Солнце отвернулосьThis will not even in the movies:
You're in power and you …

In small countries with a population of, usually, up to 20 million, the secret services have special status. Because they face no one knows, They magically, incredible, elusive and always beznakazany. Comprehensive impunity creates intrigue and perverted forms of crime. The slave trade for them, it's not even cause for concern, a good source of income, Which one “blossoms and smells” even in times of global democracy. The most amazing, techniques of subjugation that are limited to the amount of the population.

Солнце отвернулосьIn countries such “demons special services” obsessed with a single idea: “allow slicing” country “the maggots”. That power belonged to the vast majority of villains, of blood ties, “secret demons” try to run their embryos in a large number of “females”. To do this, they, even, organize domestic rape, working in large groups. The get away with violating the law on “organized crime”. Dreaming of a society, in which all the children, They raped females, “demons of evil” use the available measures of restraint and kicks in the back. And without hesitation may lead to a situation, in which the artist (Police and others. law enforcement agencies) come out against ordinary citizens. After All,, armed slaves had no right to discuss the orders, a devastated people cannot tolerate more humiliation.

While passions run high – You can twist the business. After All,, females “stick to the successful biznesûkam”. Which are those, who stole a couple of Tai. The secrets are not being fed by country, and enrich “businessmen”. Number of robbed and cheated grows astronomically, as the State of “rich”. Because the State and the tax system there are only for weak fools. And while the fools “burn in flames” or “tremble in the darkness” – “System” live, (a) “businessmen” getting rich.

In the other type of successful businessmen are not legal alien soul pereroždennye, which do not comply with the full range of activities required to implement, and keeping with existing patterns of conduct necessary to seize power and destruction of life.

Brave guys, which, usually, ručkaûtsâ with “the brave Kings” even before the “the coronation”, destination to them all the available activities. And the competition they have exclusive. Meanness in these circles is considered “the ability to live”, and the most vile are the most well-adjusted individuals.

When someone needs to “shake out” useful information they arrange the dispute, because they think, that “the dispute brings forth the truth”. Although, No problem, In addition to emotional outbursts and stealing someone else's information during such provocations, not happening. Disputes they need only, to get information, access to which is limited or not possible. On technology, oblivaemyj mud opponent, should as an excuse to provide useful information to, You typically use for the development of new types of weapons.

Pairing with a scoundrel, “scum” from the secret services or hereditary “scum” is considered a sign of dignity and “gift of destiny”, that is not a very rare. After all, their “magical inaccessibility” worthy of only the most “incredible concentrates decomposition”, that abundance can provide “hereditary peregnoi”. The most amazing, that those, who managed to snatch a better shape, glad and happy all these contradictory circumstances, If would live for this. Z zetus ' WWI draft registration extremely happy. “Higher animals”, coupling within its own subspecies, try to inflict injury to other types. The, knowing the various gimmicks and tricks, violate the rules of rebirth, Grab yourself a body better and sweeter destiny, regardless of the. Such computer viruses should be “the typical clinical treatment”, with the participation of both carriers and infected.

“Specific demons of evil” provoke the good things on offense, bring them to hate and bring in low frequency, with the help of available tools, to merge the blame for their own sins and crimes. Then they can say: “Are you the same prâmohodâŝee fikal′noe selection as we!” Thus, settled in the Special, create “similar”.

“Top Satanic Worlds” independently invents a non-existing Gods, that benefit only them. And if you're a God – you're supposed to work wonders, that Satanists have described in their books. Otherwise – poiŝut other. All this is supported by the droves of insane “scumbags”, which require that God fulfilled their desires, and if he doesn't want to do that – then it's fake.

The younger generation špiguût systematic zombotuhoj smoothly. Zombification will cease only after the, How did you start “then correctly”. Feeding the same children happen to be complacent and to dependency on food, that forms a strong attachment to “System catering”. Studies in the way of an alternative power supply to continue right up to murder, and research results become the property of secret societies, that ultimately control the fools.

Stupid naive “little men” love to visit places of mass gathering, where to turn to “the dancing hamsters”. “Males”, usually, bring their “females” in the Paddock, where they are trying to act as activators of other “males”, napady which reflect “preferential” accompanying. While “female” spreads in “environment” emotional marriage promises to breed – “preferential hamsters” reflect the response of those who reacted “males”. So the razrostaetsâ stronghold of Satanism. And many of the “females” just lurk in backyards, to them, no one found. In spite of the widespread consumption of cosmic energies, “hamsters” shying away from mandatory research activities. The coefficient of the futility of their bodies tends to infinity, and the body are not necessary. Why are sentenced to the ultimate expulsion of all, who evaded “a mandatory pilot program”. However,, probably, This behavior is due to the fact, that “higher animals” This type of couple with vykačennymi in the mud “higher swine, worms, oparyšami, roaches and parasites”, because like attracts like.

Educational moment.

Солнце отвернулосьAmbitious teachers, approved by the, instead of, to meet their immediate objectives, prefer to destroy the potential intelligence of those EXEs, capacity which exceeds the teaching points 100-900 thousands of. Making education system isporožnâetsâ “black squares”. If the unbundling of the brain to the blackness is unsuccessful – from such “the organism” try to avoid is being processed, to avoid the appearance of a possible future of the enlightened. On “bright brain” nedoprepodavateli try to merge all their troubles and problems, razgruzivšis′ so, their life becomes a little easier and filled with short-lived feeling of superiority. Even, If a brilliant student has nothing to do with teaching problems – still at it “vyl′ût someone else's karma” without warnings, because no one else is able to overcome it. In part, this is, to give the students, that can become serious competitors, aversion to science and the laws of nature. Such unworthy lecturers are sentenced to a typical exile.

Thus, in “Satanic worlds” the only Satanic financial systems and institutions. It is important only that, How thick is your wallet and how quickly filled its thickness, (a) how many cubes press or severely turned out biceps you pumped up. At least have the value your intellectual ability, but predisposition to obfuskaciej genitalia is primary. It is very important to have desire to become an adult youth, to quickly immerse themselves in all kinds of filth.

The biggest “bandwidth” potential are children of employees of intelligence services. Forming the specific groups they almost already trying to cradle “obstrigat′” their peers, extracting useful information, that could bring profit and a certain position in society, with the possibility to control the. Unlike normal infants, they, like their adult parents, never “play” honestly. Trying since childhood “drag in the dirt” all that and the best and most beautiful, which are able to reach. Not excluded, that may be there too, and normal people.

Солнце отвернулосьConsuming in a private life of useful Space Energy, “walls cracked head lice” and “prolupivšiesâ nits” seek to establish control over the energy sector, to secure sources of income. Even though, These energies are all the cycles of life, include not only to meet the needs of all natural body (vision, movement, tantra, saturation, emotional distress, etc.), but the accompanying events which feature a comfortable life, different kinds of energies for which provides Endless Space (electricity, fire, magnetic forces), Existence and Divinity of the infinite Cosmos, However,, not recognized. Probably, This is due to the fact, that “Hell-raisers” is able to recognize only the, that beats him in “râhu”. AND, to justify their positions and enter the naive confusion, they are customized programs and contain whole TV channels, which look after Associates “sataninskomu shop”. Truly, lesson worthy of this “fikaliâ”. Look at yourself in the mirror – There is truth.

For the coherent work of the defective structures of organized Satanists monitor, to power and wealth from falling into the hands of well-controlled nitwits. The decomposition process fills the romanticism of genetic predisposition “Satanic females” mate with any “freaks” not normal, that can be traced back to ancient times (from the time of Azazel, for example).

To the structure of defective systems flourished and looked natural, its organizers and curators hid in “cage of impossible circumstances”, which is not achievable for “slave system”.

Thanks to the integrated work of the previously flawed structures of the surrounding world is immersed in the late, that swells the uselessness and hopelessness. Because of the global damage hanging over the nature of timeliness, its initiators and dedicated artist sentenced to “ultimate expulsion”. They face.

This is a betrayal, that creates in the darkness “Brown” fragments of. Dirt is the darkness.

Are you ready to “zdohnut′” for the sake of, to your children whole life lived in slavery?

˜”*°☸ Okean Elzi-Bilshe Dlya Nas ☸°*”˜

If you lurks “evil” – It means either you destroy it myself, or it will be destroyed together with you, but, most likely, It will destroy you.

Hot Earth underfoot and “People spitting in the sky mountains” – a good start for a new world! ((( :) )))

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•● ⊡ ☆ Oliver Shanti – High and Higher ☆ ⊡ ●•

February 2013 the year in the Gregorian calendar.
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