So long “mentally healthy animals” attacking from all sides, (a) “lovely” “perfect” “biological material” sits out in the bushes behind his back, hoping to wait for the moment when it becomes clear who win, in order to take “the correct” and in peacetime have children”Patriots” “without psychiatric disabilities”, that may become the dominant layer populations and benefit tremendously from the enemies of its limited – Best kept the line of fire and die first. Best always go first and always go ahead.

· ٠ • ♥ ๑ Janka Dâgeleva-We Will Have Children ! ๑ ♥ • ٠ ·

Amazing, but for some reason “committed people” think, the best of joy for them pomirat′. Or that they represent any excess value. Even, in spite of the fact, that “committed people” a little more advanced than a heap of biologically digested food. The calculation is done only on Vista. And not a fact, the wounded Kings country, where every each Commander and ruler, be able to develop an acceptable form of relationship, that will lead to the realization of strategic plans.

•● ☸ Yanka Dâgeleva and Egor Letov-all, How do people ☸ ●•

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