodegradable all look askance: “As it is so? Why he does not want to be bul′kaûŝim potrohom?”

While studying in educational institutions are open to watch as the most lustful “the offspring of Satan” form the same lewdness in all other. The most amazing, the rest of this happy and pleased to sink into the abomination. But after getting there, few can get back. And then the system destroy all potential charge of organism. The forty years, When these siblings isprobuût life differently – some of them become adequate. But up to this point, not think about male genitals and genitals only 10 years in life (with 1 up to 11 years) because females, being in different vozvrastnyh the framework and circumstances, perceiving life in varying degrees of responsibility, prefer to demonstrate their own genitals and genitals to the manipulation of the male psyche. Probably even eleven years old young females are able to change the psyche of males. But the stock teprimosti the majority of males are only sufficient for the first eleven years of life.

System Cretinism.

Космо взрывIf in one confined space together with healthy are biological organisms, with cretinism – not healthy organisms begin to capture and appropriation of available territories, to get a guaranteed benefit in survival. This leads to systematic destruction not only of the surrounding area, but the accelerated destruction of the vital functions of healthy individuals. When things disappear all territory seized specimens, provide reasonable benefits – then completely self-destruct the critical view. On the question: “Why does to nerds manages to take power?” – the easiest way to answer an example. Like any healthy organism when it pour “emotional mud”, and zabryzgivaût “nervous saliva” out of the mouth? If – No, the power of healthy individuals will lose.

Own behaviour “insane cretins” why something called policy, Although the policy it has little resemblance. Capturing, some of the essential items they manufacture their planned performances. Čeŝe they are playing neslyšan′e or misunderstanding, but always present themselves as, What do you all have to explain, fix, understand and make only the, that they are willing to hear what they want and no more, and your goals, so far, can wait, After all,, not excluded, that “deranged nerd” Notice the skul′tivirovannoe in your brain a slavish worship and draw attention to you! As a result of this systematic self-deception vanish useful life…

More often than not “deranged cretinism” is used to hold the power, When invader power anything useful and quality do not, and unwillingness to lose “useful bird feeder” makes you behave, all except it felt like fools, and the good faith of the benevolent considerations just were silent before “ohamevšej upstart”.

Social aspects.

Космическая системаIf you manage to get to your own body, match your mind and genius – chances are this will cause irritation to those, who will be able to “get close to you close”. Depending on the circumstances, this can cause outbreaks of hostility from their parents and close relatives. Situation, aggravated, can reach the betrayal. Usually, This occurs when the, If your views don't match those of your relatives, who believe, It has the right to manage your life. Betrayal may acquire many forms, and, usually, aimed at the destruction of his position in life you. If successful, the object loses meaning susceptible later in life. Because. artificial values cannot replace the real objectives.

Unfortunately betrayed not only to relatives. When on the “wings of joy” and the well-being of all of you will be allowed a leak of useful information – you will be surprised with the ability of your friends and well-wishers become enemies, very rude and cheeky response ukronââs′. Probably, features of the planets Death is to destroy all the useful elements for the sake of fleeting joys in any way possible. Some do it out of envy, others desire to profit, the third is due to the desire for power without justification and reasons. But in the end is the complete destruction of life. Space traitors are sentenced to a typical exile.

Betrayal can be due to jealousy, even the maternal. When siblings go into adulthood totally or partially. Apparently the female psyche assumes vseobladanie “izvergnutym” object. And flashes of jealousy can occur with almost no reasons, even in the case of the usual inability to control all of the information on the transfer of young.

Космос талантливTalented Beings on planets Death has not only frustrated because of betrayals, but the surrounding envy, to be in abundance to accompany them through life. This is due to the fact, the upstart is in no way going to share the talents of accidentally capturing power. Because talented imagination technologies, and imagination in power ends on her loss. But when stalknovenii with the authorities, talented and brilliant expect torments and the victim role for special services and the narrow spicializirovannyh “circles Satanists”. While conventional “moridae worms” , not to be smart, Neither brilliant, are just jealous and, Perhaps, grin in conversations. Because the genius – This ability to find great in the obvious. And all, new technology to stanovistsâ known and accessible, It begins to seem as if they, too, can make the same discovery, or do the same, or anyone can do as well. Some, even, because of his nesderžennosti can shout: “Oh, How did I not dogodalsâ myself!?” After All,, all genius – just. :)

Even if you're not a genius, and just were born beautiful or beautiful – a similar fate awaits you. Because, that your appearance will cause jealousy and aggression. As the feeble organisms subconsciously and consciously realize, your height will not be achieved. And even if the beautiful “body” become a free prostitute, so that everyone can “fuck beauty” – his, all the same, will hate, because “the root of evil” hiding elsewhere. Apparently, all this is because, that beautiful shape – This is to some extent the genius. The Truth, not always native speakers it is worthy “little men”. However, not worthy to beautiful and not only forms should be “typical treatments”.

Beautiful “females and males” for life is accompanied by regular outbursts of hatred. But being trapped in these filth do not forget, that best compliment your beauty is an unwarranted insult to women, and not only on the infected “Canine illness”. :) Hatred and Envy on the planets Death always tries to “stepping up” with the beauty of.

The world always deserted space genienenavistnikov.

The poor soul females, not only baskervil′skoj species, prefer to dismember the world on the part of the, How do the owners of the oil sector. And after all the decomposing program will find a home in your bioforme – they will be able to get you as a black liquid from its skvaženy. :) I guess, do not remind me, that the behaviorist “females” You can set the, they hate men.

Ядовитый Космос“Females” This “stremnoj rocks” just try to choose any “aggressive case” as a partner for marriage games. If “batch load has burnt down”, then in the next attempt will be an idiot. In the case of failure it will take something amorphous but controlled. The most promising are misleading, so no one went and lived in vain. (Promising to be more careful and think more about themselves and each other.) Perverted life, passing near – the, that forced to watch the most talented. And the world is overpopulated descendants “Cliffy females” swells of the perversity of the. Because it's in their DNA. Because of the inadequacy of such genetic “female hammer in the back of the dog”. But if you wish, and elementary efforts, even they could significantly improve its own situation. Do not allow yourself to be sucked into the Bass. And everything should be focused for the maintenance and development of genius. Of course, the easiest way to do this there, where it already is, When maintain brilliant and talented as possible. On normal Planets do: the most promising are the largest number of freedoms and opportunities, to bring the maximum benefit. But the feature of the situation is, that if these recommendations are not followed – defective items will be subject to the ultimate expulsion.

Vyroždaûŝiesâ race, degrading in its diversity, lose the ability to quality of brain activity, and their cranial boxes start to napoiminat′ pans. Establishing resonance with Vibrationally they start to listen to the same music in nature, that can be described as “music pots”. Mass effect it forms a very dull picture…

·٠• ◪◩ The TATTOO is not going to get us ◪◩ •٠·

Large-scale destruction on planets Death may seem a haven only “very pomojnyh organisms”, that any defective situation benefit. Usually it is the offspring of prospective generic lines in terms of Culture Order. And while they're ahead of all representatives of the degraded race – I guess, It is better to call them “by geeks”. And if it is not – the rest of the world. :)

Celebrity and fame in the Satanic World is trying to choose “model mice”, limited. Otherwise dangerous to the structure.

Социальный КосмосThe most common sex couples – 30 years “male” and 18 years “female”. Such a Union is considered normal “being Harmony”. But here's a, If we discard the 10 years – turn out, that “male” 20 years, (a) “female” total 8. :) Whether these situations are particularly not pedophilia? But quite often there are “unions” 50/18 – that may strike even the most stable psyche: probably, It's some kind of perversion. But if pull even more global – pereroždennye soul, whom 30 000 years can form an alliance with all the new souls. And here is generally difficult to judge form deviations. :) Well, if even in a formula to add and rebirth – all these sexual relationships very much resemble a game of “Panel herbal remedies” the stretched in time. Does, all the better, that gave Space, in this universe is for complacency any perverts? Because ètože very serious offence. Can send them all to the treatment?

At the conclusion of the defective family units, which are called “marriage”, children are born, whom “System” It defective, probably, because, the family-run Union concluded on the unhealthy emotional splashes unprepared for the family life of individuals, which can be “marriage” and not name. These unfortunate kids, the misunderstanding: Why did them in. “zasosali” – continuous levels of play-queue “in a box”, nothing understand.

Music sketching:

♡ ★ ♥ The Time Machine – Koster ♡ ★ ♥

ღ ஐ ૐ Margot Reisinger – Change Of Mind ૐ ஐ ღ

April 2013 in the Gregorian calendar.

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