And then the “Excellent Far”, which “do not be cruel”
It is not at all easy to deceive.

Despite the large number of bullying the legends about Moscow, each, who will be the stronger your fears, Moscow open in a different way. After a few days of their stay in Moscow, it seems, It is the hometown of. It fills you with energy and this in itself is good.

The city has a large number of kind and tortured people, who are constantly running somewhere, probably, on business. Muscovites have been cultural personalities, Despite universal puzzlement, very few people will not thank you, If you open the door or hold it. Although, There are some very unpredictable aggressiveness in behavior of some citizens.

The Organization of life in a very peculiar. That no doubt helps determine who rowed these technologies. Well, apparently, This is very funny. You can tell about Moscow, that the city lives, Perhaps, by citizens, It will survive. But, If you compare with Moscow city nearest “fraternal” the State with the cognate name – its capital goes bad, with, This factor applies to all this odnokorennuû country. The causes of this event are obvious: “the fish rots from the head”. And if there are looking for country, to rot for life, and then dognit′ in the ground – This country is for you. Country of hatred, betrayal, the opposing, Spring or frigidnyh females, the devastation and despair, that hanged themselves “mouse”, “spiders” and the turn “the cockroaches” . Good place, where you can wait for the, that will never happen.

Moscow – It is a city of, that was waiting for you many years.

Without a doubt the only Space
- My only love.
But, I guess, I
loved this city,
and, Perhaps, I truly roads
(haven't figured myself).
We might be lovers :) : I
and the city of Moscow.
I can live without Moscow,
but whether Moscow without me?..

Moscow passport I for this post. :)

Music sketching:

˜”*°• I'm strolling through Moscow •°*”˜

·٠♥ ♡ I love you, Moscow ♡ ♥٠·


ૐ ☼ ₪ A voice from a far ●•٠·˙˙