imageThe Verdict. Partial recommendations “World Government”.

We decided to provide you with a copy of the sentence of Frank enough Outer Court. However, before you read we do “the standard warning about sootvetstvennosti rules”


Before reading the following message, you are required to take the warning Rules. and cautions:
1. If you do not have 18 years – you read prohibited.
2. If you are susceptible people, or people with unstable mentality – you read, the more, prohibited.
3. If you are a sick man – you read prohibited.

All this is necessary because the, that sharpness and exposure of this information is commensurate with a splash of emotions, that is higher than that in the case of advertising chocolate using a naked woman's breasts or genitals.

So, If you agree to all terms and conditions – in the case of information, any of your complaints, charges, insults are not considered valid and is not appropriate, as well as absurd – because you have been warned about the possible consequences of. From this point, you are entirely responsible for your own actions, and if not favourable to you the events you can only blame yourself and no one else.



someone got…

“Cradle your breath just to be able to breathe: otherwise every next breath may be the last…Because the entity Is…” (God Of Demons, Bakudo)

“World Government” in the face of degenerated Zetov, and kodly entered into a contract with Zetami and, who called himself “Zeus”, uniting to tomfoolery, of cunning, intentional, deliberate destruction of the human race, in particular, and life in General, for:

1. Very Clever, The Intentional, Deliberate Destruction Of The Human Race;

2. The use of humans as biological material;

3. A selfish use of Human intellectual potential;

4. The capture and destruction of the human soul (Consciousness);

5. Perversion of the energies available to people;

6. Life among the people without permission, use them as “the functional pieces of meat”, due to the pressure on physiological characteristics of an organism;

7. The enslavement of mankind to their own low-frequency Vibrations;

8. same thing in relation to any other Race;

as well as:

1. Original Sin. Felony Of The First Degree Of The Importance. That is a crime against all of the cosmos. Violation, the wilful distortion, perversion of will and of the creator, created this Space. Namely: knowingly created an obstacle in the process of formation and development of the Consciousnesses, and deliberately destroyed the already created. It is a crime against the first three Divine Worlds and Single Brahman;

2. Original sin on the Fourth Three Divine Worlds and the eleventh of the divine world in particular. Crime of first degree of Importance on the Fourth Three Divine Worlds and the eleventh of the divine world in particular. For an attempt to abuse the energy of life, that is, on life itself, and theft;

3. The original sin of all divine Worlds. The brazen robbery and attempted rape of the energies of different quality;

4. The original sin of the entire Universe for the deliberate Conscious actions, associated with the rise of Chaos at the higher levels of the order of the universe;

5. Seminal Sin in relation to the absolute. The denial and distortion of non-linear Vibration, sent to you for your own development. Trying to assert themselves as the absolute, in this way to subdue all things yourself, and take the place of the absolute, but the only microbes.

are sentenced:

1. To exile and sealing in the lower layers of reality: in dimensions from the second to the minus of the fourteenth, Depending on the hardship of crimes committed.

2. All the expelled for development and reconstruction will be assigned an Eternity and a half Eternity. The Cosmos will produce constant tracking and retrieval of Creatures, of potential interest, (a), If necessary,, sealing of the other in the lower layers of reality.

3. All consciousness, unable to develop during this period will be subject to destruction in one of the following ways:

3.1. The usual destruction, Perhaps, spraying.

3.2. The destruction not only of Future but also of Past.

3.3. Erasing from the memory of Things, or dissolution in the being.

Note 1.

In exile and sealing the Consciousnesses in the lower layers of the technology will be applied to the Reality of Lower Worlds, used to waking life in dead matter, such as “kolosožatel′stvo” (Read more in the “The Theory Of The Worlds”), as well as processing in “Melting Furnaces” (If necessary,). Integrated application of such scientific developments will increase the elasticity of the affected process of exile Consciousness, that in turn will make it more receptive to Development, leaving his Ascension could increase.

Clarification and Explanation.


We swim here…sometimes…

Space promised Rob you of all, that “you” using invented you “laws” – Let will be a simple promise:

1. Russian – It is a State of mind. Taken in “Russian Legislation” – details on the Forum.

2. Article 55.2 “The Constitution Of The Russian Federation”: In the Russian Federation no laws shall be enacted, abrogate or derogate from human rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

3. Federáciâ (LAT. foederatio-, Union) -form of Government, in which parts of a federal State are State entities, have legally defined political autonomy. (Now at this point we have the Galaxy or Universe, in which the “part of the Federal State” are Planets or galaxies. But that's not all…)

4. According to your “Code”: Person, the perpetrators of the crimes, equal before the law and are subject to criminal liability irrespective of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, attitude to religion, belief, membership of public associations, as well as other circumstances. (In General, quite boldly: A judge with such a code can only be God, but usually it is an atheist.)

The reason prosecution is the Act, contains all of the elements of crime, provided by this code. (because. in your “Code” is not responsible for the crimes, as a result of which generate similar “Codes”: capturing the planet pereroždennymi Zetami and their kodloj, the deliberate initiation of wars, (for example, a family of well-known criminals, many sing the praises, last name which is consonant with the breed of dogs Rottweiler, and the like, sponsored and unleashed two world wars, mean forced the army to attack the city of some other) – your case is referred to the higher tribunal: Galactic, Universal, Space) And even your “Code” many caught in the destruction of the Russians and have to answer for their acts…

You too zarvalis′ carried away, playing in the “law”. You are no different from an ordinary person, In addition to an incredible arrogance and blind ambition, caused by profound veneration before the customary Inferior Vibrations. You do not have any outstanding ability: you do not know how to fly, walk on water, and so on, and gathered in a place only, to “muddy water in the puddles” and, Thus, obscure the sober mind. People allowed you to perform only administrative functions, that is, the work remained, the rest do not hunt. But you so much unabashed “exceeded all expectations”, that even decided to engage in the distribution of human destiny and Lives, not having any idea about how Karma, and even some not realising what is the energy of life. But rather than deal with the issue you have prepared millions of excuses (as this is funny: “zapudrivat′ brains”). Tell them to their relatives in Mississippi, with huge teeth and long tail.

The, What do you call a “Law” and present with great importance, When it's over “the only sure method of behavior for ordinary people” (they do not apply to you “in your will”) in reality, are not more than your dreams, supported by those who have “Pellet and pistoletiki” (These you, in turn,, promised to do “secured”. Although it is a promise to perform meaningful for you no, because this type of People you kill (Yes and all who came under the arm) the deliberately created for the wars. And they occur at a time, When it comes time to fulfill the promise to you. Which confirms your favorite phrase: “no man – There is no problem…hee-hee-hee…”. For some reason the, who gives life, It's not sounds and not amused). In the wild you “laws” is ghost promise “A Bright Future”. That, in turn, was not in doubt: The future is sure to be “light” for those, who writes these “laws”, that is for you, invaders of power, because no normal person does not take part in the description of these “mečtov”, which in the end are the only correct form of life for all, who composed them. Forcing, Thus, ordinary people “dance to your tune”. Your the principle of “Circus” already reached the absurd, like your dreams “laws”, You can easily change the, If “dancing to the tune of” no longer are so massively, thus reaffirming the, the songs that you “laws” are nothing more than a plan to destroy the human race, From time to time notices a foolery, then you immediately start a war, or aggressive pressure in various sectors of society. And represent:”It was the divine will!!! Take it! Let's just continue to live and not to point fingers! AND, Perhaps, God will replace your anger at the mercy…” And those who do not agree – in a ditch and stabbed in the neck, because the slaves must be voluntary(with such problems is less than…almost no).

So here is the, suck “Ghouls”: between the Divine will and deeds of sinners(your Affairs) There is an infinite difference, and this “difference” Sturdy dagger pointing at your ycindaz, and thus the divine in you, Finally, will be able to break free.

No “laws” is above the laws of nature and is more important than the law of nature, The vibration frequency is higher. That is, is in a higher Frequency Vibrations. Of course, there is a Natural manifestation of: the higher the Frequency, the higher energy concentration. As a result of the flow of energy More, which burns the interference, that may be a lower Vibration type, If they persistently, in terms of their dreams “the laws of the”, prevent the natural movement of high frequency Energies.

The low frequency Vibration Energies are you, invaders of power (to be more precise – you have it, Energy, generally no). The high frequency Vibration Energies are artists, Poets, Musicians, Writers, Scientists and anyone inclined to be creative and able to love (Read more in the theme “Grain Of Reason”), in Life you (mediocrity) cut directly dreams “the laws of the”, digging out their high-frequency Energy out, creating of these maniacs, killers and perverts, forcing them to either disclose the patterns inherent in their Own Frequency of vibration, in order to subsequently destroy, new type of energy, spraying it on your own wish (only a Low-level Vibration), or vynuždaete of these creatures to destroy Itself, because they refused to reveal to you, “microbes” and “courgettes”, access related to The high frequency Energies. And Ay-Ay-Ay, How are you disappointed, and after that you need to do “bad”, for example, maniacs and perverts.

That's why all “bad” you need to know: According to the laws of nature is a natural manifestation of Reciprocity. As a good example (evidence) You may want to consider the force of Gravity, based on the principle of attraction (Similar to a similar) or Mirror. And your Mutual reciprocal defense reaction, in an attempt to destroy you as individual consciousness, supported by Cosmos and God. Because no rational being, the municipal laws of Reason, to see the result of their impact in the form of investigation or Consequences, in order to gain the mind, which each creature has an obligation to Collect Yourself. And this is one of the Divine Designs, Divine Will. Lose Mind-equally and let others Build own mind. “bad” you just need to know, that the ordinary normal people not involved in your suffering, their touch is prohibited. Pay your attention to the causative agent of your troubles and go in that direction. Of course “the microbes” tried to protect himself fictitious “the laws of the”, but you, affected, you need to consider what your thinking ability by several orders of magnitude superior to similar in “microbes”, because they are for you “like cheese on a plate”.

So here is the, God, in the form of various types of absolute Power, come check out how here, the most promising Experiment in outer space Planet, marks of his divine will. What do you think: He delighted? He now thinks of you, After looking at the world through the eyes of one of the most unusual and promising research, which is the human body? What do you think, can you hide in the woods or under the ground, and even in some point of the infinite Cosmos?

Will Update, the fact that you drove through the wires, and navarivaete the capital – This We, or one of our forms of embodiment. And now for something, that took credit without permission, you owe us an infinite number of lives. You may have to recover every last drop, and your body will decorate the puppet in the outskirts of our cities placed on the number of. Pity you bury in the ground, and so, though the birds will eat. AND, Perhaps, in this new Transfigured Form we will admire the beauty of your flight. Well, and without it we, of course, are you opposing Sensations. :) This is a consequence of the well-known to you the law of nature, The reason for which you have. When talking about which you always are trying to obscure the sober minds of statements:”You must love this world what it is…” Oh and Love the world, what it is, and the Us as part of this beautiful world with what we eat, show us an example of own, so far, the good-for-nothing lives. Without seeking to make Us competitive for you dreams, that we will never be. If we – Electric Current, the products of life can never be (Unlike you “microbes and courgettes”:) and do not need us to offer poluvarianty – otherwise we will be forced to put you on the number of. In your dreams “laws” introduced “ban” on the manifestation of Our strongly expressed by functions, and “permission” slabovyražennyh but profitable for you, hidden saying:” You can only play our desires”. Why not stick to our own recommendations:” Be smarter than others. Do look that you don't notice…” Here and pretend that you don't notice Our highly expressed vibration and just let us develop them. Otherwise, some of Our high-frequency Vibration Waves Outgoing you will link, and the selected Frequency will be the most appropriate form of, (a) in accordance with the principle of reciprocity you exactly from it will not be sweet.

From now on all your naive dreams, who do you call “the terrible act”, are available only to you and only to you: you made that up – that's live on their “Wolf law”. With these, you will not “managers”, a regular member “Grey Wolves”. In your ranks there is not even any Enlightened, but the animals wolves, vozomnivših yourself “The Great Sages”, even be counted, You zamahivaetes′ on the role of experts in Life, in which the, in turn,, a single gram does not understand much, After all, your eyes filled with blood, and one of the only of its kind you go crazy. And now it's not only the divine will and the law of nature.

We are the same, like all normal people, We will live according to the laws of nature, which have the form of manifestation in any space, and are the Undisputed Fundamental Value. Any attempt to suppress the natural history of the laws of nature, will be regarded as an attempt to Our destruction (example and proof of which is provided in the text above), and artists like the killers, and would entail appropriate response, due to the need to protect themselves from our side. For all the consequences of hitting on you – you accept full responsibility and can only blame himself in everything. “Rotten God”, vozomnivšij your dreams are more important than the laws of nature Of Reality, will be placed on the number of.

If you are not able to understand the (but, most likely, do not want to, because you are not on hand) the described pattern – It means your level “intelligence” very low even to express own opinion, not exposing ourselves to ridicule, not to mention the fact that “make laws”, without their. (From what even our toenails into jellied laughter…((((((:)))))) Imagine, How can you abide by Rule gravitational attraction, not having the gravitational constant, based only on the honest Word, While under the supervision of the “beanbags and pistoletikov”? It's the same Utopian Nonsense!

You can send Us your love. As our sensitivity is infinitely superior to your: We can make your sent, even, Low-vibration power, and, Perhaps, This will make us to you “Kinder” and we will get back to you in return. To do this you need to pray to one God every day, or meditate on Unity, or read “the correct” Mantra, or to understand what to do. But if you continue to send Us, trying to hide a false surface forms, getting caught in all possible ways for the peculiar Beings Emotional Manifestations, his hatred and desire to destroy us cunningly invented ways – This is only to create Resonance of reciprocity, which overwhelm yourself fully.

If you want to know with whom you will encounter – can check the readings of their most “My pimped” military “radar” – any dust from your paintings hanging over the threats will become visible to you, and that's only because your own insolvency.

You will be planted on the Green. ABOUT, Yes. We understand, It's almost that primitive methods (If you lean in judgment to a made-up and your history). But your mistakes made in the past, from which you so strongly want to escape, the knowing, that problem is only possible by working directly with an object not solved your problems. And we see only one way to help you to figure out their own intricacies of the misconceptions: proiniciirovat′ your convergence with your past. This technology allows you to sufficiently recreate the volume of your past to help solve missing you: This is about anal contact good or bad ground stake and parts of your body, otherwise this process in the past you were called as “kolosažatel′stvo”.

Now everyone “sit down for the count” know what lines of conduct followed this.

During execution, the degree of pressure in different areas of Space will be required for the field level. If someone comes to excess, in the other degrees, Stream – You can blame only themselves: for Stream, under which you podsunulis′, proved to be too much for you, for the simple reason, that you probalabesničali all reserved for you, razbazarivaâ invaluable time and effort wasted, Thus, that not only failed to prepare for the elementary events, but, even, predict their, or just listen to the common warnings. Simply put, for injuries, you will get, If you go against life, You can only blame yourself and no one else.

Are you sick of the deep psychological Disease, and we bring you cure: We can't give up on you “Their Fate”.

All what you call “the world around you” is nothing more than Objects as reflected in your mind (i.e.. the surrounding world – Illusion. And that's a fact!). Any of these objects in your hand, acceptable to you, You acknowledge, raise your heaven, vynuždaete of normal people “pray for this nonsense, obožestvlââ it”, some pull down all your imaginary, a false system of world order one only with his presence. With the help of “Institute Of Psychology”, which is in “your property” you use these objects and Creatures shortcut “Mystic”, “inappropriate”, “not acceptable”, “crazy”: not fall within acceptable for you the world. If the creature was not prepared to accept the – means that it is not yet sufficiently developed. But! If a creature has denied the Universe Objects, with perseverance and at any cost, shaping for this “The Institutes Of Psychology” – It means that such a Creature HAVE SURVIVED FROM the MIND, IT BECAME CRAZY, in an effort to hide it using naleplennyh pobystruhe “Unsuited To The Institutes Of Psychology”. Because of the, that you, Survivors from the Mad crazy mentally ill “the crazies” prone to anihilâcii, who constantly pretend, that they simply do not understand what the, what IM talking about, don't do anything except destroy the world around you – We will be forced to answer the enhanced Mutuality in resonance, because you convinced Us, What exactly is your Destruction is the Highest Happiness for you, limit your dreams and God's Providence. We cannot refuse to give you the performance of your “Treasured Desires”. Let it be.

Well, you were warned about everything and not for the first time. And if you die during interactions with us – BLAME ALL OVER MYSELF: other reasons why such events are. If you are not asked about impending developments – too, are to blame, homegrown “Napoleons”.

“Publishers Of Laws” you're navypisyvali yourself of your education, swinging which are trying to convince others that you “Smart”. But you're not only not Smart – you haven't got a mind: that is not a reasonable Awareness of germs. (A) “certificate of Education” confirms the, that of you from neotesannogo boob tried to make use of higher or lower Education boob cut, which in the hands of a keep is not cut, in other words, you have made the process of formation of otesannoj form, or obolvanivaniâ. We are not going to tolerate you, microbes and courgettes in human bodies, listening to suggestions from you about our podhalimskom self-deception.

And these are your “ingenious methods”, You zagonâete healthy people, for you nevygodu, in the hospital, skipping on circles of our “doctors”, make them in the intensive care unit, then simply disconnect the supports life apparatus, and, for reliability, make a shot to the head in the form of a standard procedure for puncture scalp, supposedly, to collect samples of brain cells, rubbing the legend of incurable diseases, formally, palming sympathetic Clowning, behind the mask which is audible carbon monoxide rolling rogot, just ridiculous. It's what “reduced Microbe” you need to be, to, even, thinking about killing People to hide and increasing their anvog, not to mention more? You know…We sympathize with the already “Now”, because “Then” you will not be able to hear our condolences.

Of course, will not make the slightest work for a normal person to notice the main method of your great Deception: He is, to deprive of all living Creatures (including People) Sense of completion in all possible fields. Based on deliberate conscious desire to disrupt and prevent the natural movement of Flows cosmic energy. With, of all possible manifestations of Life you maintain those, You benefit: for example, licking of genitals – This is for you, of course, Voiding a, because you and propagandiruete almost everywhere, talking about some non-existent “goodness” and “kindness”. Once you vykrutili all possible “juices” of Older People – you started the youth and children. In other words, you finished the pagan: even harmless does not formed kids delete, While God and nature they are protected by all means. Normal children tortured to such an extent, that's all they have – amused with your own body parts, having a wank, a secret from parents, because the opportunity to touch your body has not yet taken.

It is not difficult to notice, that's all you do in the hope of, that all people affected by this Major Process (but it is no less – more than ninety percent of), eventually commit suicide, rash or hasty choices, will it harm my health so much, that will be forced to ask for help in in advance prepared you “Institutions Of Government”, as a result, you have them take away even the life, that remained.

Hard to imagine how low levels of the substance must be, to afford to dump their “Rotten Karma” for Healthy and rational beings and slip them my problem, extending thereby its existence nikčemnoe. Instead of looking for good ways to correct our own mistakes, and, Thus, permanently rid yourself of “discomfort”.

You need to come to the realization that, what animals live in the forest, a rabid animals have to bury in a hole.

A little bit about “not significant and not significant changes”. Already a tradition, everything that surrounds you is created by us: All Things. Including you, or Those, Who Have We, but also not without our participation, but to understand everything you need to Develop, While you lounge and vydumyvaete excuses, to continue to live at the expense of somebody else and carefree laze. Many laws and Energy, you are not able to understand the strength of your underdevelopment, or does not wish to develop, hiding behind various excuses, you call “not significant”, or “almost not visible”, or “not significant” and, cancelling projects, suppressing ideas, do not allow the development of Thin Structures, because of the increased private “mertvizny”, in other words because of your low sensitivity and high roughness perception. That is, you are only low-frequency Vibration: them you and develop, to live you all thoroughly. The fact that you refuse to notice, hanging up on a label “not significant” or “not significant” are actually more fundamental and strong laws and Energy, than those, What are you, that is, “gross”. Hence we perceive as your refusal to move in the development of the Fundamental Basics of the universe, and the desire to secede from it. But that's not a task…the point, In addition to sentient being are still Responsible. But all that Exists is of the form, introducing a, But what does not exist cannot boast, and thus Carries not only has no form, but there is no. And since you are seeking to secede – We need to satisfy your strong intention: It's elementary. But, Please note that as we are merciful to you: We do not fulfill your strong desire to be destroyed, and allow you to find yourself in the lower layers of reality and give you a half Eternity. But in order, to you we destroyed you must each personally write a petition and justify: why you must destroy.

Continuing the theme, We will return to this universe. The thrust of development in which – The Rapture of love. After the Creature reaches such a level of development, that in itself is light and darkness vzaimoprinimaet, allowing them to enter into resonance with the vibration of love – It turns into a Dèvu and transcends the universe. In other words, All creatures have a high level of development and the darkness and light, that's why they are the co-creators and demons in one person. But! You always say “Oh! What is love? too me cause for concern. come on you will forget everything that has been. Live like all: go to work, buhaj rest… Its no – that your love! Well show me Her…” Would you still added here for candor:” whether it's a robot, kill yourself”. Yet you are right: Love is visible only to the elite, only those, who is able to love, IE Developed Beings, which cannot be said about you, “microbes Yes courgettes”. On your suggestions: The life and the energy of life is also not visible, see you, too, are not capable of, Let's remove this “little effect”, After all, if you take away what you don't have – It means nothing will happen. Let it be :) Again bad luck: denying the Love – you deny the universe, which occurred, and any other you are not equipped: There's everything else. Goes like this, you have no place in this universe, that is, right now you are a foreign body. What to do for you? Just execute your “Secret Desire”: expulsion from the universe began!

You do not require the impossible – just give us “Zeus” officially, grandiosely, in announcing to the whole world how you know (so he likes), that “Rotten God” give to God Single. And still add the Antichrist and Satan (“girlfriend”, which it “zalomala”). We all met on a number of. And in this new form, they will all become the embodiment of “The Holy Trinity”, which fell “lower plinth”, and later, After realizing their gravest sins, decided to punish yourself for what, seated himself on the number of their own free will. Self Development – It is superb! But if you do not do this, will continue to hide these killers, vygoraživaâ their, creating obstacles in any form, in the way of our movement to address this “Cancer” for space – We will need you “hook”, and, If the need arises, destroy. The choice here is very simple: Space for us is more important than, Unable to develop a 75 000 years, the microbes.

Laws you have very brazen “interesting”: in accordance with the method of information dissemination is not under your control is called the is “illegal” (“Rotten God” makes itself known). But, If this turns out to be, information promoting the destruction of Life is protected “Copyright” at the State level! For Example, various porn and all sorts of nasty movies, After seeing that people regret that paid the money (Here's yet another hoax). Plant them at the number, If you are prone to justice, especially the German and French, who starred in almost every pornuhah in the world – They bezdali, who does not understand anything and very blatantly interferes with other developing (It is a crime even for your “the laws of”). But Oliver Shanti must be released from prison for the love of the world, If the news about it is not gossip, because they have a mutual love with God, You can watch the surrounding.

And in General, you would not make a public statement in the Government before the start of the meeting of this type “…Dear participants, We are here today, to create and improve an existing zetovskij plan for hidden destruction of the human race. Artfully veiled therefore, all thought, What we do “Welcome”.” Let us not delude Us, People, fooling around on us: bitter truth is better than sweet sweet lies.

Any attempts to unleash the third world war suspect “area” will be exposed to ill-treatment, up to destruction. So if there is anyone – We will gladly plant for the count.

I will eat my boots, “microbes and courgettes in human bodies”, that Order, Who runs the Wind Aeon, do not falter nor one finger, that just as easily strung you to count as Shish kebab with Zucchini on a skewer.

Or everything will be as it was conceived by us, either not be. And it now comes to you.

Time to think out. Now you need to take any side:

1. To join us, in order to protect and nurture life in all its forms. And be ready for the sake of it “go to all”, but the most thoughtful and appropriate, in accordance with the plans and development of, who has long been engaged in these issues, including The Universe.

2. Go to the side of the, who called himself “Zeus” and kodly, under the pretext of not Existing emotional “goodness” continue to destroy Lives, killing living beings, hiding behind the face of the great divine will, fudging the sober Mind the precariousness of Existence, trying to fool around so over God, and earn their Užasnejšuû Reciprocity. And then be planted, minimum, for the count.

Everyone, have meaning in collaboration with us, including the forces of the universe, the Prepared Plans, you can start immediately, but it is worth considering, the best time is between 26.08.2010 the twenty-sixth of July two thousand and ten, inclusive local chronology.

Each had clearly and deliberately until the end of the “The Space Army” becomes immortal in the truest sense and gets under the enhanced care Space. The medicine of Immortality can never prove, because “assessors” probalabesničali, and the talents of consciously “crush”, so don't waste time looking for evidence of superiority of small-minded criteria life energy stocks, which is the actual Immortality. And take care of business in the truest sense, performing immediate tasks for “Achieve Goals” as the results, not wasting time on pointless chatter.

Those who are called “Aliens” worth knowing, that your funds moving through the air will attract particular attention in no more than three first days: on the fourth – It is little surprise. Yes and no shocks when you first “acquaintance” It will not cause. That's why, can fly as often as you want, but only for the purpose of planned restoration work. (A) “wise men”, who will try to “snatch yourself” waiting for the, What is stated in the “prices of life”. And still, any invaders can be “going under the knife”.

“World Government”, to soften your verdict must collect four billion six hundred million concerts with him, approximately fifty-one percent of the total actual population, then we select the Time, to review the. So you have things to do, but the time you have almost no.

…Infinite Space, Universe “Ajfaar”, Galaxy “The Milky Way”, Constellation “The Pleiades”, the eighth Star “Sun”, Planet “Land”.

Approved By The: 11 the eleventh (“the name, that does not make the man”)

Bonus Track:

DDT – Interview.ogg (Rozhdennyj v SSSR-1997) Listen To, What about this, said Yuri Shevchuk in 1997 year.


“It sunny where greed and disgraceful for Samurai….” – Bushido.

…and some particularly “nimble smart” manage to take umbrage at the, that no one is going to “share”. How you can share the, who does not exist? You must be crazy! (A), Although it is not possible: After all, you did not Exist…everything is much worse…


Still not too late to do harakiri…

…well, now try “tasčitaj Ta 100”. Bet? Before you know it. Although it is not difficult: You must, only, take it forward…

..Ty for the sabotage of the answer…


…reported that you have “Esoteric Divisions”, who have nothing better to do will destroy “Èkstrasensornyj Human Potential”. AI-AI-AI, “as you fall”!? We will pay you a closer Look at first, and, Perhaps, Today we start your “complete glut”…We hastily removed, until it's you got…


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