imagePeople, with respect to each other,
See around your reflection.
“The Microbes” from the lack of Genius
Built animal a brazen tracking.
And those, that are prone to krovopijstvu, improving technology of living Death…

Direct to business? :)

In order for the, to kill a man, you must be a dramatic or deep damage to the body, and such that the speed of cell regeneration opened wounds was slower than the corresponding length of time needed to restore the normal Functions The Organism. It should also be taken into account, What is more vital, and there are less vital organs. For Example, If cut heart – for a long time you will not have, If, however, cut up – can, even, and not notice. But let's not delve into this topic, We have not taken to the “School of assassins”. Well, and in General, one is enough thumb, to “pass” the whole army.

It follows from this, that you can kill a person and a very sharp action, If this action violate features especially vital organs, or less vital important, But seriously enough. The effects can be divided into several parts, and thus achieve its goal in several stages. That is,, in such a case is somewhat strikes instead of one. It is also possible to split because of the devastating effects on a much greater number of strokes, and at the same time, pretending, that's all by chance, stay unnoticed, (a), can be, even, best friend, which posočuvstvuet you to death. :) ))

If we consider the example – Rob body ability to retain Life one powerful shot, stress, shot. You can divide the impact force on a part and then they can be from 2 to N… So if you beat or bald-faced (in person), but on the sly – You can do this kind of, all such manifestations are nothing more than chance. Calling them “industrial injuries“, “the common cold“, “negligence”, “deviation from the norms of conduct”, “disease”, “incurable disease” (It is that the Institute of medicine is not going to cure).

imageYet they “have learned to” to arrange “courses of treatment” and “treat” people on anthologies published “Medical Institute Power“. Knowing only that, that the various chemical elements can, under certain conditions, to react in the presence of all necessary components – It is not difficult to conclude, that “the course of treatment” boils down to, to cram in Physical Body components required for the reaction. As a result of which a superficial improvement is more fundamental to human degradation, and ahead of such healthy are far more serious difficulties. Add to this the, Today our body – This kind of Normal Our Tel, collected from more “cheap” material. Among other things 70% DNA corresponds to Zetovskoj. This fact is very serious motives: 1) They infected themselves on their own foolishness incurable virus. 2) believe that God, nakazavšij them in this way for their chutzpah, responsible for the, that they, such “brainless” and suffered. 3) People initially are ideal, meet the Divine requirements, Unable to find a panacea, Note additional, that People sometimes is reborn God himself. 4) knowing all of this, they decided to:”and let the God He is looking for a panacea against the virus, Once he's so smart…” 5) as a result of – seek to bring the entire human race to a condition in which people, as well as the Zetas, will contract the virus, that will not leave the people choice, but to find a panacea for virus 6) When a panacea is created (After all, God himself will not abandon their children) – Zetas zapolučat its a freebie. So they know all about the human DNA, and they know what “goods” provide consumer society, to the spiral remain twisted. IN DNA includes a large number of all sorts of different programs, Zetam known, that allows them to persuade people to anything – It's, By the way, one of the reasons why “one country in the West” (where once lived American Indians) is the most secure in the world. Although particularly eminent, brilliant people out there not, but presumptuous in the ambitions of animals – even be counted. All of the most Outstanding GeniusesRussians. Because only People Wide Soul is able to see a very large Objects. While “animals” looking for “the mote in another's eyes”, clinging to all sorts of little things in order to control all of the surrounding. The desire of all the control they want all contain chips under the pretext of “e-passport”, to read other people's thoughts and “turn off” all beyond the system, so that God himself has degenerated in the human body make docile puppet, dancing under the order by “microbes”… There is no doubt, that virus, they are not in vain. Their sick imagination can create them only in the grave, at least.

Further more. They “guessed”, that, It turns out, You can influence the Physical Body, but on any of the Subtle Bodies, and to all “Institutions”, that man has no no bodies except Physical. That is, they started to press, especially for sensitive people (that they have a strong connection with thin Bodies), denying their self-realization, bringing them up to the desire to escape from this world, hiding and stopping all the possible ways to develop quality Conscious relationships with Subtle Bodies. For the reason, that “mikrobu” for the development of the necessary billions of years, While A Highly Developed Consciousness, pereroždennomu enough in the human body and a couple of weeks to, to connect to the “the work of” and Slim Body. “The Microbes” This is exactly why and Realize your own attention is directed primarily at the destruction of sensitive people and ways to increase the sensitivity of, using the methods described above. They need it for, in order not to lose power. Because they “the microbes” in comparison with God, which is the A Sensitive Person, that immediately puts him out of competition, and if it is and Slim Body cycles – No conversations will not be, the more, elections…

Of course, people with normal sensitivity are always sure, the system of life imposed on all “microbes” totally pointless, hopeless and doomed to self-destruction. So no need to save “System”: It should just give up: “We, People, abandon the imposed system! Us without it – just a fairy tale. Let yourself “the writers of the” live in the, the nasočinâli! And go out: from there came!”

Since the Zetas have long killed themselves and continue to exist at the expense of somebody else, that is, for all our Lives – the intentional or deliberate “return” Zeta in his “Historic Past” is not a sin, because there is no Sin against, who does not exist.

The Zetas? Your song is sung?
Or do you have some more verses?

Music composition.
Bonnie and Clyde

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