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The planet has entered into a new cycle of:
The Shrouded Divine Flower…

Topic Gay. In it you will have the opportunity to find out how many are actually incredibly incredibly Infinite Infinite Space. Oprovergnem statement, that scientific discovery can be done only in the walls “costly” scientific research institutions. And as refutation, joking, create a new Science, using just a pen and paper or a plain Object Visualization. Create a sub-section of science, that would bring together, Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Graphic Arts, Music, Hypnosis and all other Science :) )) You will learn today what Jesus nailed to the cross and how it's done. So who has got this information, don't tell, otherwise “hungry animals” vozželaût kill you anywhere, and, Perhaps, This will be a handrail in the stairwell or telegraph post…

So, begin.

directional vectors

As released from the bow, any force is the vector orientation. Or, If you say otherwise, is inherent in Her direction, own direction. (Among other things, “World Government” all these forces separated and put in dependence on the) Power is there, If she has a direction vector. The power Of no, If it is not accompanied by a power of. That is the power of a vector is not, or if the, When there is no Power, or the direction of the force. :) Also for “missing” You can take an absolute Vector, or Vector of absolute Power. In order for the, to see the Vector of absolute Power, You must have a standard of Absolute. This is possible, If you are part of the absolute or more highly developed Creature. That is, only God knows that, that he is God.

The Concept Of Force.

Вектор Силы

Force Vector

Power is everywhere and in everything. Even a stationary object has the power, It is thanks to which it is able to maintain form – This is an internal Force :) The more inner strength, the stronger and more stable Object. The higher the frequency of vibration Force, the more quality, The Concentration Of, The level and amount of energy. The destruction of this force is directed “System” created black holes.

Operations on Vectors.

With all forces to perform vector operations.
1) If Vector A and B like-minded – the total force is equal to the sum of their modular units and sent in the same direction, is a vector of (C).

Сонаправленные Векторы

Sonapravlennye Vectors

Сумма Векторов

Addition Of Vectors

2) If vectors A and D is the opposite aim – the resulting vector (F), is the difference of their modular units and is directed towards the larger vector D.

Разнонаправленные Векторы

Multidirectional Vectors

Вектор Разности

Vector Difference

Operations on Vectors are not the Vectors, and with projections of vectors on a given Plane (Space). In our case, the vectors are Parallel Planes and we project one Vector to another. Read More in the book on Physics.


Any manifestation is the power and the Force Vector. For Example, Life. Each has its own Vector of life, Hence, everyone has their own LIFE FORCE, Health, The Energy Of Life. Initially, the vector of Life is approximately 150 (one hundred and fifty) units. If you come across an obstacle on the road of life of any size – It takes away from your health value equal to your space. The same, If you use deter (giving way) any circumstances – you lose the Vitality so far, While immersed in such circumstances. In other words, If you're a stickler “cobbled together from the cowards of” – then every day from your health is taken away 1/365 (one hundred sixty-fifth share) unit of your 150 (one hundred and fifty) summer Health. Almost nothing, the truth? You do it so much! As Much As 150 units!!!

The Power Of.


Great Vector

It was your body's strategic stockpile description. And now on to the tactical. If your Tactical Force Vector is 15 (Fifteen) units and you come across an opponent with a vector quantity 7 (seven) units, the, If you take, you will have 8 (eight) units of force. And you can easily finish you off 2 (two) trouble on the 3 (three) Unit, and the disease 2 (two) Unit (Maybe runny nose: How ironic…), even if you did not intend, and do not want to fight with them. :) )) So keep your health: do not burn their own lives! Especially the little things…

Total Power.

Суммарная Сила Векторов

Total Power

If you find a man, ob″edinâetes′ with him to achieve a common goal – records of your Forces are summed up and you “on the shoulder” are the complexity and rivals greater magnitude. The more you have Minded – the more your total force Vector. If you Does so, Who is commonly referred to as God – to your Vector Forces “added” An Infinite Vector, Divine Vector, Vector Of Divine Power. The winner is always the one to whom God, a zuhvaltsiv chopped up in dust. Here's a for this information to the cross nailed to Jesus.

The Mental Layer. The Power Of Thought.

Do you Think, what you get “Higher Education”?
Dream! Just distract your attention…

Вектор и Цель

Vector and purpose

Because thinking is manifested in your “head” – Your Thoughts have the power, (a), means, and Vector! :) If you come across “problem”, which Forces your Thoughts – you decide, find the answer, reach perfection. If you are not able to estimate – you never want to. The task becomes possible in case, When you are able to see the task object, The Purpose Of. Maximize the power of thought can be through the development of your own Consciousness, that is, lifting It to a higher level of awareness. So by combining the various Minds Thoughts or Vectors of several Minds the overall power of thought increases. If you have selected The, you have the power of thought – It will be achieved (This is well known to the wives of wealthy husbands :) ). If the target was not able – your life can turn into an endless race or Eternal VANITY. If you are in “UNDER THE LAW”, who sponsors the obydlâčivanie society, If it failed to consider where “FRAME” the “LAW” – You eternal slave, If you have consented to such “AIMLESS EXISTENCE”. Thus, rotating Vectors Thoughts naïve susceptible People, Once in Rome, beating on the cross of Jesus. So be careful about YOUR THOUGHTS BECAUSE THEY are BUILDING the REST of YOUR LIFE…If people 2000 years (two thousand) back is not inclined to napyŝennomu deception – lived in 4 (the fourth) dimension 2000 years.

“Frame” the “Law”.

If the offender doryvaetsâ to power – It generates a “Law”, to always remain at the highest position. That is, any, who obnarodovaet the facts of crimes of the “a radiant shine” is outside the “Framework Law”, and so on “Law” is considered to be a criminal. In other words, all “sheep and Rams” graze in space “Law”, which in turn is bound to the, (a) “Law” ensures that, so no one was able to get out of the borders of the territory, until death to, who tries to escape to freedom. That is the lot of “uzakonenyh sheep” – be in slavery…
On “Law” they control all the physiological needs of the organism, by controlling “institutions”, to meet these needs. If you do not wish to evil and were able to arrange their lives so, that, growing rice, satisfy all your physiology – It means that you are “enemy of the people”, or “fist”, because “the legislator” yet you came up with a way to blackmail. In other words, If you were born in this world – You should already have them, because they were born before you and managed to seize power during this time.

Achievement Of The Objectives Of The.

Вектор и Цель

Vector and purpose

If the target distance corresponds to your Vector module – you will be able to achieve it in one step. If your Vector is less than – the path to the goal needs to be broken down into manageable sections and you deal with them one by one, so working in a team with time. But if you have Associates – the achievement is made easier. With, You can build a route the most intricate, plunging into multidimensional Space and coming back from there if necessary, This is usually referred to as Art.

The Rotation Vector.

Поворот Вектора

Rotate The Vector

Thanks to the spin Vector, you can change its direction and reduce the amount of force at the expense of stereotypes.
Let's look at an example:
You came to seek employment system architect on the declared vacancy. You learn about you interviewing all the way down to the “color panties”, and then they say “We will call you back”. Call and declare, as for the position they want to take the person a few other profile, and you can assign “Project Manager” (Chief), If you would like to be able to. If you previously stopped communication with other “employers” – You should just accept their arrogance “proposal”. Of course this post you will receive lower pay. Further you will come to the Office and you already offer to listen to the story of how, that you are guilty, that stayed with the post on the day (While you were supposed to call back), but as you know PHP (they pulled out of you back in first interview) – You can recommend to the post of Chief programmer (salary even less). You start to drive herself in the head “What a nepolosa?” and agree on at least this. After which you redirect to another “HR Manager”, that after reviewing your summary of claims, that is right for you post “system administrator”, So how do you know Linux, but that's for another company and he is ready to recommend you as “its”. You agree that you will, because you start thinking already, that you “loser”. Go “recommendations”, There you are greeted by the circus: call “rekomendatoru” (nothing out of the ordinary), Update, smile, pretend that you. After which the claim, that “system administrators” recruited a sufficient number of, but, Perhaps, “something!” You can make. At this point you are settling in hope, you start to think, that you now make a programmer! :) Someone call again (nothing out of the ordinary: This man always rings) and State: “Great! There is a computer collector! Just for you!”… As a result, after such “a group of circus” you get to the Office “Honorary janitor”, sgrebaete beautiful and dead leaves…

In our example, each proposal for change of position – an attempt to reject your individual vector at any degree from selected destinations, If you tolerate this “deviations” – no doubt, that you “poimeût”. It is difficult to be A, because the entire “System” interested in seeing that you were not A. After all, if you are not in place – you do not know, What do you do there, because the start create any nonsense or leap frog. Black holes are interested in, you to be dvornikami or cleaner toilets, taking up the bottom layer “The Wolf System”. Black holes are at your complete disappearance from the face of mother Earth, or that were totally under their control, so you pay for each sound is created by you or “a bunch of”.

Else could happen to you the second option, where you would suit the Division Chief, and the new “System Architect” run to you every five minutes, for “harmonization” plans Division. And that way you would have done and for “The Chief Of” and for the “System Architect”. IN “design and estimate offices” frequent situations in which one quantity surveyor working for the whole Division… If you find yourself in a situation when, which “higher” officials running around to you “coordinate plans” – do so they were crawling on his knees in front of you: Since each “Microbe” must-know your place. On a well paid position can get either an acquaintance, or if you CD, or, if you know them all to control at a distance, but without you they can not nothing.

Strong Vector.

Сильный Вектор

Strong Vector

Strong Vector sees the distant goal, It is interesting to achieve those objectives, that fit in the size of its modular size. A Vector is not interesting to reduce the amount of its energy, to solve the mediocre tasks, such as the water supply, gas, electricity (administrative functions), that's why he allows these actions to other, as long as neither is satisfied that, his brazen cheat.

Vector Man – strong. (A) “Vector” Black Holes, or Zetov slightly small, by capturing “administrative” positions they tried to enslave the Strong Vectors, to enjoy all the benefits available to them, without the proper level of Development. By cheating, immersing The vector in reasonable terms.

In those cases, the, When they notice – they say: “AI-AI-AI, We did not know, forgive us. do not burn us” but later deliberately continue to make the same mistakes, only other way. If the vectors of black holes will disappear – Strong Vector becomes easier to live only. If you go away a strong Vector – vectors of black holes self destruct.

Ложна и Нормальная Цели

False and normal Goals

The same Strong Vector can shove a false purpose, that is far enough on their applications, but in fact do not really exist. That is, – This is simply another False Idea. But for the time spent on this “goal” they will steal from you, House, family, and health, because you are your own attention spend on achievement “goal”. Don't believe the hype.

Black holes are at the mercy of the vectors are able to live independently, This is the reason for which they were living people dead “The Laws Of The”, to be able to break into the Life of normal people, for violation of their inner peace. Because black holes have deep psychological Disease, that does not give them the opportunity to think, full control of their mind. Symptoms of this disease are reduced to their belief, that they (Black Holes) to kill all life, that there is no “Punishing God” (as they say), that they are correctly, and they are not wrong. That's if the “Retributive God” opostynet their chutzpah – It is a black hole 08 in dust, but it is likely that, that bothers us too. Therefore there is no risk, and whip all the black holes, seriously addressing the treatment of those coming down from the mind “microbes”. If there is no punishing God – Why do you then dispersed among people hoping to hide in this way? (A)? :) ))) Go back to the Apex – your planet, and see then: have a Punishing God or no. :) )))

Vector Projection.

Проекция Векторов

The Projection Of The Vector

In the case of adding the Vectors are not vectors, and their Projection on the Plane. This is not necessarily all in the light of the declining to the same direction: enough will and Projections, which they leave in your Plane or space. When it suffice and the, everyone was so, What I like, and you will be able to unite with the projection of the Vector, left in your Plane (Space). Changing projection plane can produce different results.

Usually the liars assure you that, What exactly is the Plane you will find happiness and joy, If you fly your own Vector will turn and try this Plane. Do not believe in such a – It is just damned zavranaâ lodges. They just want you to get yourself into slavery. Typically in such cases, the stair is a lot of traps that cannot get out.

The aspirated in Space.

To be sucked down into the space to be in your mind more emphasis items in the selected Area. So the Earth sucked down a great many naive Creatures. Who now are convinced, that there is nothing in addition, that you can feel and see the eyes. Partly you are right, but who told you, There is no eye in addition to Physical?

A Forcible “the aspirated” can occur due to false promises and endless frustration, incompleteness in the. For Example, you promised to “one place” a bunch of free “bedristyh kurEc”, with, totally free, you to come, “you are interested”, (a) “local policy” you liked “chicken” (either “hens”) It turns out that, that “common interest” occurs only after “the Act of feeding”, which occurs after “bathing” and yet something. As a result, you need to apply for a job, to live in space, that was the only reason to visit “Guest visit”…

Of course, the most gorgeous Space creates the, Who is called God. ;)

Ac Vector.

Переменный Вектор

Ac Vector

This is the vector, that changes the direction of the. In other words, Today it is with you, You podpuskaete a closer look, begin to consider him for the native, and tomorrow you said “and doesn't it seem to you, that all, Do tell, vysosano of thumb?”. There are numerous other examples of. Be careful with such “by drifting”.

Vector Basis.

Фундамент Вектора

The Foundation Of The Vector

Each Vector is the basis: starting point from where it goes. And the purpose of – where it is aimed. Foundation – The Reason, Past… The Purpose Of – The Result, The Future Of. Without a basis vector is in an undefined rotation or motion. Archimedes said:” give me a point of support – and I will move you to the ground”. Thus, If there is no support – the Vector will not work and. Because there is no place to. Hence we conclude: IF YOU ARE A STRONG VECTOR – NOT RASPYLÂJTES′ ON BATTLES WITH SMALL VECTORS. Simply return them in the past, the reasons for their aspirations. A Vector Space is very important for the, and if it were not true aims – the Force would have scored. Doubt Yourself you shouldn't be. A Vector is any normal person. Strong Vector will not be able to act, If he destroys the Foundation, leaving the supports in this world. So often there are black holes.

Vector in time.

Вектор во Времени

Vector in time

Having the natural inclinations of any size, working independently, performing actions, that you can, you accumulate the amount of native Vector module, become a stronger! In other words, over time, you can only increase your own Vector of thought, Force, Knowledge, Wisdom, Beauty, Skills, Abilities, Life and health…and other. And thus become able to carry out large-scale tasks in one step.

Apparently many are particularly interested in the last two points of the short list. Most likely you have a question:” Why Health is reduced, but life ends?” Explanatory matter. :) The answer is very simple: all for the same reasons that vector. That is, by immersing you in the unnatural loss of modular Space the size of your Vector. Small Vectors to you slowly and steadily reduce the value. In order for the, to be immortal, you must change the movement of the flow of energy in your body so, to complement and enhance existing ones you Own.

All provided free to become Endlessly Clever. This is a private “head” create a solution of the infinite number of tasks, Since the first got the Natural, to which you are interested. Gradually adding modules Vectors solved tasks, to the best of your largest, your vector Mind reaches Infinity.

Zarâdim Fool?

With the surgeon on duty did not falter in the hand.
It doesn't take a genius,
Taking advantage of the situation to
In the meantime, “charge the fool”…

Enslavement to thoughts is very simple. You are smart and want to meet the challenges of, or create great art? “Not a question – work for us”. You just simply put in space, you even breathe in accordance with the terms of the employment contract signed. Before you set specific tasks and require their decisions. Thus your vector of thought falls under the control of aborted or unfinished Creatures. And all the, that you can later – perform all, you require and obey. Because it is you allowed under the Treaty. This way your vector Ideas into your head not in use, and, of course, works to satisfy her desires. In the meantime, you are wasting strength to achieve big goals necessary for all mankind – your “managers” spend a force to achieve total control over you. Do yourself a favor: treat such “the head of” the rubber woman – Let sink in a sea of pleasure and improved Life, they keep saying.


If you are attacked by black holes – simply turn their Vectors. This will save you from having to spend their valuable Force. Because they are always moving in the opposite direction your vector, to you raspylivali wasted energy. That is, the negation of the negation, It is a return to the past. Return to until the black hole or “crash”, and then twist the rope, with, No information given, and ask her to do something useful for us. This return pulse primary intention, that is blanked and the like would not have been, have to start over again.

You can still reject a triple Vector, that is, to reject the primary “run over”, and from the future to reject again the black hole to return Vector. And block further attempts to return, for the third time, or do the CD something )

But it's all linearity :) If you give a depth, then the black holes at once will droop and yell at you: “you're Wack!” On the one hand we are very hands-on, because then we discard them immediately and we do not waste time on an empty conversation. In this case, you should prepare questions.

Need to do a thing for failure: out of going so, so you found an abnormal, then they just drowned out by Vector, loses the purpose. The black hole has a purpose you drive mad, but, When he realizes, that you have already “crazy”, She retreats, and its Vector expires (direction). It only describes the routine mechanism, now much of the mechanics of action you see. (recorded during a conversation with Alex Space)

There is a vast array of forces, that's why we are all in vector space, or space Vectors. In other words – It is a Vector Space.

Using the Vector of force can be in the morning, get out of the apartment, and in the evening to get hold of the Presidential Villa. Knowledge of Vectors – and there is the divine Weapon, as previously stated.
Pretty “stremat′sâ”: It is time to arm themselves…

Remember, in order to start the action, whom are you doing now, you have an infinite number of reasons, that grew in your whole life. And no you are not required to explain the. Because only one of Countless reasons will take an eternity, and individuals, vypytyvaûŝie causes, interested in how, so you were inactive and squandered all his Vitality to the pointless fuss. Chatting with such individuals – is equivalent to an eternal freeze, and they use it…

If earlier it was still possible to give “head” – now they express:” you don't need to tell us that, that we deceive and kill. Because this statement “against the law”, for the reason that we (your power) from afar, the “law”. Live life as. You bad? After all, there are minor annoyances…” After these statements, they come home and make “Gee-Gee-Gee” or “Boo-GA-GA”.

Black Holes, We offer completely free you undergo a reliable treatment. That you are not satisfied? Did you not become a joyful and happy? Isn't that you wrote in your own dreams “Laws”, that aim for the “A Brighter Future”? Why do you generate for humanity of war and crises? Why would you settle down and begin to simply live? And we will help you recover and Prosvetlet′.

Friends, do not forget, the war is not ended. The only difference is, that they are not shy to beat in the forehead, for now, do not hesitate to beat treacherously in the back. Do not discard it out of our minds.

Your grandparents were murdered for the, that they were Alive, and life was inside them… And you are killing for, the life of your grandfathers and fathers are still flickering in your hearts and souls.

Continuing the war nor 5, Neither 10, Neither 100, and ~ 75 000 years. Many times people have signed the truce, but the decision to accept only the people themselves, While the offensive side it's just a more prudent plan to destroy the human race. You even pereroždaetes′ in action, and because you think it is, that surrounds violence – This norm of conduct, Add to that the repeated breakdown of your genetic memory. It started just after people had declared their own autonomy, taking advantage of the right to freedom of choice(fundamental in the universe), refusing so to be slaves. That, of course, did not like the part of the creators, “intellectual ability” which leave much to be desired, even in their own minds even now: such capable slaves they could not even dream, When participated in the creation of, and all the, that are now, received only by Persons, because they so strongly “murmured” people are constantly.

Perhaps many have doubts, was it worth to place knowledge of Vectors in the clear, After all, They can use black holes. Unfortunately they are long: from the time of the coming of Christ and earlier. That's why “World Government” a deal breaker (the culprit) The Total Space Of The Agreement, because in the past they have had the audacity to get hold of and use in order to obtain the benefits of partial knowledge of Vectors Force, to which, no doubt, not caught even their meločnoe Consciousness.

“World Government” you do not have coped with the task entrusted to you – We are disappointed in you. Soon you are obliged to hand over the power in the world in our hands, that is in the hands of healthy common sense people. You are obliged to on television all over the world to express the voluntary renunciation of power and transfer it in our hands. “World Government”, go get out of our lives!

In all this multitasking event we would not prevent support of the Russian army (at least). It would be very nice, If you've managed to respond accordingly if necessary. Because we have, Unfortunately, no power on a smaller scale than the combined Fleet of the universe, You can easily see with the naked eye, If you sometimes bullying head on verkh. He usually moves teams with a clear build with the flagship vehicle in the center of the, Although, There are other groups. But, but, We have the power yet bigger scale :) , and we would all decide without excessive blood, not being thrown by “small balls of pistoletikov”. The cooperation is encouraged.

What do we do?

Normal Living people need to continue to love, because it's the only thing that will give you the power to live at this critical “time”. In A Favorite Activity, You must help “its” What can. It Is Important To! do not try to do the, that goes beyond your capacity: This can harm your health, and inappropriate fought nobody wants. Enough will and Total Force projection of your vectors on the space of love. Try to support young, because flexible thinking they have more. Try to listen to the advice of old people, because the experience of staying in this world they have more. Promote talented “on verkh”, vote for them if possible. Miss “our” When driving on the ladder of power, and wide distribution on the planet. All black holes, grab a Vector Basis and throw it far into the past at pererazvitie or uncertainty on samoformirovanie. Space welcomes the world, in which the “the microbes” crawl in front of people and obey the. Vector power can be discussed on the Foundation Forum. After “our” position in this world will be strengthened – We're all just going to his Emperor, Which one, of course, would be incredible, unthinkable, and Real :) a man of great Knowledge, The Ingenious Mind, The iron will and the Flame of faith, things into all truth, able to achieve the impossible and Create the reality of Miracles. At least we do not agree. :) ))

Everyone who plans to “stand aside”, wait out the tense “time” You should be aware of, If your blind obedience artificially grafted “civilization”, presmykaâs′ before “System”, you have a slow death with a complete misunderstanding of exhausting all, that surrounds you, “System” nothing else will offer you. While with us you will find actual Immortality. Perhaps, There is a risk of falling “not like all”, but this is temporary. Still, there is no force capable of Us resist, and your current actions may affect subsequent our unwillingness to participate in your destiny.

Sparkle writing topics on Vectors of force was unleashed a Knight of honor Paladínom. We love you, Brother!

( ( ( Space Is Endless ) ) )

Kids, be careful with matches. You see what a fire could break out because of a Spark…:))))

Everyone is equally, but everyone takes as much as can be.


✿ ✿ ܓ ★ ★ ܓ Viktor Tsoi and Kino – Change! ✿ ✿ ܓ ★ ★ ܓ

My love was like a flock of black mice, leaving only the unwanted memories. If you want to dedicate your life to battles – do not forget that the, What is the best weapon – This caution. Do all so, to of the most destructive tools you should have a training sword… (Sensei from the alternative World, He died)
But keep in mind, that your work may not be assessed, or deliberately distorted, provoked or violated.

“I” your true Essence, Since you rejected me, izmučav in endless attempts to cripple the, that cannot be achieved – “I” pererodilos′, to beat your brazen muzzle right in the face. And get you to subjugate your insatiable desires and Fears, for the sake of which you deliberately suppressed and stop “My” the voice inside yourself. Once you see and notice the, that hits you in the face – “I” will you beat! From the left hand – disappear Forever, right – Forever pokaleču. AND “I” I will tantalize you until you become Perfect! I Have The Full Right To.
I care about your èfemeričnost′ and your “square happiness”. But since you did it Man”I” and klânčili “grant loan” – “I” take you all, that belongs to me…with interest…

Lucifer … How is it going?

♡ ☜ ☞ Grazhdanskaya Oborona – Jeka in Hamburg. ☜♡☞

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