imageWent Out Hedgehog from TheMana.
Took out the knife from KARMAon.
“Will cut, going to beat,
Choose with whom to BE FRIENDS…” :)

(schitalochka harmless from our childhood a prominent)

Sky Blue, Sea Blue. Dad- Strong, Mom-Beautiful!
Bottomless Bowl…Clean Ocean Of Tears….Spring Snowdrops and white roses…sss

( Shu …born of Our Childhood, recorded Kosmovedstvom. )

…It sings…It dances…who will hear – He shall
As a Heart Rhythm is calling.
Who will hear – the Breathe, Will Play, Will Sing
Wave Space will take, This will heal!!!

Who Heard – All Forward!
Infinite Space Us Calls! Y ^)

“Autumn” Illusory World.

…I do not know how you, and I constantly present vision, even when I don't sleep, about that ” money lying around under your feet, as the unwanted dirt. People walk on them, and nobody pays attention to it. Not to say, that they were too happy or Merry, not that sparkled, but the calm and balanced. And few lowered look down, and immediately there was no anger, no disappointment, a simple children's smile, a non-binding, not coercing… Apparently realizing the: the fact that recently there was a meaning of life, turned out to be just an illusion trick, and now just rustles in the dirt as anyone not the dead autumn leaves…”

Children's News.

To the rest of the world Make Friends, a Sun Life! Y ^)

In view of the fact, that higher indifferent to CD (as to the unsuccessful designs) and plan their upgrade Time send a couple of trillion years in the lower worlds at pererazvitie. Of course they will be happy and live within the term. But we have, People, There is still time to “2013″ of the year, to use the TELEPHONE in your own For…:) And it is in our interest to make PV GRAIN! That in turn will create new Identity. But such “sanitary practices” has a lot of nuances and requires teamwork…

Nuance process…

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the probability of recovery of past Individuality from ЧД very small. It will look similar to the, that was previously, but it will be different, a bit different. Oh and, in any case,, check the integrity of the will Higher, We can, only, try to make all, our best…Of course, no one is obliged to and must not overstep themselves and provide “care” ЧД: It is not your duty. If you think you are, you do not need it or not in your power – just try not to get into trouble and under the influence of ЧД. Do only what, what you understand and what you believe: think head, go kicking, rearrange the objects with hands, If you want to learn how to fly – first learn to fly, and no jump at once from the roof. Continue along the lines.

Relocation Of The Soul (Consciousness).

We all remember how Jesus spoke, that man (body) live one Life, and the soul (Consciousness) immortal. Buddha said, that consciousness (Soul) immortal, is infinitely, Incarnating in various bodies, the accumulation of Experience(Impressions). Osho spoke, that Soul travel in the universe, incarnate in different Worlds. From all this we need to know, that's what we think it is not the brain, and our consciousness (Soul), that is quite tightly attached to the body of the Time for the duration of life, managing body using the signals come through the neurons of the brain, using the body as a helper for more Quality Accumulation Of Impressions. And this Life will last Forever, If the stop nonsense and finally start living.

Much of what we need to know, that you can attach to the body not only human Soul, but also any other. For Example, The soul of the animal, Soul from another world, Consciousness from another planet or Measurement and more.

And now to business.

Previously allocated three basic types Creatures involved in the destruction of everything and not a substantive. All these creatures are destroyed when a linear basis – It's just straight line in space Logical Bases Thinking. Smooth line – “rectum” , death at a kardiografe, guarantee the existence of, exist without development Life. This basis is defined as follows: – they react by emotions on small and big emotions on a large, or the same emotion. Moreover, the response is almost always the same emotion as the initiating. In other words, they do not accumulate No Vibrant experience. This is due to the fact, inside sits “Čeranâ Hole“, the absorptive Impressions media and victims, If they are available. In other words, There is no EFFICIENCY. And monitors, to subordinate Consciousness did not become smarter “Hole”. The degree of their logical depth 1.5 or X to the power of 1.5, This means that the equation of the second degree in the mind, they decide not to. Unlike any normal person, each of which is able to solve the equation of degree “three” with little training.

Seizing power they first took care of linear decision-making manipulations World. And was vaccinated all humans the idea, that “survival of the fittest”. They don't give and “their” and “other people's” , While this position allows you to sweep away all in its path without discrimination, justifying their own actions so, all accepted these “the rules of the game”. These include:

1. Race Zetov: The Orion Empire, Federation Of Draco – consider myself the gods at all just, that only There Is A. To this and seek to. Ranked in business circles, policy in power. A typical Grey alien and more often :)
2. Race The Martians Technocrats, they same colony Zetov. Took place in part in the business, but the bulk of the settled in the art and false spirituality. In its work, , like the rest of the, operating concepts, encouraging others to mindless, neosmyslennym emotional manifestations. Introduced the concept of “bad” and “Ok” , not found in nature. As well as convince The Universe the idea about the battle “Goodness” and “Evil”, also there is no. But behind their veil is slow and sure destruction of Life.

There is only light and dark path of development. Both are ways of development, support Life, Educational Life, and increase Life. Both are acceptable. The, What can't I do with The Light Of The – done in his Shadow, that is in darkness.

3. Consciousness, do not pass the full development, being swept out of the lower Worlds, Zetas their hate, because they are, through their actions, all other. That, in turn, requires additional activities to conceal the traces, violation of the order of the Zetovskij in advance and calculated measured in all directions Life. They do the bulk of the černâgi consciousness, Orient all fear. Cover layer from the art to the domestic level. Create random false emotions and unfounded emotional ideas.

No basic type:

American Indians they were called “Dvuserdečnye”. Considered more ancient Form Life, having a natural origin from one of the branches of pangolins, on planet Earth. Quite clever, often found in engineering circles. If they snatch second heart – are normal. Are parasitical relations. By its own calculations, concluded, that the soon-to-be-huge disaster, you will not be able to avoid one in The Universe without external assistance. So do attempts to Spiritual Development. They can be books, but to answer tricky questions makes no sense.

They behave, manerničaâ…

imageThey are all in communion with Spiritually Advanced people, aware of his own nothingness, use methods of manipulation by pressure “the values of the heart“. This method is also called “heart chain”: those cases in which you understand, what these creatures are involved in numerous murders and harassment of people, While with “White handles”, but do you do nothing and you can hardly understand.

Always try to be in the position of, taking that, questions are asked, they.

None of them are afraid of not worth it: they are more stupid of any person, but an appearance of wise men and always leave answers to the question. They just don't know the answer.

The Distinctive Features Of.

With a decent level of sensitivity, you can immediately feel. They are inside a dry , either empty. If you start asking questions like: “What is Life?”, “why it rains?”, “What is a telecommunications?” ,or “I explain the unexplainable?”, simply put, questions to answer which one should spend a lot of energy. And asking you to explain these questions, and not a book that can be read. So they may express, that they are interested in your opinion, your impressions. All that long to explain. And the people that is positioning itself as a businessman, or successful and lucky. So are they in relation to the conversation in this direction, that forced, or ask, a solution of any issue, but instead of just saying “Thank you”. A solution is to go broken on thousands of employees, This behavior occurs because the, that they are not able to create. Thus they are fine Energy, which is vitally important.

While the Grain could be offended, do not hide their offense, aware of its. The PV flow into frenzy, to try to hide it, playing different manners, preparing the plan for the destruction of “the abuser”.

imageThey try to get to the heart of, to inflict a devastating blow. To do this, first try to get used to you closer, vypytyvaâ your opinion and impressions, pretending that it is important for them, tell you the compliments, praise you, cite what you like. Use trivial reading of your emotions for your response: If you smiled – then you either fun or joyfully, If you hesitate – It means you are not nice, If you are thinking – It means you are not clear on this issue, If you are angry – so you don't like and the like. The more they are not capable of: thought reading – It is for them a science fiction. On “processing” Beans they can spend several years, If Grain strong. May resort to a parasitic friendship, not noticeable pieces of Health otgryzaâ. Extracts are absorbed into the most personal aspects of life, having thus you disclose “Holy” Besides the very. And then attempts to destroy all of your Shrines, thus striving to destroy your Psychological Basis Life, and immerse you in forever negative mood: in this state you more manageable for them.

Pretend sheep, or losers, intentionally make errors, saying “I'm an ordinary man”, or “do not be offended”. But using this method, to manipulate Grain, thus making him do the, that CD is not able.

Can give a look almost broken for, that falls apart in your hands, and then say “It's you it's broke!”.

Invade family and friendships, to generate doubts about each other's family members, and destroy, or destroy such family ties, family body.

Intentionally presented the notion of bydloty and culture, that subtext says, that “cultural” be sure to “FAG”, (a) “cattle” – dirty pigs. They need this to People-Grain defended their rights, battling among themselves. CD use this situation as an opportunity to destroy the entire Race of people, the, supposedly staying impartial, give advice to both sides as better behave, playing a “Enlightened”, dreaming of Divine the throne :) The Division has been approved by, to hide the CD from the gaze of people, and send all the human attention to false manifestations. The true concept Culture not in the extent of superficial pathos, but it depends on the Volume Love.

Intentionally raise cause for hatred to the opposite sex. Constantly striving to generate doubts in relation to the opposite sex in any matter. Hope, the relationship between the opposite sex as the wake, that people just destroy themselves on the grounds of this. They all seek to destroy Race Of People, hoping to hide their crimes against Space. To do this, get on the Internet many fake profiles, sites of prostitutes, Lesbian, gay, perverts are just “muddy water” the scenes, proplačenoj fiction footage filmed in the mode “documentary photography”, divert normal people from a life of heinous false “facts”, Hammer in their heads, cause an aversion to Life and the human race.

Sponsor only false art and false spirituality. The main idea of which is to disseminate Low Vibration in high colour options: in the works – the emphasis on sex, fear, desire, anxiety; in music – disharmony of sounds and rhythms, the distortion already existing The Masterpieces background podmešannym delirium; spirituality – spread “mystical teachings”, which highlights the sex, fear, violence, negation Nature, domination; religion – by using the tools “Media” focus people on not existing misconceptions and intimate details.

They are always vygoraživaût their, even if it's nasty to them. They discover each other on the grounds already mentioned.

In business circles and Government all your ideas and gusts detract from such behaviour: “..and that? do you think called them and found out?”, or “…and that? do you think wrote them a letter and all learned?”, or “..and that? did you think was going to a meeting and found out?”. Interesting, who knows other ways to establish a formal business relationship? In doing so, they are required to write a letter officially…

Always seek to draw you into the game directly or indirectly. To keep you from the rules, in which you are not covered. In no event it is impossible to adopt rules!

Can you look at the work of artists-welders, stating, that there are special glasses for welding, the eyes will be protected, but in consequence will be that the CD made a mistake in judgment and you do not have enough points. To state the: “welding is not dangerous, In contrast to the Sun” (or vice versa, or something like that) to hurt you the retina.

Talking nonsense and waiting for understanding in the eyes of the interlocutor. Themselves do not understand the, that said,.

Say anything, then say the same thing vice versa and watching the reaction.

If you realize that you have done a full solution – They offer you first translate, supposedly, less complex sex option, to further confuse you, take away the time, steal the idea of.
Black holes at all levels do everything possible so that no Grain not reached perfection in any business. It is profitable for them, because then Grain forced to go to seek employment to those, who seized power and owns money, you need to purchase food, necessary for the development of, power body, and payment of utility bills. Getting under the constant pressure from the CD, human life can turn into existence for the sake of the survival of the body Internal reserves and dispersion Energy Soul, instead of true will Creator, which is, to, Accumulating Impressions, Develop A Soul.

CD always cling to trivia and puzzle accessories, the Grain was moving in the direction of petty thinking, (a) increased awareness of the scale of the. That in turn causes the Grain to act against the laws Nature: stick to dominate thinking, rather than summarize – from what, By the way, and headache. By TELEPHONE do not know the answers to the questions of petty, that set the. And if you find a way to explain all, you have asked, and you feel the Perfection in your own solution – MANY will say, It is not clear, you need to further work on The – It does this in order, to take away from you Perfection.

PV all his life in search of ways to seize power, create visibility and creativity, embodying Meanwhile plan to seize power. While Grain always creates a new Quality Solutions, moves towards a natural Awareness of nature.

Grain in the eyes of the CD are “light bulbs”, that emit Light of a psychological, creating new quality solutions. And each CD dreams of being on so much power, to voluntarily switch on and switch off the “light bulbs”, When it please, and become King of “power plant”.

Surface behavior and presentation by PV perfectly finished almost to perfection. Their main task is to impress “sacrifice” so hard and fast, She does not hesitate to fill in themselves under attack, to be eaten by PV. And try to always stay in the shadow from view “the victim”, obtaining all all suspected bugs and natural manifestations.

When a conversation can make, someone said something about you. To mislead the, or break your impulse to action.

Try to shove pieces of information, We look back on that you can come to fit for TELEPHONE terminals, that involve your addiction in their own actions from the CD, or your desire for reckless actions, that you very much damage your health.

At a time when the words are crystal clear Grains and simple objects – beyond words CD is visible only to the abyss and ambiguity.

Can get you into a situation, in which you begin to operate unconsciously, as a result of which they will be able to use your communication or tools work, in order to try and spoil your relationship with expensive for you people. The data points are all you need to keep in mind and do the appropriate warning of force-mažorah.

Seek to turn any organizations among themselves for any occasion. Invest in this huge financial means.

In science supports all open based on the decay of matter and refuse to accept the selection Energy in the synthesis of.

Any Creature is committed to Integrity The Organism. Knowing this fact, MANY seek to compromise the integrity of the organism, to snatch a piece of energy thereby.

All relationships should be taken into account, that CD is still a week before speaking with you decided to, that you are just meat, you want to use to get pleasures. They are unambiguous position adopted already and under no circumstances agree to other options. Keep this in mind.

MANY perceive themselves and get to know each other. In contact two PV can be observed, as in a friendly manner to produce mutual “pokusyvanie”, play the game, the rules are well known without discussion, and it amuses.

Contact PV always trying to ask obscure questions, before this pozadavav very simple questions, to cause you to pity. Asked to explain the unexplainable, or “could you save those, who doesn't want to live too?” or “could you prove it, There is a tree?”. Or simply are measureable with you very long, saying, that trying to understand your position, to determine the choice of the suck you Energy requests to explain complex concepts, which IM not able, after which the claim “Still I did not understand you, that's why I won't do the choice.” and such a statement was scheduled to be back in the week prior to this conversation: they just fool around and suck the Energy out of you. Giving you his speeches to the nedoumevaniû from the, the ten hour conversation ended this idiotic statement.

Methods Of Care.

imageIn the previous topic listed the basic ways to restore CD. In our situation it is best to immerse in uncertainty…
When interacting with them it is possible to do questions like: “difficult to answer”, “come on then, When will be able to”, “I never thought about and now have not previously, solve the” …. take a pen and paper and make a questions , appropriate for your situation, so they do not interfere with your life position and does not provide you from the crowd. Simply put, This should be the answers or questions that can tell each, but at the same time suitable for you. Their need to work independently and under itself. To calculate all the possible options for you. Always Wish PV True, Frank Happiness, This Reciprocity, Divine reward for their works.

Grains are not needed “donors” – It can be in Love, being alone.

PV is always looking for contributors and the uses for this the slightest reason. Only the uncertainty it can meet Grain, Although it can cause extreme to its behavior, because she listens only to his own doubts, with, those, that scared her the most. But if we exclude the possibility of implementing these doubts – fear is not justified. You can do this by immersing them in uncertainty.

It is also necessary to deprive PV the most expensive. Give confidence, that it will get what want, and then explicitly deny, cancelling all of force majeure, weather, mood, nature, No relevant events. Recalling that the common man and not all are strong on Nature.

They are trying to make, that “always have a replacement for you: If you want – sports turf! not replaceable no!”, or “Yes on your place will come a thousand!” or something like that. Data words in any Reality nothing more than an ambitious dreams. If you resign from work – the replacement you will not find at all, If you Seed, and who is that you already know. You can only replace parts technology. If you need someone – the selection is done forever. The biggest problem Grain in employment – write a resume. If not try to write it in five minutes – then write. In conjunction with PV and structures must be created to specific conditions, valid from the perspective of normal human – they will perform: they have no choice, because quality not able to create a PV solutions, and can get them only, If you offer. And revealing the decision to nominate terms, and reserve the right to change these terms and conditions, of course, in a reasonably way.

You need to put them in place while:” It seems that we are not able to come to an understanding, that would be more reasonable if I will continue to go about their business, and you spend your time more profitably, for example, stroll through the shopping or go to the restaurant”. Like saying well makes it clear where to place the CD in the Our World. Drawing on the example of the compose your own answers and questions.

You want to make CD describe the transcendental concepts in your own words, This would force them to use their own thinking. Transcendental concepts – hard compound objects; for example: rain, weather, Nature…and your options, that you, of course, prepare in advance.

Every CD you put in front matter:” How do you think: why you're such a loser?”, “..Why are you learn?”, “…Why don't you want to live?” such questions you should ask before you decide to really part ways with CD.

If the CD something claims – you need to accept and fully take, for example, words “well, This is understandable”, or “This is no doubt” (at least in relation to CD ). This, By the way, taught by Buddha and Jesus – Absolute The Weapons Of Light. That way you eliminate altogether all disputes and disputes.

PV blind above the second layer Consciousness, that you can associate with the wishes. That's why if before “Lobau” talking you okutaete their networks in the upper layers of the – you win Always. This case can be compared with the technique, which States:” WINS is always the, who sees the situation in larger scale”.

If you know that you Grain and you try to shove the PV – just know that it's either a bug, or the substitution of notions. Do such communication..

Negation Of The Negation.

In the field of space Tumor, as in our case in this universe, works brilliant rule negation of the negation. Which is, to negate all negative. Looks like this: If you offer to take anything negative, is not acceptable to you – such an object you need to reject or deny. It also applies to objects not Natural origin, trying to vtûhat′ you as an alternative to, or replacement of Natural. For Example, money instead of food or packaging; the rubber woman or man instead of live. Not a natural object – all that is not natural Natural origin, of birth.

If you try to deny the Natural – This will cause only the divine wrath. Nothing special: simply the result of the work of the law of causation.

IGNORANCE OF THE, DENIAL OF THE LAWS OF NATURE DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO AVOID THE RESULTS CAUSED BY YOUR ACTIONS. Even if you write a million layers, You invented the conditional rules and call them “Code of laws” – This will be nothing more than your dreams on paper, on which you, and those whom you bowed, trying to play, blind arguing that your desires are more important than any law Nature. From such Fables even our nails go into filler laughter…

For example, one planet…

Each planet has its own Strategic stock Energy, just like your karma. Each Form Life has its Strategic energy reserve and own Karma. Each creature has its own Strategic Reserve of energy and Karma. If the substance of the candidate's own Strategic Energy, that in turn deprives them of the possibility of further Karmic rebirth – in the case of, When the Creature is trying to survive at any cost, It looks for Source Energy to continue their own nikčemnogo of existence. The closest source – It's, of course, Energy neighbor or cohabitant. After “neighbors” run out, mass production of energy problem raised, and all such Beings tend, It's time to increase production “fossil”. And thus begins the embezzlement of strategic stock Energy the entire planet. When it ends, and this stock – begins “izvrat” and attempts to ottâpat′ the energy from other races, Life Forms, Creatures, The Planets… After the destruction of the planet, the population was forced to dive into the bowels of the Planet, due to the free walking radiation. At the Time as radioactive waste decomposed on the surface of the planet, due to radiation, that occur, can be formed between the spatial Hole, and suck the planet somewhere. Something similar happened in the constellation Lyra race of Humanoids, and they found themselves in the Betel′gejza of the constellation Orion. Then continued further destruction Space Energies and Beings. And in the Orion constellation had suffered from them in the first place. Some of them moved to Mars Colony… Why all this know? And the fact, these creatures are so much fun and Žaždili vlastelinstva, that thinking right on this planet “travel” space as on the ship, mechanically, plunging into the international spatial channels. Built the pyramid system there, to forcibly call on the planet vibration, It does not have a. As a result have destroyed all life on the surface of the planet and destroyed the delimiters (border) Worlds peculiar Planet. And now there's a šastaût Perfume from different dimensions: simply put – total cereal. Well, after that, of course, they went to the ground…destroy the Race of gods: After all, no one has so much Life. No, well here's a refreshing…:)…I wonder how would God to, who tried to destroy?… :) ))

… Usually they use statements “…ajajaj more you are highly evolved and are able to. You have to help the less developed, addressing the challenges, that they are not capable of, and thus exercise their compassion and Mercy…” And what do you know, Microbe, about compassion and mercy, on your level? After all, in this situation, the Merciful will invite a Executioner, Which porešit you, Compassionating…

You should be aware that this is a very solid Race, and even hating each other they tend to common concerted action. They can create a lot of false ideas, to state that some groups do not recognize each other, but will do everything possible for the survival of native species. You agree to destroy all even The Universe for their own pleasures.



Black Holes, you need to take responsibility to help, that real people have decided you have. To perceive with all my heart all ,that will be with you, awakening in him love for all the surrounding. Another chance you already will not be. This is your last chance to change and Live a truly, and not by surface clownery. Otherwise we will be forced to say goodbye to you forever…


Where there is love, There's no doubt,
There's no hard feelings and regrets.
There's no sorrow and no sorrow,
What we've been.

There's only light and voshiŝen′e,
Hope, Vera, inspiration!
There's joy, sincerity, forgiveness
And every moment after resurrection!

Where there is love, everything is possible!
There you can be reckless.
There you can be yourself,
Rather than prepare the soul for battle…

Where there is love, There's no masks.
There's the fullness and generosity pigments.
There's a complex world is beautiful,
And even simple and very clear!..

And where is the love, are there any answers.
Among the snows of heart warmed by the…
Parting the flame ignites,
Two more links!..

Where there is Love – There's Peace everywhere,
There's Happiness, Joy, Holiday Ice.
Where there is Love – There's no publicity,
There is real you like in a fairy tale!

And where is the love – All award,
There's nothing more should!

And for lovers paradise opened -
They simply God from heaven came down!..

(Black Countess with modifications:)

..well vooot, the second printing is removed! Y ^) …or was it the third? Who thought? :)

Congratulations to all the 2010 year: against all odds in a place with him came to us and the time of redemption and pay the Bills…

…Hmm..Here's the same entertaining…This is your “MYSTERY”…If you open your belly or vein – will I be able to see it there? or you hid at the molecular level?…not that anxious to destroy your health – just to see “MYSTERY” His Own Eyes, which runs so many fairy tales.

“Bonus track “.

Kitaro-Fish dive in the Lake

to listen


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