“Reasonable and understand easily,
Soul seeing far away.
And not dripping a tear,
To the world understand and protect,
That emanated from the eye
And thoughts, sharp, as a sword…”

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The Gospel of John: 3:3 Jesus answered and said to him,: true, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, cannot see the Kingdom of God.

Nicodemus said to him,: How can a person to be born, being old? is can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and is born?

Jesus answered: true, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and Spirit, He cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. Do not Marvel, What I said to you: You must be born again.

The spirit breathes, where he wants, and his voice you hear, and don't you know, where it comes and where it goes: It happens with all, born of the spirit.

14:15 If you love me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the father, and he will give you another helper, that he may abide with you forever, The Spirit Of Truth.

14:26 Comforter also, The Holy Spirit, The Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all, What I told you.

15:26 When the Comforter comes, Which I will send to you from the father, The spirit of truth, That has come, He will testify about me.

16:7 But I tell you the truth: better for you, so I went; because, If I do not go, The comforter will not come to you; and if I go, It will send it to you, and he, having come, convicts the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: about sin, because they do not believe in me; on righteousness, What I am going to my father, and no longer will see me; about the Court, the Prince of this world has been sentenced…
When He comes, The spirit of truth, It will guide you into all truth: for it is not on my talk will, but will talk, that hears, and the future will tell you. He will bring glory to me, because I would take over and tell you. "

The Gospel of mark
: 13:4…tell us, When will it be, and what sign, When all this must be done by a? Answering them, Jesus began to speak: Beware, anyone not delude you, for many will come in my name, and say, what it is I; and shall deceive many.

13:24 But in those days, After the tribulation, Sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavens will be shaken. Then they shall see the son of man, coming in the clouds with many power and glory.

The Gospel according to St. Matthew: 24:36 On the same day and hour no one knows, No Angels, and only my father one.

24:42 So, Watch, because I do not know, in that hour your Lord will come. But know this, What if the landlord knew, in some detention thief, what he would and would not give podkopat′ your House. Why would you be willing to, for what time do not think, the son of man will come.

24:48 If the slave, being angry, say in your heart: not my Lord will come soon, and will beat your friends and eat and drink with drunks, then will come the day the slave Lord, in which he does not expect, and per hour, which does not think, and rassečet it, and expose him to a lot of hypocrites; There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth about coming on the clouds with many power and glory.

Gospel of Luke: 17:20 Ex-same asked the Pharisees, When the Kingdom of God, He answered them,: the Kingdom of God comes not perceptible way, and do not say: Here is the, It is here, or: Here is the, There. For behold, The Kingdom of God is within you.

Well said students: the days will come, When you want to see at least one of the days of the son of man, and will not see; and tell you: Here is the, here, or: Here is the, There, -do not go and do not chase, because, as lightning, catechization of people from one side of the sky, shines to the other side of the sky, so will the son of man in your day.

But first He must suffer much and be rejected this type of. And as the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the son of man: EFI, Pili, got married, married, until that day, Noah entered the Ark, and the flood came and devoured all the.

Hinduism: The most famous prophecy of Hinduism, is, Perhaps, the following: When the world fades the nobility of Dharma (Dharma – morality, decency, honesty), While Vishnu inkarniruetsâ and preaches the universal value of the Almighty and righteous life, restoring the Dharma. Comforter in the Vedas called Kalki (Tracing Paper, Maitreya). When the prescriptions of the Vedas and the laws almost would lose their force and the end of the era of Kali will close, part of the divine essence, that inhabits its spiritual nature in the person of Brahma, and that is the beginning and end of, and that covers all things, come down to Earth. She will be represented by Kalki, born in a noble family of Brahmin and endowed with eight superhuman abilities. Using its emergency powers, it will ruin everything barbaric and stealing and will win all those, who creates lawlessness. He will restore fairness on Earth, and the souls of living at the end of Kali age shall awake and will become clear as Crystal. Man, who endures such a change under the powerful influence of this time, will be like a seed for future generations and will mark the beginning of birth race, that will follow the laws of the era of Crete, era of purity.

Buddhism: Prophecies about Maitreya. Maitreya – future great prophet, The Buddha of the future world order. Maitreya is the only bodhisatvoj, which recognizes all areas of Buddhism, his coming was predicted in the “Visuddhimagge” Buddaghoši, “Tripitake” Shakyamuni, in the early works of Mahayana, in “Maitreya-v′âkarane”. In China it is called Milè, in Japan – Miroku, in lamaistkoj mythology – Majdar, Maidari and Džampa.

In those days, cousins, the land will be the Almighty, called Maitreya. It will be filled with wisdom and generosity, joy, knowledge of everything in the world and will be the best Advisor, teacher for gods and men, Vseslavnym God, Buddha, in such a, How do I now. He learns and thoroughly examine, being face to face with it, the whole universe with its worlds, her gods and evil spirits, and this world of hermits and Brahmin, rulers and peoples, as I now see it and know. Law, beautiful in its design, beautiful in its development, beautiful in its implementation, It will be like in the shower, and in a message; It recognizes the highest life in all its fullness and clarity, as I now. It will be accompanied by thousands of worshipers, as I escorted hundreds of worshippers now. (Digha Nikaja. Čakkavatti-Sidhanada suttanta)

Zoroastrianism: And the vseslavnyj Savior (Saoshyant) and a Refresher of the world (Astava-èreta). The Savior he called because, that is beneficial to all things, and Obnovitelem of the world – because, that provides the indestructibility of all things. He will confront the evil descendants are bipedal and confronts the hostility, caused by believers. (Avesta, Farvardin yasht 13.129)

Islam: Mahdi – the name of the last of the 12-Imam. The first was the Imam Ali, son-in-law of Muhammad. According to traditional sources of Islam, the Mahdi will come during the last Court (Kiâmy), to save the world. The discreet presence of Mahdi in the concept of Islam completely prevails on the Imamah, during the period of their disappearance until the return expected Savior during Kiâmy.

At the time of his birth the baby's head top Pierce light and reaches depths of heaven ... This child – Mahdi, the, who will fill the Earth with equity and legality, as it is now filled with oppression and injustice.

A sign of the return of the Mahdi (“Leading”) will be a global domination of evil on Earth, victory of the forces of evil against the forces of Goodness, This will require the coming of the Savior's last and final. If this does not happen, the result will be completely absorbed by the darkness of humanity.

During the arrival of Mahdi people will ignore the prayers and divinity, bestowed upon them, legalizovyvat′ wrong, practicing usury, take bribes, build huge buildings, sell religion for the conquest of the world's poor, hiring idiots, chat with women, destroying family ties, obey passion, and consider minor vows.

Generosity will be weak, but lawlessness glorified. The Princes will be corrupted, but the Ministers will become oppressors, intellectuals are traitors, and readers of the Qur'an corrupted and evil. False evidence would be presented openly, and amorality in full voice provozglasitsâ.

Sacred books would be incomprehensible, the mosque of hypocrisy, the minarets are extended. Crime will be glorified, the battles will narrow, hearts will be at variance, contract cancelled.

Women, greedy to wealth of the poor of the world, will be involved in their husbands ' business, vicious human voice will be loud, and it will listen to. The most despicable of people will become leaders, rasputnikam will believe out of fear of evil, the reason that they would be, liars will take it pravdivcami, While the Betrayers – worthy of trust. They will resort to singers and musical instruments, …and women straddle the horses, they will be like men, While men are like women. People will choose to act in the world for the highest and lowest will hide under the skins of lambs hearts Volkov. Mahdi will restore the lost sense of Holiness. First of all, it will revive Islam in its original purity and integration. Al-Mu'mani, fav. etc., page. 333-59, “Kua'im (Mahdi)”

Thus, Imam Mahdi expected would land him in court and Voskreceniû, Kiâme. The battle marked the final victory of the Mahdi “faithful followers” (mu'minun) and the Ecumenical, final determination of “pure religion”. It will do the same, as the Prophet, destroying, How to destroy It, the rituals of the period of ignorance. It will establish Islam. Mahdi will repair the mosque and reconstructs its Mecca. Mahdi will bring new order, a new book, new legislation and a new tradition. Other religions, also discarded and distorted, will be restored in its Truth and purity by the Mahdi.” Ibn Babin, 129, 1/161; Ibn Ayyash-Mugtad AB

He izvlekët the Torah and other Sacred Books of the caves, and will judge among the believers of the Torah according to the Torah, among the believers of the Gospel according to the Gospel, among the believers of the Koran, According to the Qur'an. It is a universal dedication to Imam all secrets emerge and start their own religions, and this knowledge is without a doubt, well described by the term “Mahdi” (“leading”), named, because he's the one, who will lead us to the truth.” Al-Mu'mani, Gage Ave., p. 342, “Kua'im (Mahdi)”

According to some traditional sources, during the coming of the Mahdi, the believers will be scattered in different parts of the world. All, or some of them, will edit all, even the birds and wild animals will be subordinate to. To all the faithful, join the squads of Mahdi, will be granted special miraculous force, the most distinctive of which – sensory connection with Imam, Mahdi. During the time of the coming of God, may he voshvalën and glorified, research developed hearing and sight of the faithful in such a manner, that without the presence of the Messenger between the Mahdi and it will say, and they will hear and will be able to see it without leaving Their place of, where it is located.” Al-Kulajni, Al-Ravda, 2/49

“For solutions, that will be difficult for them to take, they will receive guidance and direction from Imam, who will write on the palms of their hands. They will only need to watch, and then perform the precept.” Al-Nu'mani, (gauge). etc., 214

Allah said: “About Muhammad, they – My friends, My net selection, My certificate after you for humanity. They are your ambassadors and top of my creations after you. In his glory and His Greatness, I will show them my religion, and My Word. And with the last of them, Mahdi, I will make the land safe from my enemies. I give Him the forces of wind and will diminish the stubborn clouds. I will help Him with my Army, and support its My Angels, so far, until he picked my name and creation, does not recognize My Exclusiveness, and then, I renew my his Kingdom, and I will ensure the success of my friends all the time right up until the day of resurrection.”

Hadith. Imam Mahdi – This Imam, which will create a world order, It will force the ruling nation pay for crimes against society. It will bring benefit to humanity. He will find the hidden riches of the Earth and will distribute it fairly among the needy. He teaches the humble living and subtle meditation. He will understand, that dignity – This is the internal state of the, that is halfway between the two extremes, and that is based on equality and justice. He will restore the teachings of the Holy Koran and the traditions of the Holy Prophet after, how the world will ignore them…

It will protect science and higher knowledge and will use them. His control over this will be complete. He will appreciate the higher knowledge and always to the veneration of its use. His mind will be free from desires to harm humanity. Higher knowledge when it is similar to a property, that in the past misused, but now he gives permission for reuse and properly. In the beginning it will be similar to the poor stranger dishonorable. But Islam is in a hopeless and helpless like a camel with the head lowered by istoŝennomu and with sluggish swinging tail. But then he will establish the Kingdom of God throughout the world. He will teach the proof of God's mercy – His desire to give man a knowledge of right living. Haddis from Abu Dawud, Nadžul Balaghah, Khutba 141, 187 (Shia Islam)

In the Orthodox Sunni Islam
Mahdi – It is a descendant of the Prophet, That will be one of the leaders of the Muslims, who will come (in their view) at the time of the second coming of ISA (Jesus). It does not bear the Messianic tasks. He is a man of his age. A completely different picture appears in Shiite teachings. Here The Mahdi – This is not only a descendant of the Prophet and the son of its era, but the lurking long awaited 12 Imam. He will remain in hiding until the day appointed by God, and at the appointed hour comes, to lead the Muslims, establish a Kingdom of Justice and welfare. Actually, Mahdi is the Shiite Messiah. Mahdi is not mentioned in the Qur'an. Knowledge of it derived from the Sunnah.

The Prophecy Of Nadia Grant "The great Rishi Brig is known in India as the author of two great astrological treatises: Brig Samhita and Nadia Grant. The first describes the destiny of a person on the status of the stars at his birth, the second predicts the greatest world events of the spiritual nature. Other Sage Kaka Bhudžandar tamile wrote on two thousand years ago, commentary and interpretation of Nadia Grant. There we find many events, that have already taken place in modern times. So for example, Bhudžandar predicted the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, his name, nature, the duration of its mission, even his birthplace. He also predicted, that will be the first and second world wars, as well as modern inventions are such, as the train, aircraft, electricity, etc.. By Bhudžandaru, After 1922 year will be born great Maha Yogi. This Maha Yogi is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit and to impersonate all the power of God. IN 1970 year will begin the transformation of human consciousness and the Kali Yuga will end, to give way to the Steep Southern. earlier seekers of truth must have been practicing devotion Bhakti//, knowledge/Gnâna/or yoga of Patanjali, in order to achieve Moksha/Liberation/joy. You had to go through a very severe limitations, to achieve awakening the Kundalini energy. But by the grace of the Maha Yoga seekers will be able to experience the joy of Liberation in life spontaneously and they will be able to see the awakening of Kundalini. First one person in a million will achieve Liberation Yoga, then thanks to this yoga, all of humanity will win death. Thanks to this new Yoga human being will be able to experience the joy of Brahman, without going into Samadhi/without leaving finally her body/. No longer will need to either leave your body, or take the new birth. Implemented the souls will not need to care more about the food, clothing, accommodation. Physical and mental illness will be defeated and the hospital completely disappear. You will need to live a family life, to master this Yoga. Old age will go away and Realized Soul will receive the heavenly body. Followers Of Maha Yoga, who will seize this Maha Yoga, will be able to fly in your body. This is the body, the subtle body is not exposed to any fire, no weapons. It can be seen by the human eye and it will be able to move easily in the universe. This happens not only in India, but all around the world. The spiritual heritage of India will be saved and the country will progress in spiritual direction. Eventually all Nations will gather for a Congress, to put an end to the absurd wars. And the city will host a Conference, that will not be the policy, and yoga. Mankind understands and is aware of the importance of unselfish service to the. New scientific discoveries will contribute to meeting of science and religion. The existence of God and the Atmy proven science and, Thus, Science and spirituality are combined. In this new era, transformed by this new Yoga, each will have its corresponding social status, According to their abilities and value. Because the needs of this society will be satisfied in full, There will be no need for money. Society will be healthy, freedom from fear, because there will be no more nor poor, rich».

Francis Saokajana and Luis Aqqi (Astrologer directory, with. 227) «…Pluto will enter the constellation Sagittarius approximately 2000 year, specifying a period of spiritual renewal at the beginning of the age of Aquarius. In this age of between people is a fundamental understanding of deep spiritual values. Religion, as we know them, fully converted. Will be the one world religion, based on direct intuitive connection with the creator of human. New leaders will come, to teach the fundamental laws, administering all life in the universe. The new world religion will unite all the highest notions of the great religions of the past with more comprehensive, the scientific understanding of the fundamental forces of life ".

Predictions Of Nostradamus
. «…The birth of the 1999 year a new force, a "new teaching", to stop the war. However, no waiting, that this event will be very bright and noticeable, most likely, this fact can be estimated only after several years of. New doctrine must exit the country October shocks, that is, of our mother-Russia. And it was from here that there will be people, "who can win not by force of arms, and soft words ".

The new sect of philosophers, Despise death, Gold, honors, wealth, Native mountains will not be limited, These followers will receive support and cohesion. (Centuria 3, katren 67)

The word philosopher means "the, who likes the mind», and the mind, in turn,, respects the simplicity and clarity. Nostradamus talked about "a new religious branch at that time, When used on a purely Russian events, that clearly points to the important role of our country in the process of spiritual renewal.

Then ...will come with the fiftieth degree the, who will update the entire Christian Church, the, who will free the people of the universe from its slavery meek and voluntary, that put themselves under the protection of the War and deprived of Jupiter (symbol of the Supreme God) all his dignities and titles…»

Not otherwise, as new discoveries will make scientists more seriously religious issues. Let's try to trace the idea of Nostradamus, What will it be for religion?

The moon on the night over the high Hill, The new wisdom from one single brain noticed: The immortal creature called disciples. The views to the South, in the bowels of the hands, the body is on fire.

In these lines clearly says about Foundation and founder of the new religion ", to restore the rights of the "Immortal creature, that is, God. However, There are fears, the word "religion" is not very suitable, After all, this is not a cult and not blind faith — but it is hard to pick another word, When it comes to the search for the divine.

The pompousness of religion heavily reduced. The humble shall be exalted, will disturb the rebels. On Earth is born not one opponent. Body without soul will no longer be sacrificed. Day of death is the day of birth: Divine spirit will make the soul happy, Contemplating the divine Verb in its infinity. (Centuria 5, katren 79)…» Excerpt from translation of Nostradamus. D. and n.. Winter

Padmasambhava. «…Considered, This Buddhist Saint is the founder of one of the key trends of Tibetan Buddhism. Perfectly describes our time. This prophecy in many ways echoes the Islamic descriptions of Imam Mahdi:
A great teacher (Padmasambhava) said:
- The great King, listen! This stupa (Džarung-Khašor in Tibet) a truly
is indistinguishable from the divine essence of all Buddhas. Therefore this destruction, it will not be. But in its outer shell from [action] the four elements (elements) There will be some destruction. Then various reincarnations of patrons … the three branches, shrivelled anger the gods, the Honourable Mrs. Holy Dolma (Tara) will fix it. Especially [a lot of destruction] will be after fifty generations. Then comes the decline the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha victorious. Monasteries and married men, temples will turn into military shelters, and the principal monastic halls – slaughter premises.

Hermits from the mountains, chasing away in the Valley.
Great sozercateli will sow the corn, void meditatory – be enriched. The monks will wives, and noble clergymen will become bandits and robbers. Rivalries will rise like the wind. In the central regions will be discord and strife. Sages become warlords, the Saints clergy members will go to war, and noble nuns begin to kill children. The paternal estates will be hosting other people's, and his sons did not inherit the House fathers. The chiefs are barbarians. Little girls will be wandering around in the mud. In the deserted monasteries are voices of the Bonpos. Temple property rastaschat, sayings and things are selling the Saints. The shrines of the body, speech and thoughts will scour, will the price and sell. The temples will put the horses and cows and collect there the filth. At that time, in the heart of the monks is pervaded with the Kings of demons, in the heart of tarničej – evil spirits, in the heart of the Bonpos – the Fiery spirits, in the hearts of men – demons-males, in the hearts of children – evil Devils, in the hearts of women – demons-female, in the heart of the noble nuns – scary vampires, in the hearts of girls – a hell of a; in a Word, in every human heart to settle down the evil spirit. Symptoms of this is as follows. [People] There will be a variety of mismatched clothing. Noble clergymen will dress up, the nuns – show off in the mirror. Protecting yourself, people will rely on weapons, to make inferior food poison.
Sages and teachers will teach to deviation. Rulers cannot be masters
your mind. People lose their modesty and shame, women lose their power over the body.

… Each year [will be posted] News, and people will start wearing new jewelry
and clothing. Commoners will keep teach. Women's speech and
arrogance. Liars will give blessings. Deceivers will place great
voyeurs. Talkers and mongers will call the wise men. Men will break
oaths and proud of it. Slaves will rule the State, but the Kings will turn
the slaves. The cruel executioners will chiefs. Horrible sinners will be considered
people's counsel. … Ordinary people will dress in clothes from the noble
Silk, and the high clergy members – walk in Mongolian gowns. Fiends, killing
people, wearing bright red capes clergy. People will start with zeal to teach
wrong spell. Trade and cheating will accept for one and the same. Start
compose and print various false books. The Buddha's instructions will be
doubts. Good practices will be forgotten, bad business and bad behavior will be
the familiar…. So creatures will go the wrong way. In bad cases and
conduct, they forget all past keepers of the faith and the will to defend the faith and
serve it. All the planets go astray, There is a huge star. Rain in the
the right time to go will not be. One after the other will follow the bad year hunger
and beskormicej. The demoness and evil spirits fall into a terrible anger. From this disease
people and livestock is multiplied as, that you will not be able to even list them all names,
they spread like wild fire. Suddenly become shake [land], take place
floods, cause fires, go hurricanes. Temples, the stupa and the city
will be destroyed in an instant. …It will be a time, When in India people will die from hunger, in Nepal – from
contagious and other diseases, (in other countries will be) earthquake, infectious
disease, the epidemic, hunger, the land dips, landslides, in Tibet to its five peaks
There will be three impregnable fortress. It will be a time, When in the Gorges of MES, in
housing bears, will hide the Saints, from Kham, surviving two Suns, (a)
China unexpectedly dies, King. … (Everywhere will be conflict and war). … This will be
time, the believers will be disadvantaged and powerless, non-believers, have lost
the conscience, will prevail, sages and scholars, monks become elders,
commoners will also be superiors, to preach and give blessings. It's
There will be time, when defending the virtue of, will hope to reward. …And this will mean, It is time to repair the destroyed. Then should
be someone, with happiness and good fate, and leaving the thoughts of
the age of, with great desire and conviction to fix broken. …
In the future,, After fifty generations, When a hundred one sign
wrong time, (great man) … [in force] good wishes [will receive]
miraculous birth and appears of pure Sun in the top side of the. His
parents are teachers of the genus tarničej, call the child will Palan-Sampo(?),
[born] in the year of the pig. It will be a great mind, great courage and
extensive knowledge. The well-wishing, [spoken] in the old days, and
good things, committed [in the past,], since childhood he would have embraced great faith
and the veneration of the three jewels, churches and monasteries of the body, speech and thoughts, a sense of
Mercy to the blind and poor living beings, reverence to the great
courage and the profound thoughts of the noble adherents “The great chariot”,
will force to commit terrible deeds, become famous as frantic, fierce and
irate [Defender of the faith]; It will strongly rely on guardian spirits, listen to
mandate of geniuses – protectors and patrons of religion, serve them with vows; He did
jot will not retreat from the Bishop, It will have the power of faith and ferocity [to
the enemies]…When all vozmečtaût get rid of suffering, [will be a] This man, received
blessings from me, and, covered by the desire to save people, will spare no
body, no life. With great zeal, he will encourage all living things different
countries to virtue. Then you need to be around good people turn their
thoughts to one side and help this man.

But all living things in
This time will be captured by the false ideas, so few people have it
trust and respect, such will be the same, How many stars in the afternoon. And yet one hundred
thirty thousand who whites case, six thousand perpetrators of deep prayer,
one hundred and eight people, reared on [respect for the] the vows, Sixteen diligent
milostynedatelej, [Yes] seven women, [total]: Twenty-three, and rebirth
eight bodhisattvas – eight teachers, twenty-five believers boys, five
rebirth dakinis, seven have received blessing from the dakinis, twenty-five
women of noble families, Once the birth of man, will clear all
obstacles and difficulties. But the most important thing – He will meet with the rebirth of my
heart, [Sage] from Urdžana, the son of Padma-Limpy, as well as the Sage of Briguna and
rebirth, you, the King of exercises. And he will commit a great cause -
reconstruction of destruction. When it reaches the, will the good times. …
All the obstacles before the teaching manuals and achievements will disappear, and it is widely
spread. Lives of all Saints, adhering to the teachings of, will long, (a)
cause them great.
… Generation of all black destroyers, demons and evil
Perfume, brought devastation, will be eradicated. The Word, all living things,
contributing to the restoration of, enjoy pure flesh and appearance of God or man
in three genera of living beings and, After all, become Buddhas. All who have
Trust, respect and esteem for this man, or will rejoice together with it -
to restore the destroyed – fall into the category of a prudent path in seven births.
All living things, who will see my eyes, will be heard by the ears, a burst in the heart
This great man, reducing agent destroyed – all are from the root
the stain of bad cases, collected in 60 000 great kal′pah. All those, who will be in the
intercourse with this man, committing restore destroyed, as
its small or great respect, reverence and faith for him, will higher or
wonderful ability and, After all, will find their seat near me,
in the lands of the high measure of virtue is full of the Buddha and three times ten Parties not
Unable to enumerate over the entire 100 000 CALP. After all the graces
the divine essence teachings beyond words”.

The prophecy of the elder Alexia Valamo
-cleric Archbishop Feofan: "In Russia, talking the elders, by the will of the people, the monarchy is restored, The autocratic power. Lord predyzbral the future King. It would be a man of fiery faith, the ingenious mind and iron will. He first of all establish order in the Church of the Orthodox, removing all untrue, eretičestvuûŝih and teplohladnyh bishops. And many, very many, for small exceptions, nearly all will be eliminated, (a) new, the true, Bishops will be unshakable in their place. In the female line, it will be kind of the Romanovs. Russia will be a powerful State, but only at the “small time”. (…) I do not speak on my own authority, and to the revelation of the elders. And they gave me the following. (…) Russia must still recover, Of course, short on time. And Russia should be King, predyzbrannyj by the Lord. It will be a flame of faith, great mind and iron will. So it is open. (…) Happens then, what no one expects. Russia rise again from the dead, and the whole world will be surprised. Orthodoxy in it will revive and prevail. But the Orthodoxy, that was prežce, no longer will. (…) God himself will put a strong King on the throne. It will be a great reformer and he will have strong Orthodox faith. He nizrinet the infidels the hierarchs of the Church, He will be an outstanding person, with a clean, the Holy soul. He has a strong will. It will come from the Romanov Dynasty through the mother. It will be God's elect, obedient to him in everything " (Confessor Of The Royal Family. Saint Theophan Of Poltava. M. 1994. WITH. 111-112, 272-273, 89).

St. Seraphim Of Sarov
in 1832 g. Easter said Motovilov following: "The Emperor and the Imperial family name retains the Lord nevidimoû His hand and will give full victory has recovered the weapon for him, for the Church and for the benefit of the inseparability of the Russian land — but not so much here, blood will be shed, how much then, as when the right, the Emperor has become a party, will win, and perelovit all the traitors, and betray them to justice, then there is nobody in Siberia not send, and all executed, and here is where the blood will be shed of the former even more, but the blood will be the last, cleaning blood, because the Lord will bless his people with peace and prevozneset Horn anointing of David, his servant, Her husband's heart, now the Emperor (…). It also approved and pace will adopt the right hand of His Holy Russkoû upon the Earth ". (From the letter na. Motovilov Sovereign To Emperor Nicholas I, from 9 March 1854 g.).

From the letters, written by Reverend Seraphim and Sarovskim. Motovilov: "Russia will merge into one great sea with other Slavic tribes and Lands, It will be a sea or the great Ecumenical Ocean national, the way the Lord God hath spoken from the mouths of all Saints: “Powerful and invincible all-Russian Empire, vseslavânskoe-Gog Magog, before that in awe all peoples”. And all of this, all true, as twice two is four, and certainly, as God is Holy, Since predrekšij and his dominion over the Earth, Grozny. The United forces of Russia and other (peoples) Constantinople and Jerusalem will be poloneny. When the Turkey is almost all left for Russia…» (“Literary studies”. Kn. 1. 1991 g. WITH. 133).

The Holy Prophet Isaiah
: He predicts such punishment at the hands of his latest chosen one: "I built it from the North, and it will come; from sunrise will call upon my name and the Lords, as dirt, and trample [their] as the Potter's clay (Ip. 41; 25)

Svâŝenomučenik Cosma Vladimir: (Of the 18th century.) It reads as follows: "Come times, When the enemies of our take away everything, even the ash from your fireplace. But don't lose faith, like other. (…) We will see people, flying through the air, like black birds, and reset the fire to Earth. People run to the graves and cry: "get out you, dead, Let us lie down in your grave " (Prophecies of the last days of the Holy Martyr Cosmas. “Angel Of Balaam” № 2, 1992 g.).

St. Seraphim Of Sarov
: From a letter written n. (A). Motovilov: "Slavs as loved by God for, keep until the end of true faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.. During the reign of the Antichrist, they totally reject and do not recognize him as the promised Messiah, and for five of the great blessings of God: will vsemoguŝestvennyj language on Earth, and another of a Russo-Slavonic vsemoguŝestvennogo will not be on Earth» (“Literary studies”. Kn. 1. 1991 g. WITH. 134).

The prophecy of the Reverend Abel
: the last Tsar-winner: "And rise up in exile of a kind [The Romanovs] Prince The Great, behind the children of his people. This will be the chosen one of God, and at the head of his blessing. It will be one and all is clear, that učuet the heart of the Russian. His appearance will be deržaven and bright, and no one rečet: “The King here or there”, but all the: “This Is It”. The people's will has the grace of God, and he will confirm his calling " (The Rev. Abel Tajnovidec “Eternal life” № 22, 1996. WITH. 4).

Max Heindel
(United States) "With the Sun in the sign of Aquarius people of Russian and Slavic race as a whole achieved degree of spiritual development, that will propel them far above their current status. Spirituality must evolve along with intelligence and intellect. The existence of Slavic civilization will be short-lived, but throughout its existence, it will be a great and joyful, because it is born from a deep grief and untold suffering. (A) the law of compensation would lead in due course to the opposite. The Slavs will happen people, which is the last of a race of Aryan epoch. Slavic civilization will be the Foundation of the development of the sixth race of mankind "

Max Chuu Micro Hydel
(United States) “Russia – ushers in new era in human history.”

Jane Dixon
(United States) “Hope of the world, its revival will come from Russia and will have no connection with the, What is communism. In Russia there will be the most authentic and great source of freedom… It will be a totally different way of being, based on the principle of, which will be the basis of a new philosophy of life”.

Edgar Cayce
(United States) “A lot will change beyond recognition in the world of ...Hope of the world, its revival will come from Russia. In Russia there will be genuine and great source of freedom ...It will be a totally different way of being. "

Alice Bailey
(United States) "The further evolution of the global problems will commence in the next century, the celestial hierarchy with Russia and on the territory of Russia. Russia's future will reveal all the good features of spirituality. "

Vanga's prophecies of the
: "Too many victims brought» – said Wang. "No one can stop for Russia. All would sweep away from his ways and not only continue, but will also become the owner of the whole world. "

"All religions will fall. There is only one: The Teachings Of The Great Fraternity. As a white flower, It will cover the Earth, and because of this people will be saved. "But this is not done immediately. But this, again, According to Vanga, will be preceded by the convergence of three countries. At one point, She said, will China, India and Moscow…”

However, for the coming period of time, the same one, in which we now live, Baba Vanga predictions very disappointing. It claims, “towns and villages are collapsing from earthquakes and floods, natural disasters will shake the Earth, bad people will win a top, and thieves, informers and harlots will not consider. The last prophecy of Vanga over Russia: outlined by great circle. And she said,: "Russia will once again be the great empire, First Empire of the SPIRIT!»

This is the most "Russian idea" about the great mission of Russia – the legend of the, long soar in the people! As you can see – There is no word on, that Russia should become the donor of oil and squander their natural reserves! But clearly states that, that Russia should open to humanity Knowledge, that will revolutionize all life on Earth, will eliminate wars, crime, injustice, and so on..

source http://sov2050. narod.ru/

Víšnu (Skt. viṣṇu?, "ubiquitous" or "the eternal") -Supreme God, embodiment of absolute truth for the followers of vaishnavism and a manifestation of Brahman for the followers of the Advaita tradition and smarty Hinduism. Vishnu holds the universe, created by Brahma and doomed to destruction of Shiva.

Avatars of Vishnu are Rama, Krishna, Buddha and the coming World refresher. According to other sources the Vishnu has ten or more avatar. This is usually: Matsya Fish, Turtle Kurma, Varaha Boar, Polulev Narasimha, The Dwarf Vamana, Parašurama, Frame, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki (It is expected).

Vishnu, Cherry, Spring is when the blooms all Mila.

The "Islands" of all the blossoms all year,
The Cherry is always there, a special honor,
In the "Mountains" and the "boundless steppe",
Cherry Blossom Miley not find.

Kalkí (Skt.. कलकी, Kalkī?) — Messiah in HinduismAvatar Vishnu, his tenth incarnation. White Vishnu sits on a black horse (either black Vishnu-on white), with a sparkling sword in the hand, destroys the villains, destroys the world and restores the Dharma -true religion and prepares the imminent revival of peace. This is the only "future", Messianic Avatar Vishnu, and it happens, According to the mythological chronology at the end Kali Yuga, that is, at the end of the present historical period.

Maitreya (also, Maitreya, Mettejâ, Maitri) — Bishop narečënnyj Compassion», the future Teacher of mankind, Bodhisattva andBuddha new world-era Satya Yuga.[1]

Maitreya is the only Bodhisattva, the revere all schools Buddhism, and the only, which honors Hinayana.

Sansára, to be more precise, samsára (Skt., saṃsāra? "transition, a series of rebirths, life») is the cycle of birth and death, one of the main concepts in Indian philosophy: soul, drowning in the ocean of samsara ", seeking for the release (moksha) and getting rid of the results of its past actions (Karma), that are part of the network "Samsara".

Emergence and destruction obligations creations, with deadline. The creation and destruction of the Souls of individual obligations — creations of waves, or groups of waves. Allocation of immortal Souls.
Mókša (Skt.. mokṣa?, «release») or múkti (Skt.) in Hinduism and other religions-dharmičeskih release from the cycle of birth and death (Samsara) and all of the suffering and limitation of material existence.

Termination all obligations of limited duration.
Dhárma (Skt., dharma?, "law, rule») — Indian philosophical or religious term, that is used to refer to the moral duty, duties of man or, in a more general sense, a way of piety.

The obligation to contract creation with God, the indefinite.

Kárma (Skt., from Skt. Karman-"action, action, work is the "cause-effect, chastise) -physical activity and its effects in the dharmičeskih religion. Is one of the central concepts in the philosophy of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Underlies the causal series, called samsaroj.
Process performance.

Gautama Buddha (Skt.. -the legendary Indian spiritual teacher, who lived from about 563 BC. e. up to 483 BC. e.. One of the seven ancient Buddhas. Having received the name Siddhattha Gotama at birth (Pali); Siddhartha Gautama (Sanskrit) is a descendant of Gotama, (successful in achieving the objectives of the), He later became a Buddha (literally "Awake, Light»). It is also called Sakyamuni or Shakyamuni-"the Sage of the Sakya clan» (not to be confused with Tibetan Sakya school) or Tathágata (Skt.. "So Coming») -"Who Is", "The Age Of Truth». Gautama was a contemporary of Mahavira.
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

CLIMATE ASIA http://bio.1september.ru/articlef.php?ID = 200300304
There are indications, that, starting with the 2600 years ago, gradual cooling occurs without changing precipitation.
IN 536 g. BC. documented, within 2-3 years were kept low temperatures and snow cover in China, that led to a massive loss of life. These few cool years visible and year rings on tree trunks spilah, preserved from that time. Synchronous cooling is for Greenland, Western Europe and United States. It is considered, that it was because of the atmosphere due to the smoke suddenly heightened volcanic activity.

Limitation of the disciples of Gautama in nutrition and reproduction, You can estimate the, as a manifestation of individual agreement with God, in order to optimize the existence in terms of natural disasters. In the case of normal natural conditions in the individual contract restrictions on feeding and reproduction of the people lose their relevance.

Konfúcij K'ung Fu-Tzu, latinizirovano as Confucius; about 551 BC. e., Qufu Is 479 BC. e.)

Do not make the man, not that you want them to do.
Confucius is not talking about (four things:) strange (t. (e). the miracles), force (t. (e). courage), smutah (and) about the fragrance.
Subject to such restrictions, the teachings of Confucius can be seen as reflecting part of creation describes the rules for the execution of urgent obligations.

If date of birth is correct, the cold snap and the plight of people in China were the youth of Confucius, that is not affected, as a general uplifting of population, (TN. period 100 schools) and his teachings, that is an individual human behavior in times of crisis.
Tao — The obligation under the Treaty (MetaDao — Metadogovoru obligation)
Qi -Contract (MetaCi-Metadogovor)
Yin Is The Soul Of Creation
Jan Is God

source http://meta.blog.ru/


Ancient Astronomical Observatory

Mayan astronomers were observing the celestial luminaries of observatories, as in many cities, Tikal, Copán, Palenque, Chichen Itza… Among them stands out for its size of Caracol is an Observatory in the city of Chichen Itza.

"Caracol" is Spanish for "snail shell". This grand structure is a high circular tower, Standing on a two-tier rectangular platform. According to the scientist-majânista by Eric Thompson, It's a bit similar to the "two-tier wedding cake, waving the box, that it brought ".

The spiral staircase inside the Tower displays in the upper room, from which you can watch the sky. Square Windows look at the points of sunrise and sunset in the days of spring and autumn equinox, summer and winter solstice.

Amazing accuracy for astronomical calculations

Astronomical calculations of the Mayan priests were incredible accuracy. Exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Copán, Archeologists have found two stone steles. They were positioned against each other at the tops of hills, who were from the West and the East Valley Copán.

If you look from one of the steles, You can set the, the sun sets right behind the second only twice a year: 12 April and 7 September. The first date is the end of the dry season. So when the evening 12 April Sun setting right behind Stella, messengers were sent throughout the Valley, No thoroughfare of farmers that, that the gods were ordered to begin burning the fields the next morning.

When Maia were exempted from the jungle, archaeologists pointed out, the location of the buildings was very important to the Maya.

Often important parts of temples (for example, "skates" roofs) were oriented so, that their situation meant Sunrise, the culmination and downfall of the heavenly bodies.

Another example is the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, which is a giant stone calendar with stunning effect in the days of spring and autumn equinox. Such astronomically tuned installations does not deem the land of the Maya!

Mayan astronomers is at the service of agriculture

For the Maya astronomy was not an abstract science. In the tropics (where there is no sharply defined nature of the seasons, and the length of day and night is always remains almost unchanged) Astronomy served practical purposes. The priests-astronomers were going to the beginning of the agricultural works.

In strictly certain day in dense rainforest Maya cut down trees, and after drying is burned. Then formed a field planted with corn (This is called the slash and burn method of agriculture).

All you had to do at the end of the dry season and without delay. Otherwise prevent tropical storms, continuing here five or six consecutive months. An error in a few days could be fatal to the entire cycle of works.

Computer accuracy of the Mayan calendar

The year started with Maya 23 December, the day of the winter solstice, and divided by 18 months (on 20 days). The first month of the year, was called "JAŠ-kin", "new Sun" (After the winter solstice the Sun as if anew is born).

The names of other months are pretty clear hint at the farm, that should be. For Example,

"The MOLE" and "collection" (apparently, harvesting corn),

"The EDGE" is a cloud (the rainy season is coming),

«QUEJ "—" the deer " (start of the hunting season) and so on.

"Pop", "mat" (month of felling trees)

"SOC" — "the bat" (Winter)

The Mayan calendar, in spite of its antiquity, amazingly accurate. According to modern calculations, the length of the solar year is 365,2422 day, While the Maya on the tops of the pyramids have calculated its length at 365,2420 day. The difference is only two ten-!

And this is a period of thousands of years before the, as other astronomers, with more sophisticated calculations, to achieve a similar result!

To compile such a precise calendar, According to scientists, would have been required to observe and record the movement of the planets for about ten thousand years!

Is it possible for such a long existence of civilization? Or Mayan priests inherited the knowledge of other highly developed civilization, not leaving no trace of yourself?

0tvetov these questions do not have.


The Maya were not only astronomers, but astrologers. All celestial bodies, wandering amid the stars, must have been, in their view, influence their destiny. First and foremost is the Sun…

Like other Mesoamerican peoples, the Maya believed, the universe exists in the great cycles. Priests talked, Since the creation of the human kind has already four such cycles, or "Sun". Now mankind is living in the age of the Fifth Sun.

In the anthropological museum in Mexico kept the famous Aztec calendar "stone of the Sun" is a huge basalt monolith with a diameter 3,5 metres and a weight of 24,5 tons of. He was formerly a color. It reflects the ancient about the distant past. In the center of the stone depicts the God of the Sun TonatiuMajâ the current era. On the sides are the symbols of the four preceding ages.

Sunstone in the language of the characters tells us, that every epoch had its God, the four previous era gave way to the four human races, before modern humans. All the preceding culture perished during the great cataclysms, and only a few people have survived and told that, What happened.

The first Sun lasted 4008 years and was destroyed by earthquakes and eaten Jaguars.

Second Sun lasted 4010 years and was destroyed by the wind and his violent cyclones.

The third Sun lasted for 4081 year and was destroyed by fire rain, prolivšimsâ of huge craters of volcanoes.

Fourth Sun lasted 5026 years and fell from the water, zalivšej all around in a giant flood.

Then came the Fifth Sun, which shines us today. It is known as the "Sun Movement", because, on views of the Indians, in this era the Earth moves, from which all perish.

Analyzing the myths about the deaths of four Suns, scientists find direct analogy with some natural disasters. When in this case, you should expect the great movement of the Earth, that would be the end of the Fifth Sun?

The priests were, that soon, as the Fifth Sun is very old and is nearing the end of its cycle…


Scientists have recalculated the Mayan calendars under the modern system of tried and learned of the mysterious inscriptions curious information…

It Turns Out, on planet Earth 23 December 2012 Some events of the year. For on this day shall end in the Fifth Sun!

According to Mayan chronology, the modern era has begun 12 August 3114 BC. and must be completed 23 December 2012 the year ad. No one has yet explained, where did the Maya have just these dates, and what reasons prompted them to create complex timing system.

Now, however, the, When the "alarm clock", created by Maya, ready about to ring, We begin to understand, that they possessed such knowledge, from which the survival of the human race!

IN 2012 during the December Solstice Sun will be in the region of the milky way. This simple calculation can make any astronomer. The phenomenon is, that, When the Sun is in the zone, World update must occur, the new birth.

In a Word, Mayan prophecy for some events, to change the course of history. Some suggest, What on Earth a new era — an era of spiritual enlightenment. Others tend to think, the Mayan predicted end of the world.

In rational-intellectual climate of the twenty-first century is not fashionable to take seriously the prophecies about the end of the world. It is the product of the superstitious minds and ignore. But learning more about the achievements of the greatest ancient civilization, some inner voice whispers: not if you listen to ancient legends?

Suddenly there is a negligible chance, the authors of this prophecy is not at all superstitious savages? All of a sudden they know something, What do we know? If their prediction of the date, When the end of the Fifth Sun, be accurate? Can be, somewhere in the depths of the Earth already is brewing a terrible geological catastrophe, the Mayan sages predicted…

Even by modern standards, the Maya with amazing accuracy determined certain astronomical events. That means their predictions about events 2012 of the year? Soon find out…


Pleâdianskij Čeneling.

Message from the Pleiades 2012 the year. Appeal to earthlings from the Pleiades (transferred from the Pleiades to Earth by the beam Contact, November 1997.)

Peace be with you, people of the Earth! You all, now living on planet Earth, are witnessing a unique period in the evolution of not only your planet, but in the evolution of your entire solar system, and even in the spiritual evolution of our Galaxy. If you speak the language of your notions about the space-time continuum, It is possible to say so: in 2013 year (on a generally accepted at the majority of the peoples of the Earth vremâisčisleniû) the humanity of the Earth along with all other reasonable creatures of your solar system and the Galaxy commit unique significance quantum leap, not like any of those, that with strict periodicity in the Universe and earlier. Humankind already has come to an end the interim period in 26.000 Earth years, which completely covers one regular cycle of enormous dynamic space system called "constellation of the Pleiades – Sun – Planet Earth ". Now your Sun or as we call it "sunny circle" find themselves rooming together revolves around, Central stars of Pleiades. The uniqueness of the upcoming evolutionary quantum leap is, the constellation of the Pleiades, which includes and your solar system, also is about to finish their stay in orbit around the center of the Galaxy, where is the Constellation was over the past 230.000.000 years (your vremâisčisleniû). In addition, all of our Galaxy has already come to an end point is infinitely longer longest period of his stay in orbit around the great central Sun of all things. All these three cycles – Galaxy (on an evolutionary level) – The Constellation Pleiades (on your level) – your solar system (with all its planets and the Earth including) – must be completed almost simultaneously, synchronously, in order for the, to avoid destruction of the dynamic balance system. As soon as it happens, There will be a new, much more complex and higher for each of the components of this system Reasonable space Units evolutionary cycle. This event will take place (or rather, in the vnevremennom continuum it has occurred) For you, earthlings, in 2013 year: at the same time and simultaneously starts the next cycle of evolution of Earth trail 26.000 years and will be promoted to a new level following the revolution of the great cosmic spiral Milky Way galaxy around the great central Sun of all things. And there would be nothing to prevent the grandioznejšemu of quantum state space jump. After all, we are talking not only about the fate of our planet, but the fate of billions of other planets and systems, who are also members of this unique and wonderful in their spiritual evolution. As our Brother Oris has indirect evolutionary relationship to the constellation of Orion, the show just what this system Stars. So, When the Constellation Pleiades completed passage on its current orbit spirals, position the system in relation to the Orion will change radically, that will lead to global disasters at all sites of Orion. The outer language it means karmic and spiritual cleansing, associated with the invasion of the Stars around 300.000 years ago, invaders from the constellation Lyra, that prevent access to Galactic Gate. To prepare for movement to new evolutionary spiral, our entire Galaxy with all their systems have already entered a period of purification of karmic patterns of the past. As your land, at the beginning of your 2013 year of the whole system of Orion will be darkened for one day, during which the poles of each Star and planet of the Constellation will be heavily skewed. This will lead to a complete evaporation of many existing has planets Orion, evolution does not fit into the dominant type of vibration and the qualities of the new revolution. But in General for the entire Orion is a new Dedication as lost three hundred thousand years ago Galactic Gates not only to the center of our Galaxy, But beyond its limits. Because of the subversive activities of the invaders from the constellation Lyra, This feature throughout this period had to perform Sirius. But to 2013 year Sirius, meet now only for its solar ring and a small section of the sleeves Galactic Spiral, evolutionarily exalted to the status of a Obŝegalaktičeskoj spiritual School of the mysteries and will become a new Central Sun for that section of the Galactic sleeves. The Pleiades system with 2013 the year will become part of the star system Sirius, turns round on new its orbit around the Sun, becoming a high rank and seat of TN. "City Of Light". We remind you the, that your Solar ring is also included in the system of the Pleiades as the eighth Star and, Therefore, also would be given the highest honor to create within their own systems in the city of light. But since your Sun together with its planets is like on the "outskirts" of the Pleiades, the quantum evolutionary shift in your solar system will be slightly "later", but, again, no later than 2013 of the year. All the remaining seven Solar Rings Pleiades now translated as schools of the mysteries, and the existence of cities of light, and the deadline will be ready, to perform the following, evolutionary higher functions in the Space economy. 2013 the year will open for you, earthlings, new era, which we call the ' age of Light, and you – The age of the holy spirit or Paraklita. What will happen on your planet at the end of the 2012 – early 2013 years? In the first place, significant shifts of the Poles in the month of July 2002 the year will change the position of the Earth relative to the Sun, and your luminary – also due to a similar shift of the poles – at the same time will change the position of the entire system in relation to the constellation of the Pleiades. Secondly, Finally end a long cycle of spiritual, energetic and physical purification. Karmic cleansing of space systems is occurring only at the end of the main loop, namely, the loop in the 26.000 years is for the main Land. Everything, that was left unresolved at the previous site of the evolutionary spiral, shall be brought to the surface and is the last to transmutation and transcendence. As already written in their books, our Brother Oris, in this century on the physical plane of Earth incarnated for the last attempt evolutionarily escape Consciousness, staying at the latest facet of its degradation, and most spiritually Advanced Human Consciousness, voluntarily wished to try to save the largest possible number is not yet lost for the cycle of evolution of human souls. It is those, who in his last incarnations of their Love, Self-renunciation and Righteousness earned the honor to be called Saints, The Apostles, Teachers, Prophets, etc.. The same, they must try to save – It is the soul, whose physical incarnation was not as successful and useful, and has for centuries brought only suffering people, pain, humiliation and misery. This last and is now the last and only chance to escape the subsequent annihilation, When a fraction of these Shower, having lost their individuality, included as part of the fraction of the Collective Souls of animals. We will not hide from you, a large part of mankind is still not ready for such an important event, but cancel it no one, In addition to the father, can not and shall not have the right to. So we want to try to save at least that part of mankind, which has already entered the rising stage of evolution and drew their spiritual sight toward the light and truth. But in most cases you still have remained belligerent and rude to those, who taught you to live righteously and with love. You are full of hate for the, who are fraternal and altruistically working for millions of years on the awakening of your consciousness, so you are not rushed into the abyss of material illusions and your excesses and defects do not have balance in a healthy and prosperous process space of existence. You still laugh over those, who can only disinterested love and boundless self-sacrifice. You vysmeivaete the best of us – messengers on Earth – because they are modest bearers of Truth, the keepers of truth, from Heaven to Earth by the will of the great and divine love of the father. Their truly inhuman patience being strengthened the will of, which is superior to the will of the human, and their awareness of their sense of clarity is of extraterrestrial origin. It would be good to, to you on the eve of the upcoming trials knew it and fully trust our brothers, so you also strengthened awareness, What do you do, because the time is approaching, When each of you require a report that, What you said, What you thought and what have you done, to avoid unnecessary testing their fruitful work in the name of goodness and love. Like a little more human Minds, ready to move closer to the universal values of the fourth and fifth dimensions, We partner with you, and from which you receive the wisdom and Consciousness of higher cosmic intelligence. In the remaining years of the more we increase the degree of spiritual contact with you, that the necessary transmutation occurred as soon as possible. But we meet stubborn resistance, that is very difficult to overcome for the very short time. The biggest hurdle, that is the greatest obstacle to the necessary quality, This lack of awareness in you early release from spiritual vices and defects, caused by materialistic dynamics and all those, that diminishes the spirit and lets it is in harmony with your external shell-bodies, He is forced to use in three dimensional space in order, to educate and assimilate its operational, evolutive and rising Consciousness in harmony with inviolable Law, managing all the cosmic Creation. But we have great hope and continue to firmly believe in the, who have already reached the required level of spiritual Ascension of consciousness, sufficient, to assist all, who seek Enlightenment. We know and understand the material and psychological difficulties, which have to face all those, who wish to teach and transmit their evolutionary knowledge other people. We also know, that psychological stress, largely due to the physical and moral suffering. But we are constantly working, to reduce this suffering for those of our brothers, who selflessly toils, bringing humanity to the way the aspirations to realize the release of spiritual values. Not always we, Unfortunately, find free and confidential adoption of our mental reserves and people's willingness to seriously perceive our guides and the truly valuable work, they are for the benefit of mankind, disregard any need, or ridicule, with a host of other obstacles, their samozabvennomu work. Sorry, that you can not even be less distrustful, less than racionalističnymi and doubtful, less susceptible to all sorts of prejudices. But we very much want, you to be happy as well, as we, and for this we are working here and hope for your understanding, for your commitment and your courage in the face of tests of your spirit. Remaining until 2013 the year can be rightly called a period of "General cleaning" lands on the lower Plans – The physical and Astral. On the physical plane "cleaning" will bring about significant changes in the composition and structure of Earth's physical surface, subjecting huge changes and physical shell embodied human souls. This will need to be many many millions of people and process, which you have referred to as "death". We carefully monitor the educational work of a large group of our friends, – which includes our brother Oris, – who are trying to change people's attitudes to this Act, However, simplifying its evolutionary value. Hope, Despite the desperate attempts of the dark forces to prevent more rapid dissemination among all mankind Knowledge about the true essence of the transition-Death, Thanks to the work of that group Minds of millions of people coming in the next few years, go to the Astral plane of existence will seem less tragic and painful. Particularly strong developments are expected on the physical plane, where changes, as external, and internal, have already started and each year will only deepen, as, as your solar system will more and more dive into high-frequency cosmic radiation, coming from the center of the Galaxy. In the Land of summer 1996 the year is already working Space radiation and the power Converter it every year more and more. Prior to the launch of the Reactor Earth Orbit over the last few years alternately served and left the zone enhanced exposure, These high-frequency energy does not impact too negatively on the belkovonukleinovyh complexes, which form the basis of your physical bodies. But after three years the physical body of the Earth completely immersed in the "photon band" and will remain there for the next two thousand years. Thanks to this high-frequency energy "Strip" the center of the Galaxy, Sirius System, Alkion and Maya stars will ever pass the Earth and other planets Sun through your sacred codes, necessary for the spiritual awakening of consciousness and subsequent evolutionary leap all over the solar system. Naturally, that Consciousness, whose central nervous system, the Astral and mental bodies are more developed, to freely transfer the impact such high energies, will not be able to withstand these vibrations and therefore will not be able to already be on the physical plane of Earth. Such an imperfect human Minds have another fate – to continue its development on another planet, outside your solar system. Many of earthlings have already begun to feel great and unexpected shifts in their spiritual and energy development. This is called your "extrasensory explosion", Although it is not really correct and do not reflect the complexity and completeness of the occurring within you the energy transformations. Disclosure of higher mental centers gives only spiritual departure, instead of automatically raising the level of consciousness. That's why, along with hundreds of thousands of True Light bearers, in recent years, the army has increased at the expense of the armies of the dark wizards and magicians of various stripes to hundreds of millions of. We regret these lost for the evolution of consciousness, whose bitter fate will be decided literally in a few years. Millions of people already started to feel the acceleration of their spiritual growth and its closely related processes of purification of the accumulated over the many incarnations of karma, When your planet that enjoys the high frequency vibration of the photon band, What comes out of them. The frequency of such energy dives each year will steadily until, While all objects in our Galaxy take cooked for them positions on the new orbital systems and the Earth is not the exception. IN 2013 in connection with the transition to a new round of evolutionary spiral your planet will be initiated as one of the mystery of Human Consciousness and as the seat of the so. "City Of Light". During the remaining 15 years, at the end of which happens Galactic Sun Land Dedication, widespread local and global flooding, droughts and wildfires, unprecedented in its destructive power of thousands of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, dynamic changes of huge continental and oceanic geological layers and in the end – dramatic polar shift and change the angle of tilt of the Earth's axis withdraw your planet at the necessary level of karmic or spiritual cleansing. High-frequency vibrations from the center of the Galaxy is washed Down the life-giving flow of Divine Energy and will clear all the lower plans from accumulated 26.000 years of human activity stuff, dirt and imperfect forms of mental and Astral creativity consciousness. All these disasters will occur sinusoidally: the period from 1999 on 2004 years, with a peak in early July 2002 of the year; then – some recession overall volcanic activity dominated by powerful ènergoudarami effects on local land; After that – the period from 2010 on 2015 years, with a peak at the end of the 2012 – early 2013 of the year. About the same, What happens on earth over the next 150 years, We gave enough detailed information through our brother Oris, that included it in my last book of the series titled "Apocalypse". In addition, This information will be transferred to us repeatedly through other channels of communication, working in almost all developed countries for your planet. Before each person, now living on Earth, now strictly and explicitly raised the question: If it is ready to become spiritually responsible person, to stay on the ground at the end the following 15 years. Nobody dares to force, everyone should make their, the only true to his level of consciousness, choice. As has been said, for those Minds, who do not wish to – because of its evolutionary immaturity – remain on the Earth and inhabit the city of light, already selected by another planet, in another part of the Galaxy, the more evolutionarily Young Minds for thousands of years will continue the karmic lessons and individual evolution on the 3D Plan. Their existence on the new planet would be a little different from their own earthly life. Those earthlings, who – the identity of your consciousness with sent to Earth vibrations – decided to stay and continue its further evolution on Earth, will have to learn a completely new relation to the surrounding world, typical for the era of the Holy Spirit, that is unthinkable without opening and activation of higher Energies of the divine centers in altered forms of human bodies. If the Force of these psychic centres functioning in full force now, without the Transformation of all structures of your body, then you simply would have died, so your present physical body will not be able to withstand the frequency increases, When a high flow of solar radiation with each new year, will be stronger and better fill the atmosphere of your planet and changed the body of the remaining inhabitants of the Earth. At the time of the fall of Atlantis, that intensity is not much different from the succeeding fifteen years, those, who dropped their Consciousness on the low levels of, quietly and painlessly move klokočuŝih around the elemental effects, because you knew the law: "Like attracts like". This means, that man, enveloped in a sense of fear and horror when a deadly situation, attracted to the place of their stay the same rough type of vibration energy and destructive forces, that and confirm all of his worst fears. The probability, that the Deathly frightened people can die from these forces, in this case very strongly increased. If a person truly knows, that he has nothing to fear, because IT is ETERNAL, that THERE is NO DEATH, and there is only a temporary shift of consciousness to a higher level of existence, the klokočuŝih around it the elements it will remain calm and composure, that will attract the Security Forces and will protect against possible damage his physical body. You should think, a random stone, the runaway from the cliff, will be able to kill him or he "accidentally" sožžëtsâ flow boiling lava. None of the so-called "coincidences", occurring on the physical plane, is not such. Coincidences – in your primitive understanding – There is simply no, but there are patterns, that arise from the eternal Laws of the universe, response by sonmami invisible and invisible to your senses tonkomaterial′nyh creatures. When the same man, armed with knowledge of these Laws, reaches a certain high point in the evolution of Consciousness, He may live in localities, where a powerful earthquake or flood kills each, who does not know the laws and does not live on them, – in this case, at the time of the cataclysm, he just vibration (in meditation) rises to the level of the next dimension and experiencing spiritual elevation instead of death. Such a person can even help others, who is ready to turn to the light to create a vibration shear. In this case, by asking for help must be full confidence in him, and absolute confidence in happy outcome. In this way very many teachers will save his students from physical death, which, temporarily leaving their minds of violent physical plan, go to the Astral plane of vibration. Therefore,, If you know of such Teachers, try during severe testing to be closer to him. They – our brothers and our Messengers for the salvation of mankind. In areas of strong earthquakes, floods, fires and other earthly cataclysms, where fear, disagreement, hatred, greed and rage created a sealed, amorphous nižneastral′nye energy niche and funnel, Consciousness of thousands or even millions of deaths at the time of death can be captured the elusive "realities", that you have been named Hell or Purgatory. But you should firmly know and remember, that and the death of beings of light have always been and are near you. They are mandated to provide assistance to those, who wish to free themselves from the grave of vibration and insulate themselves from unlawful encroachments of the lower Astral to your freedom of choice. Having a Light should go toward the light, and inside the darkness must belong to Darkness. So try to get rid of the darkness in your hearts during his lifetime. Consciousness of the people, who will ascend in meditation on the Astral level, instead of, to die physically, also elevate and vibration of the entire space around themselves to the level of vibrations of Light fields, Thus the consciousness of all those, who wants to grow and enter the Light, will be able to find temporary shelter and make your smooth transition post-mortem. Those Teachers, who will perform such service disruptions, especially for this and resulted in the current critical period, and usually in previous lives have wide experience of work with the souls, with a posthumous migration. Therefore, we want to warn you that, that's nothing to be afraid of the upcoming tests, but they need for the rest of have a short time very responsibly and seriously prepare for. Only the one, who is sincerely devoted to the world and live in it, simply moves in its next, higher alternate reality, from which his soul left in another of his earthly incarnation. Each Consciousness, left unfit for further operation of the physical body, Beings of light will be provided the choice every time, When they wish to do so; After the death of every Consciousness can choose: whether it will grow and progress spiritually through experience or to remain in fear and be imprisoned by their own illusions and ignorance. This is the "last judgement", about two thousand years trying to interpret your religion. Remember, that we all, perhaps even more than you do, interested in how, the Court this was reasonable and fair to the Consciousnesses of the, whose physical body will perish in these global Earth changes. We know, that very many people will opt for the impending natural "catastrophe" as the way his departure from life, because of their higher consciousness understands, that their imperfect person fell too far in the illusion of the physical Plan and will no longer be able to change his life. There will be some, that will also be the death of consciously, but not because of insoluble internal conflict, but in order, to help billions of Souls who died to Light during their post-mortem, and everywhere to the Astral plane of earth powerful channels of Ascension. But will a huge number of such Consciousness, who would choose this method of death only because, that they are ready even now leave the land and move on to the next planet their evolutionary selection. Will also be millions of such people (from the ALREADY-NOT-PEOPLE or MORE-no-LO-DEY), that simply must die a physical death, because of their skin color genetics and cellular mutations have made such a horrific level, that is simply impossible to improve or change the remaining time on this planet. Regardless of, how and why the human physical body would die or, as in the case of the Rapture during deep meditation, only will seem dead, all creatures, responsible for the successful outcome of the upcoming Galactic Earth Moving, have enough power and features, in order to ensure the lowest probability of coincidences even during such a global event. Each of those, who is going to leave the physical world, will be given the opportunity of free choice: or go away, or stay on the ground. The same, those who remain on the planet and more, will have to take over and be responsible for helping each other not only in the physical survival of the, but also in spiritual evolution. name =”Four main evolutionary principle”>TO 2013 each of the remaining earthlings will have to learn to understand and accept the following four main evolutionary principle: To man on Earth is a natural, emotional, mental and spiritual development. Every human being has a divine essence, created from the emanations of light and love, nature is Good. Free will is an absolute universal right; Excellence calls "I" to subordinate their free will the divine will with complete faith and absolute confidence. All Creation is sacred – regardless of, how it satisfies and matches the needs of each individual "I". At present, one way or the other we are trying to bring these four spiritual principle to each living person. The essence of the planetary law is, that before the main interim cycle – and that's what's happening now – each living person, it is necessary to recall the four evolutionary principle, which he is obliged to follow. Some people get these messages through books, other – through motion pictures. Still others will experience clinical death, and then once again return to their physical bodies, but with a changed Consciousness and will be able to, in turn,, for the remainder of the short term help to change the, someone they love. Many people will be visiting Angels. Ascended master or his mother Maria; such visits are often reported in this century. Extensive information about the evolutionary Consciousness and Holiness are also subliminally get all, anyone considering, bears on itself or holding certain types of objects, such as crystals and gemstones. These are just a few examples of, How does the process of distribution of the above four planetary spiritual truths. Your participation in all this is that, that left cataclysmic time live correctly, Learn to perfection and always practice it, pray for the knowledge of the divine plan and understanding your role in it, unselfishly heal and thoroughly cleaned yourself from all unnecessary and alluvial at all levels. You need to know, that at the collective level, there are seven major karmic energy structures, to be more rapid elimination of the, Elimination and transcendirovaniû, – It's arrogance or hubris; morbid addiction to something or someone; bias in imposing your own views and opinions; hatred in any form, even to the, though the lifeless; any violence against another person's will or Consciousness; vain sacrifices; a painful sense of shame. The seven sources of suffering and pain are listed in the order, they have evolved in this sunny ring, starting from Venus to Mars and spreading, Maldek and, Finally, on the ground. They are so obvious climax on Earth, There is no point in dwelling on them too much detail. Let's say only, they are sources of disease and Karma, the Earth and its inhabitants will necessarily have to be cleansed before 2013 of the year. Note only, that regardless of, whether one country to achieve superiority over another country, or even around the world, or any of the new "teachers" puts itself above the less conscious or even TV people – in any case, such a position is called arrogance or pride. Is there an alcoholic in the gutter and can not do break free of his passion, or master the human mind obsessive thoughts about his physical appearance or his body (its) neighbor – in any case, we are dealing with a painful addiction. Slander any one religion to another, proving their case, or spiritual person looking from the top down to the "Lout" – in any case, this is called bias. I hate capitalists, Communists or "politically correct" people defied bureaucrats and bribe-takers – in any case, such an attitude is hate. If one country goes to war with another country or humiliated and punished by a parent of the child – in any case these actions are violence. Kill the white people of Aboriginal people from other countries, to defile their lands, or the drivers unwittingly trample protein and deer, too dispersing machine, – in any case, remain victims. When does Germany by Hitler's scars or poor immense and rich countries feel the insignificance of his impoverished life – in any case, this feeling is shame. Everyone must do their part to recognize and heal himself and others from the karmic patterns. There are many private options of seven major karmic problems. However,, If you look closely, You'll see, the source of every problem on Earth is one or more of these seven karmic patterns of your solar system. These structures are accompanied by a lack of knowledge of the four evolutionary principles, now everyone just needs to be examined. For those of you, who mastered the behavioral and attitudinal levels of these structures or honestly and fruitfully working on them, urgent problem facing us in the years ahead will be the conscious alignment of individual Consciousness with his Higher self, The Supreme collective consciousness and Divine Unity. That is the aim of our contact. Emissaries of light from the Pleiades and Andromeda, Light beings from SIRIUS, The Supreme Council Of Twelve, The great white brotherhood and many other smaller religious groups from all regions of the Galaxy sincerely want to help those, who are spiritually prepared for future energy transformations in the Earth, quickly and efficiently evolve, to then be elevated and join us. We, pleâdeancy, We are in the midst of you – as in dense, and ethereal bodies. Numerous messengers of Pleiadian broadcast their messages, as it always happens at the end of the main evolutionary cycles on this planet. At the end of the previous of the 26,000-year cycle after the destruction, also caused by the shift of the poles and other global events, on your land from two billion population is a little over one million people, that were scattered all over the planet. Approximately the same proportion between the survivors and the dead might be and this time. Prior to the current 26,000-year cycle of planetary administrators, mentors, teachers and spiritual leaders were, mainly, Beings of light from the Pleiades, SIRIUS and Andromeda. At the beginning of the 26,000 year cycle required, to, with the exception of the critical points of the evolutionary cycle, the highest teachings and guidance came from the Enlightened, who had the great experience of the human incarnation. Now, people have had enough of its own Enlightened and Ascended the consciousness to guide their schools and mysteries. Now you must, to the people of Earth have found a spiritual courage required, what they want. The Earth has a terrific opportunity to make spiritual quantum leap. When this happens, The Earth and all its people together will move in four- and five-dimensional Space levels, thereby completely eliminating my consciousness from the gross energy of the lower Astral sub-plan. You need to keep in mind, the current control, the destructive, destructive forces, founded and rests on two things: "the illusion of superiority of vibrations of love over hate and fear; "on the false confidence in the, that the darkness stronger Light. If, however, the 2013 year most of the surviving population would be able to get rid of these two Ideas and illusory shall take as the basis of its existence, we have already mentioned above four spiritual principle, then your planet will be the first of the planets, ever have such a quantum leap in his spiritual Evolution. All the necessary energy for the conditions for such a jump on the system, Galactic and universal levels already exist, What is the uniqueness of this event. But the collective consciousness of humanity and the Earth also lies big responsibility. The point, that, in order, to have full confidence in the successful outcome of the upcoming quantum Jump, up to 2013 year not less than 144.000 human Minds should get Enlightenment and bring a Higher Cosmic Christ consciousness. Only when reaching the critical mass of many Minds, on the obŝegalaktičeskoe Phenomenon, which you have referred to as "mass the second coming of Christ". Vibration wave vibration energy Enlightenment will run through the entire planet and its population, burning through rough energy of all the lower Mysleform and dissolving the veil, separating people from their own inner experience of the divine essence and truth. And then all the remaining population of the Earth will, as a wave of Enlightenment pervades all existence on the planet. At the same time, in parallel, will intensify the planetary enlightenment and an innate sense of human souls to spiritual evolution. Those, who selects the light, to experience all the horrors of destruction of old forms and automatically appear in the so-called "Obŝegalaktičeskom rehabilitation center". All of them will be provided with new opportunities for their evolution and spiritual growth. If after some time, they will want to explore the darkness, they will send in some other Galaxy, where this possibility still exists. Naturally, that this space event are preparing not only the forces of light, but the forces of darkness are all acceptable and unacceptable measures, It did not happen, because in this case they completely lose their Land as a base to carry out their destructive experiments on human beings. To do this, they have an extensive range of means, including – as a measure of last resort – preparation of planetary explosion, the benefit of, nuclear and chemical weapons that you have accumulated a hundred such explosions. We know and keep the situation on the ground under the vigilant control. We have already repeatedly demonstrated to you, that we actively and continually monitor all the earthly structures, possessing the characteristics of military nuclear capability. We need only eight minutes of your time, to entirely prevent any type of nuclear or electromagnetic activity at any point of your planet and, believe me, We will use all the means at our disposal, If the risk of a nuclear conflict somehow will be. If you need to, our media exposure, that can be just fantastic, be engaged almost instantly. Suffice it to say, What we can change in a matter of minutes your planet's gravity and energy of terrestrial magnetism. In addition, We can instantly and localized destruction of adhesion in inorganic matter, his magnetic balance in artificially made sites. Simply put, We let all your guns on molecules and atoms, and then lead the conversion of your solar winds. For your scientists determine: dynamics of adhesion can be modified by certain types of energy, driven by the power lines. Wave us artificially anomalous magnetism instantly block any type of electromagnetic circuit and will cause the full absorption of any type of energy at the expense of progressive dekompesacionnyh mikrovibracij. We're not talking about Tom, that, If you need to, We are using psihizirovannogo the hydrogen atom can fully coordinate the biological dynamics of any good organic matter. But even if (purely theoretically!) assume the worst and explosion still (in violation of all the laws of physics) will happen, in this case, there is a fallback option of successful completion of the situation, namely: our simultaneous signal-code 144.000 Hristopodobnyh human Minds instantly move your Body Ascension, incorporating a (According to the law of attraction like this) all other newly enlightened earthlings. The impact of each of these Hristopodobnyh creatures on the rest of the people will be so strong, that each of them will be able to instantly move to the higher planetary consciousness still Plans on 144.000 man. Thus, 144.000 Hristopodobnyh will create energy conditions for an instant quantum leap has 20.736.000.000 Human Consciousness, not only incarnate, but the Shower razvoploŝënnyh. Then the dark veil, or so. "The Mirror", "Astral Network", surrounding the outer atmosphere of the Earth and their gross energies and human emanations, completely dissolve. This will allow all the Galactic Codes, passing through your Sun, reach the Earth, that is of great complexity and difficulty. There will be no lower Astral plans, and all people will experience the "divine light", which they have never seen, and then find yourself in the fully renovated Earth, to be more beautiful and clean, than that, where you are now. Physical plan with its three dimensional dimension also will gradually lose its value and it's time, When it ceases to exist, as the exhausted and useless evolutionary material. Most of the people of the Earth will live on in the fourth and fifth dimensions, which you have referred to as "paradise" or "Dèvačanom". The same, who ascended to the levels in previous lives, also will go straight into the fifth dimension, or even above, and they very much reflect the progressive impact of quantum leap globe. We have now, in advance we prepare these dimensions School of training for new spiritual human beings, who will be the 4-d. These creatures are learning about their own creations in the past, on the origin and purpose of your soul, and unto all spiritual teachings, corresponding to this level of evolution. As you predicted your prophets, also who were our brothers, on Earth at the beginning of the third millennium, will be an evolutionary period of grace 1000 years, during which the world will prevail and the concentration of Human Consciousness in intensive spiritual evolution. Schools of the mysteries will be the Centre of all activities for all these thousands of years. At the end of this period the land officially assumes the role of a galactic location of cities of light and mystery schools for other 3D planets. You will then have become a Leading and Teaching to the consciousness, staying in 3D Worlds, in exactly the same, as we are now for you. If you are to 2013 year will achieve success (and we strongly believe in this, and we will help you), the giant wave of emanations of love and joy, formed from the Union of higher Collective Consciousness with three- četyrëhmernymi and Minds they would walk across the Galaxy and converts the rest of karma and the lower Astral energy your solar system in pure light – just, as a planetary wave of enlightenment will make it to the land and its people. The power of this wave will be felt not only in the entire Galaxy and in the whole of creation. We already told you so, the situation of our Galaxy relative to the great Central Sun of all things literally "just" has been cycled – "The Evolutionary Spiral Of Skill". That is why every solar system in our Galaxy, in turn,, also should step in its next higher evolutionary system. For Example, The Earth and your solar system must become the seat of cities of light for light Beings, repeatedly went through the physical embodiment and the age of enlightenment. By the end of the next century become the Human Race entirely Hristopodobnyh Creatures. Remember, that you – Perhaps one of those 144.000 man, that will bring to Earth a new era of Enlightenment, The era of light and golden age. We believe in you and in your planet's highest consciousness. Although the future is wonderful, You must not allow Leni, resistance or arrogance, that can stop your movement to Ascension. As long as you do your part and would like to become better, as possible for you, – We will assist you in any convenient way for us. However, we will never interfere with your personal learning and growth. Because you are here, to become teachers, not disabled, which you want to save. The time has come, that you were saving yourself with hard and dedicated healing, growth and continuous spiritual awakening. This is our "management" you should not consider, as a challenge or our desire to dominate and conquer your world. Vice Versa, We strive to, to you, people of the Earth, are true masters at spiritually renewed and energetically better planet, We are determined to prevent a repetition of the violent planetary catastrophe, that in the not so distant times claimed the lives of many billions of beings on other planets of our Galaxy, now unfit for human habitation and the continuation of the Evolution of living beings. We are fully aware of, as most of you, mired in illusions of the physical world, It is difficult to impossible to believe, We inform you, but it is up to us, pleâdeancam, on the part of the hierarchy of light is entrusted the Mission of saving mankind from quantum leap. Do not be fooled by the score of the, If you have some magical way to avoid the higher will of the eternal law, managing the continuous formation of the cosmos. We do not advise your military to ignore this truth, otherwise, each violator will be automatically subjected to the sanctions of the archons and Zigosov nakazuûŝim, executing the will of the father and the natural order Of the law of cosmic evolution. Zigosy – It's stihialii or pervosozdannye the force of creation, – Fire, Water, Earth and air, – who are the Top guns on your planet Constructive Mind. People, with complete operational responsibility and Wisdom, vibration levels are at a, that develops from them (on the principle of resonance tuning) love of Zigosam and confidence in strict justice executable of the law. Such people just energy may not be subjected to the destructive effects of the strongest violent elements. They simply have nothing to fear any cataclysms, because they could not cause them any harm. In addition, We throughout the remainder of the period, with the help of our many databases, in the fourth spatial dimension for your planet, We will constantly maintain energy balance of the Earth, spreading elements, necessary for the development of existential and organizing began life in a variety of its forms. Our special attention is drawn to two inputs and outputs on the northern and southern poles, that and your science could be used to prevent further education i.e.. "ozone holes" in the Earth's atmosphere. You just need to stop firing rockets, magnetic disturbance which provoke the tides, complicating the centrifugal and centripetal dinamizmy and contributing to the education of geodynamic dystonia of the Earth. Movable Universal Love, We are among you, to help you realize your mistakes and repent, so at this critical juncture of your earthly existence to tell you, that all things must be put in its true place and positive way to harmonize it with the, that it could be useful for a harmonious and constructive resumption of all elements, make up and define your existence in space. Arrange all things by his real places! Otherwise,, inevitably, strengthening and increasing the role of destructive forces, destabilizing the physical and mental processes on Earth, that will lead to unjustified losses during, prior to quantum state jump. The loss of the natural balance of forces on the planet can cause progressive destabilization of the neurons of the brain and brain wave abnormality, that will cause massive epidemics of disease, enabling a mad and uncontrollable desire to kill all living things and yourself including. This massive infecting minds at a critical period in evolution is very likely and very dangerous. Ability to transfer elements, intended for the cultivation of your existence, is the undeniable Truth in the same manner as, as the degenerate assimilation, distorting not only genetic structure of your physical bodies, but normal evolutionary development of the whole human race, with all its values mapped to higher dimension during the upcoming evolutionary Shift. Your genetic structure-carrying a biodynamic processes are now very harmful interference and abnormal effects on the part of the Hierarchy of darkness. The mentality of people more and more exposed to the damaging effects of stress, altering the genetic structure and stability of its normal evolutionary functions. Negative emotions of stress affect dynamic network, destabilize processes of memory and cause abnormal mutations in your hearts. After the physical death of the Soul can no longer recover lost individuality and will be suitable only as a secondary material for use in the evolution of the Collective Souls of animals. Therefore become even more vigilant to dress the part and the temptations of the dark forces, less interested in safe your Transformation. Very pretty soon everything on your land will be cleared and will be reborn to a new life. Evil will be defeated, and all his servants are bound and locked up in the Plexus primitive matter, in super-dense world, where they have to start again their evolutionary climb, so once we reach those levels of vibration, in the coming years will more than 20 billions of Human Consciousness be the inhabitants of the Earth's cities of light. Get ready for the same, people, so as the day, and the hour of judgment "over your planet's past is marked.

Review about the film 2012.

Problem 2012 the year is not cancelled! In Front Of The, She gets into his giant growth! In connection with the release of the feature film world Roland Emmerich "2012" on the Internet an article by Stanislav Short and Alexandra Borisova. Made it soundly and conscience. That's only to events 2012 all described has nothing, as the authors try to refute information about Nibiru. But what about Nibiru in the film and does not go. And in reality, it appears a little later, where on Earth have virtually no people 3-s Density, to produce the final clean-up of the planet. Only what is right about the authors, so it is that the, with all the talk of a "Parade" of planets 21 December 2012 g. untenable. Only after all of this they first say. Authors, I guess, It would be interesting to know, that the arrangement of planets 21 December 2012 g. was depicted in July 2008 g. in one of the fields of England. No Doubt, No "parade of planets in 2012 year will not be. Yes on this and there is no need to. The Great Harvest, the "fifth Sun" or Quantum transition of the planet on the fourth level of density, together with part of mankind, is not at all with the "parade of planets", and across the Dark rift "combining the solar system with the Galactic Plane of the milky way and Meridian Solstice, When the system enters the absolute Outer synchronization, Galactic, Solar and Lunar plans, that is when their full rotations around particular centres: The Moon around the Earth, The earth around the Sun, Halcyon Sun around (the Central Sun of the Pleiades, where the eighth star enters and it), the star system Pleiades around the center of the Galaxy. In the movie "2012" reason is linked to the outbreak of catastrophy in the Sun. However,, This is only the beginning of colossal transformations, which must be subject to Mankind, or the beginning of the active phase of the quantum transition. And the Sun in this process plays an important role. Therefore, it must now be sent to the attention of all humanity. Just on this aspect, depicted in the movie disaster, the authors of the article don't say anything, in spite of the fact, the scientific world is very concerned about Sun's condition. According to NASA for humanity Flash equal to the, What happened in the 19 century, would amount to a giant meteorite fall, for perturbations, occurring in the Earth's magnetic field, will be able to bring down the entire power of the technogenic civilization, What is the current Humanity. With the disappearance of the electricity will start chaos, but still not the end of the world. In that situation, though, someone somewhere will be able to fly. The most popular and fastest vehicles on Earth will be a bike! Many elites on it gets to "China" or to their underground shelters in the Urals and in Liberia? Here, God forbid, Metro station or to the shelter to run, unless all the reactors "silence" for those short moments, that will remain after the alarm is received from space station. And no one on Earth Nibiru cockroaches will remain, If people don't see the warning seriously. Scientists, by studying the Sun, are already in the deepest loss, for the second year of the star is in the minimum of your activity and all the start of active Sun long gone. Those, who knows this, the feeling is, If the luminary lurks, and gaining strength for the tremendous release of energy. That will happen on the ground should be understandable even to a schoolboy .... If you take into account the, that 19 March and 16 September 2008 g. Earth's magnetosphere suffered extensive damage from two point range-blows of the far space, If it becomes clear, that unknown, but formidable powers prepare mankind to severe tests, and those, who will remain after the outbreak of the survivors can see scorched Earth, as predicted the Vanga. However, the creator of the universe is not going to destroy all of humanity, as was the case with the previous terrestrial civilizations. In this sense, there is no fate. In Front Of The. The creator of this world hopes to get to očumevšemu from media With hypnosis-Knowledge people, make believe in its existence and encourage them to do good around, and not only think about their own good and not go to their primitive ežesekundnoj goal on heads of people. The creator of a, When people will reflect on the meaning of life and understand, What are its man-made particles, sections of a single whole and therefore should not cause each other pain, suffering and death. Frenzy of violence, the orgy of savagery, immorality and irresponsibility, demonizirovannymi spread by the media and the press need to be stopped, to begin mass educating people the knowledge about the world, Currently, the creator of the universe gives to humanity. Only this knowledge will help everyone realize that they belong to the degree and extent of future testing and, not only to prepare for them, but force and weaken their collective power and clarity of images of your thoughts. Briefly, this can be expressed by the formula: "Forewarned, forearmed!». Only in this case, humanity would soften the blow on the planet and save the lives of billions of people. Negotovoe to test Humanity itself will destroy itself, their fear and insanity, the slanderer to yourself like that ... Both born in the hearts of people belief in one creator of the universe and Love to the world and to each other, change of Knowledge people, and thereby, create the conditions for General and widespread Admiration when the peak of the quantum transition and replace trained and morally clean people present 3-dimensional human body on 4-dimensional plazmoidnye body, just save them from a massive loss in the shake-up of the planet during the passage about it 22 December 2012 year of the giant planet nibiru or Nemesis, as well as give people their eternal dream-immortality! In other words, success in saving people, is not money, and not the construct of "arks" and underground bunkers., It is in their own hands, in their joint, collective and persistent desire and demand change the nature of MASS MEDIA, and policy authorities, that only and can actually start massive education and training people to mind's, mental combat FEAR, which will inevitably arise in the moment menacing tests. These are the conditions of the last Great Drama, called life! As the creator of the universe ends every Experiment to educate their faithful helpers! The grain will be separated from the chaff! Marriage, like every trash, preventing the Education of people, will be shipped in a melting furnace! Thus, problem 2012 the year is not cancelled. In Front Of The, following the release of the movie "2012", THIS PROBLEM arises in all its enormous growth, and silenced her now would simply not be possible! //glass-nebes.livejournal.com/

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Tamil Nadu is a unique Indian State almost victims of pagan influence North. No wonder the Tamil people(Tamils) and in General, residents of the South India call for Tamil (Tamil language) in the list of official languages of India, along with Hindi and English.

When the Indians say "South", they usually are referring to TAMIL NADU. While the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Ahura are essentially transitional cultural areas, employees of a buffer for the Hindi-speaking North, and Kerala and Goa retain their own characteristic and peculiar individuality, This extensive speaking in Tamil, is the heart of Indian dravidian Hinduism.

In principle, the, almost all the questions, that can be assigned to the prophecies are more like an attempt to vzbalamutit′ the water before the end of the world or “transfusion of white in the empty”. But you live with it, those who asks these questions. That's why all such manifestations, there is one Response: After all, if all you know is what to ask?

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