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Satellite data beginning to undermine all the unnatural. And not notice it can only, who refuse to see.

Real Structure under the special care and attention Infinite Space and present a Interest.
The Info * distributed in accordance with Common Cosmic Convention.

Each Objectively Thinking Creature (Individuality), deals with the formal results of the works of our research and experiments in various fields, is developing or improving existing A System Of Their Own Perception Of The World. Which is a, not a guarantee, or one-sided behavior, attitude, reaction to anything, (a), that is nothing more than a, as Own Unique Worldview, the relevant His Internal World. Own experience we help Creatures, capable of learning and Individual Development at the expense of its own Forces and, available to the, Abilities, do not steal from other powers and abilities.

We do not deal with proof, that already There Is A: for us is Axiom the, What we see (regardless of the organs of vision and the way vision). And then the, that already There Is A We use, to increase the amount of Own Individual Life, in other words Live Impressions, Filling Each of us. Increasing The Amount Of Live The content of the Each single Element Sentient Being, We increase the Volume Life in Total. It is the task Each of us, and each contributes to, beginning with the, that puts Life in Himself.

Any attempt to establish any degree of disturbance or obstacle Natural Development of any Substance, located anywhere in the Infinite Space, is seen as an attempt on the life of and attempted murder as an individual Creatures and life in General. Proof of what detail (with examples) described above. Also, all such manifestations, action, addiction is considered, are considered to be, equivalent to deliberate, conscious and targeted Ad War Around Infinite Space, in A harmonious life (in such cases,) attempts to commit naked invasion. And to encourage the involvement of the subsidiary Forces of any nature, against which any intruder – no more than a grain of sand in the Infinite Space. While this type of behavior, is regarded as A Conscious Desire Violator (taking the opportunity of the right Freedom Select) get experience The existence of does.

It is believed that not raskaivšiesâ Creatures, zadumyvaûŝie and implement similar plans, in a sober mind, Therefore, have full responsibility for the acts committed. Really anywhere on the Space Time.

If somebody wants to condemn or challenge by us:, considering itself the right – may refer a petition in The Council Of The Universe (The Council of twenty-four Elders in the Bible). To do this, you, most likely, will have to resort to using the The Institutions, making contact with the God, such as Church, Kastela, Temples, etc.(which must contain Creatures capable of entering High-level Contact), If you don't have your own Force and the ability to Contact. After, as we get a reasoned request from the Of The Universe not suitable or not full action on our part – improve the way you interact. Otherwise, rejoice that There Are.

If someone wants to ask a question or žaždit, adhering to the belief, that should get the answer – account should be taken of the:

1. Instant response we give to all Creatures, under State Somadhi (Сомати) at the time of issue.

2. We are trying to help Creatures capable of producing a large number of in your mind Parallel computing, calculations, or watch (in the mind) parallel operation of large quantities of their simulated situations.

3. We sympathize with Creatures Russian type Soul regardless of their location.

4. If your Consciousness does not meet the above requirements more, but you have questions – answers can be found by using the Infinite Space, Yasha and Gosha . To get the exact answer, before it would be appropriate to formulate the question in accordance with the children's recommendations:

(A)) It is necessary that the question was understood by you. B) Was objective. IN) The subject of conversation should be visible. G) The question should reflect the interest. D) Ask only if, If you are unable to find the answer. Otherwise it will not look politely and not cultural, do you aim to make about you thought not joyfully?

This resource is the private property of The, Who is commonly referred to as God. As well as the entire Infinite Space in General, and any point Infinite Space in particular. However, just like you… And if someone does not like it – does anyone not like this, and there are those who do not belong to the type of Creatures, Which This Happy. Thank you.

* Distributed in accordance with Common Cosmic Convention.

( ( ( Space you ) ) )

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* Distributed in accordance with Common Cosmic Convention.

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