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For willful struggle of spreading distorted information of not The Existing Reality, that even you have not caused a doubt, you in particular, as each employee “Office” in which you work, and the whole “Desktop” in General, will be transferred to the lower strata The New World Order. Formation Which are already now. As all of you, and persuasive language to warn, based on the facts. Just as it is possible, you will have the opportunity to go all the way, Since bacteria, or order below. And to avoid this information was provided, the spread that you let. The, What is going on, change not possible, No matter whether you believe in it or are looking for a justification or excuse for that, that it does not believe a close eye. It is about, that Universe Another development plan. Just because the, you are using your “resource” for the manipulation of consciousness People, you will be happy to verify the complete loss of all his property (This applies to every employee of your “Office”), While still in this memory, using “laws”, you and like you ponavydumyvali. In order to smooth out your own fault you should contribute to the dissemination of this information (which is partially explained on the site Infinite Space), and, of course, comply with the rules, which are issued. Do everything, your best, and your power to all, as for your “resource” (at least). If you still wish death – your wish will be fulfilled. You are obligated to familiarize with the indication of all of your “Office”. If you do not – This is not only your fault, but your Wine Guide, no exceptions, as well as those, who is this information not asked. We wish you a Be Realized and to help you with this, But if you will not be able to manage their emotions and desires – they just destroy. Hope, You'll be quite sensible.

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If the following list you see your name or the name of your organization – You should really consider and change attitudes towards World, in order to maintain the, What's left of your Destiny.
If you think you are, that got to the list by mistake – you need to send the right.
The list is subject to change – Watch.

Decided to publish the list in the “The Last Judgement”. You don't need to do anything to speed up the process of publication.

In the list are all, who commits acts contrary The Laws Of Nature, or attempts to distort Their Essence. The same applies Lucid action, a chain, links in the – Elementary harmonic distortion information components Laws Nature, gained from, to varying degrees,, author of distortion.

Moreover the extinction website Infinite Space, and created Us (either by Our Will) resources, from the Internet or surrounding World denotes an immediate denial of World Government and Creatures, its constituent (and consciously working with them for one) from the possibility Exist and is seen as a desire to disappear from Sentient Being. Same thing for members of our team and their assertive positions World. Attempt to intercept or falsify information Us information, and we have created resources, part of our resources or ideas (Ideas), as set out above request. Which is accepted immediately.

If we consider the “Law” compiled by the powerful – It argues, that “Law” may not be prepared to violate the Health and Freedoms Human. (A) Creatures, contrary to this statement, not only are the killers, but to prove, that, even, prepared by the same “Law” for them means nothing. That said only that the, that made them “Laws” not There Are, (a) establish not The Existing You must be a member of the, as someone who was not There Is A and produced by them “product Law” is a desire to leave Things. Similar “Objects” don't bother yourself in The Being and let It The Harmonious Development. All Things adopts the manifested their desire to immediately.

If the Creature constantly rewrites created earlier “Law” – means, that created a law has no weight, and since it is rewritten constantly – means, He constantly has no weight, and therefore has no weight at all. If the author is not enough The Level Of Development Consciousness in order for the, to initially create a harmonious law, that will only need to clarify and improve in the future, without disturbing the original The Essence Of The – the author need not bother creating the, He is not able to do. But, If he allows himself to take on the responsibility This kind of – his case is considered a paragraph above.

If the same Creature violates “Laws” those, who officially closes (so the: infringement of health, rights, and freedoms) under various pretexts, (including the humiliating debasement of personality, charges of insanity, and provocation built on this), Hence it violates not only Natural Laws Sentient Being but “Laws” Space or the world, in which it is present and shall incur criminal penalties and be healed with it. If this does not happen – both types of Creatures (the intruder “Law”, and the authors “Law”) must leave Things, as expressed in direct form to the. And their fate is described in the paragraphs above.

Better be lived as it should be, instead of, to kill innocent People under the guise of violations fictional conditional laws.

Did you know yourself? Congratulations! Nature Is Mutual Always.

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