imageABOUT! It's nice to see you, in the arms of your,
When your fear, caressing herself, you said.
How about you, watching myself, you feel your The True The Size Of The.
AND, with the rudiments of thinking, sklonâeš′sâ to view:
That no matter what you look like:
Microbe – your present value and Size…

Black Hole. Education.

Case 1.

черная дыраEach Measurement is typical of the Emotional Scale. And in the case, If the consciousness of The Lower The world erupts in a timely manner not Superior – due to the lack and the lack of Information The skeleton of the required strength, It breaks inside of the Emotional Scale of the new world. And like that Consciousness lose Yourself, is not itself a, drops out of objective reality. This behavior occurs because the, that Emotional The adjacent Dimensions are the same as “Volume” and “Area”. And the lack of Creatures to life in Areas with a high number of dimensions is having a serious impact on the status of the Soul. In other words, “Grain” from the world of two spatial dimensions, playing his way into the world of three spatial dimensions, can become “Black Hole“, from prolomivšis′ Emotional Scale, fell off on their “head”.

черные дыры каналыSuch Black Hole is an unsolicited channel in Karmic development of race, or Creatures, connecting the three dimensionality of Space and Space two spatial dimensions. Through which Energy Life 3D World begins to flow in a two-dimensional World. Due to the instability Of the skeletal Creatures have accepting some form of, such as Black Hole. But if in a 2D World Energy enough – She just sprayed. Thus such a Creature is called: “Black Hole“. And this Consciousness is commensurate with Consciousness Microbe.

Such cases are treated very simply – these creatures need to send home to their Native World. Karma – This is not a toy.

Case 2.

“Black Hole” formed in the case, When there is a deliberate denial of substance (Grain) from its own Internal The Amount Of Energy. I.e.. for the sake of superficial manifestations. Of course, primarily a failure occurs or the limitation of the highest Vibration, because of their vidimostnoj irrelevance, long-term costs Energy to implement the high-level Ideas (from the point of view of the substance of the). After such actions allowed – the situation is evolving on the knurled: going further rejection of the highest Vibration, of those that remained in the possession of. When it comes to first The Level Of( Layer. We have it Red ) This means, that to this Time the question of the survival of the Species. And in this situation, if this kind of superficial values will again – the whole look is “Black Hole”. After the view takes the form Black Hole – He already thinks that “Where would this Energy ottâpat′?…” Of course such situations do not occur out of nothing: the similar event is always a antiNatural “religious” teaching (false Spirituality), obožestvlâûŝee, as a rule, fun. And fun it is veiled under a variety of words: Love, Sincerity, The Nobility, Perfection, Awareness, Divine Will…the list is endless :) It is important to understand the, that under a veil of names contained “Fun”, that is the Natural Nature only one of the surface of any process. Thus such Creatures from the 3d world are representatives of a two-dimensional World or less. In other words, the reverse process of Ascension – the fall of man. With, Unlike the Ascension, the process is very painful, and includes all aspects of reverse Rapture: instead of suffering Joy, the loss instead of Gain, death instead of life, mockery (hidden behind the non-existent “kindness”) instead of compassion. In such cases, it is possible to observe the situation, in which the Consciousness The lower world are in the bodies of the upper world, and it's against the laws of nature.

Usually in natural The Development Of is Awareness, What is recovery of consciousness to a higher level Genesis, and then Consciously promoted Vibration the body and the body rapidly mutating, moving in this way to the level of being, where is the associated Consciousness – This process is called Ascension ". – It is the divine will – This created such forms of Life. Only in such cases may feel The Joy Of Brahman: Genuine Baby Joy and Nirvana.

All who committed acts contrary Rapture – committing the original sin, go against the will of the One Brahman. This does not include only those cases, where Creatures deliberately forced to sin by naleplennoj False Reality, or violence, but waste of Internal The amount of energy in such cases, all the same, occurs. And as a result there has been a process of spray Showers, which is really nothing more than the destruction of Consciousness.

There is nothing new in the said, and such information is contained in any Natural teaching. But! Someone gave you see exactly accurate information? Your executives focus your attention? Whether they are in fact the, you to grow, or is it just empty words?

Black hole. Device.

Unlike Grain Black Hole represents a “SOAP bubble”, inside of which are chaotic processes, associated with the incoming Energy spray Life. Sheath of the bladder is Removed the destroyed Grain. It looks like this, the shredded Grain former elements Holistic Cover the surface of consciousness “Hole”. “Hole” – because all of the energy of life flows like structure falls into the lower layers of Reality, which are the Worlds with a smaller number of dimensions, for example. In this way Energy is sucked back. Unlike Grain, that smells sweet and produces many Flames, “Black Hole” has a polished surface, seeking to become perfectly smooth. And as soon as the degree of surface roughness becomes zero – This Consciousness disappears completely, a soap bubble bursts. In other words, then completely self-destruct.

What is surface smoothness? In that, that thought process, Unlike Grain, happens without delays, This is possible if you have pre-canned answers, no single answer for all cases, that proves that, that Consciousness live Past, that it does not participate in the thinking process, that it refuses to think, it negates all modified situation, Created By Nature for his own development, with that said, that it refuses to Live…sad. The same smooth surface suggests that, This consciousness accept only linear information, non-linear is not able. Nature always creates these situations, which are noticeable in the developing Consciousness. If Consciousness receptive to small and small changes, retrofit situations – It will develop smoothly, no major shocks and disasters will never. But if Consciousness Notice the only sharp and at times, even, the opposite of the changed situation, admiring the in style:” ABOUT! As A Divinely! I like these contrasts!” – Let prepares the coffin and nails: Nature favors “contrasts” sufficiently.

When Natural the world only have a tough job, who is able to notice a dramatic change (“great contrasts”), and subject to the, who is able to interact with Thin Structures. Those, anyone notice the only great contrasts, not able to understand a subtle structures and Objects The Thin World, any description of the World of Fine objects will be treated as “moronic word game”, This is due to the fact, that they cannot feel or submit such (Transcendental) Objects, These objects are only understandable to them as sufficient consciousness development. That's why Black Hole Unable to locate elements of Transcendental Objects according to their Natural Regulation. In such cases, they can easily swap the primary and pridatočnuû parts, While: “This is the only true true and the other is not”, or “the truth may not be the one”, and so on. They just don't see the necessary Object. This should be taken into account when communicating.

Black hole consists of the hole, which controls the surface layer Sprayed Consciousness. This is called “The Wolf in sheep's clothing”. From the point of view of mental processes can be considered, the black hole is capable of thinking enable one to two Spheres, usually, one and a half and less. If there is a situation, When sprayed on the surface of fine grinded Grain works as a complete Scope – She begins to realize themselves: the fact that it – This former Grain. Then starts to assemble in the grain, If conditions are favorable. The controlling his hole always ensures that, to the degree of the connection of the grain was lower spray unit. In other words the situation with two simultaneously occurring events already without causing the hole, will not fully. But the average person can easily understand the situation, consisting of three parallel events. For example the notorious leninske:”Learn Learn Learn”, easier: learning to learn how to learn. Any Black Hole think, that is simply a set of words. They all aspire to the linearity of the judgment until the push-button version. The hole itself is a negative one and more – It needs to look at the circumstances. Statements are true, that plants “brain” more than the “hole”.

Black Hole. Diet.

What can want to dead man walking? Most likely Live. The only problem is, that such a life could be only dead… The black hole is not able to accumulate the energy of life (Live Impressions) from the surrounding World, for the reasons set out earlier. As a result she is looking for her at the other, and uses for this captive Consciousness, the crushed elements which cover the surface of the hole. Black Hole eats Impressions, and for getting them use a variety of prepared in advance system. In the first place, of course, is the absorption and dispersion of shareholders Stock, and after the fall razevaetsâ on Strategic stock of Experiences other Shower (The Consciousness). In other words, they deliberately arrange such situations, the extract Impressions of the other Shower (The Consciousness), deflate them. And after such processions, usually, normal people feel drained. We are sure that, You can tell us a lot of these situations. In most cases, these manipulations are, to People telling tales, show the innermost, the most expensive is in their souls, after which Black Hole stains by these “values” in tones of waste products and diminish the importance of this “Gold“, people wanted to get rid of the, that makes him happy. Trying to make it more similar to the, What is the Black Hole, on the level of Degradation, considering People as shifty cuts of meat, capable of performing some function, and with the energy of life, that much-needed black holes. Proof sprayed Stock Energy is that the, that a black hole has no recollection of his past, and highlights. If you tell them the situation similar to the, that was in the past, but more believable (from the point of view of the “civilization”) – The black hole will select fake.

Methods of treatment.

All treatments are, to collect the Grain back: restore it.
1. Send it back to pererazvitie, where there has been a break, but before that you need to give approaching, so they don't make the same mistake.
2. Send in a dimension with less pressure Emotional Scale. In conditions in which there will be formation of a Grain, and further the natural development.
3. Lower it Consciousness to the deep Layer, where the error. With the situation or situations compel pass all alone and independently to find a Natural solution.
4. Cut off all sources of income Energy, which are the donors. You can leave only natural: food, water.
5. Immerse it in uncertainty and indifference, deny any outside help and sucking strangers fruit, not giving her any solutions and assistance. This would force her to think independently.

In any case, you need to create the conditions, When the pressure Emotional Zoom disappears, and atomized Grain has the ability to come into the natural old form.

You need to take into account, the formation of CD (Black Hole) one cycle of Life is not enough. Purposeful formation took a hundred or thousand million Earth years. Approximately :) .

Well actually afraid of them makes no sense: they are helpless microbes, who can only cheat (the sub-zero Fields) and niggle. Their number is not such a great: two to ten per cent of the total population Planet. And it's not just the rich, Although their main mass is in these circles. Simply put, have to watch the situation and communication.

Black Holes.

You have not honored, We do not sympathize with you and you really care about us. It's just a handout made for you. All of the above is working for ways to restore the disenchanted Grain. And other ways you won't find. You can pill, pricks, Chemistry, and other ramblings. Yet, By the way, You can use the melting furnace, but it is beyond life. Although we, of course, doubt, that you begin an independent recovery of your soul: for you to simply kill a couple dozen Live People and suck out the energy of life, How to move my gyrus, you off. You see as you having played too much with the negative formulation of natural Vibration: hands should be straight, not smart. You have the same all the way around….


But in our team there and your God,
But the bow on my knees
you couldn't.
(A), How do you understand the, It Is Darkness Darker Than and Brighter Light
(It is not visible).
And see you, that honor in his eyes for it.
The song is sung by, and you could not gain recognition…
But what you can in conscience allusions?…

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