imageI am confident that my Personality is the essence.
I believe in the essence of your personality, because the assertion, My Individuality is Special Content – Axiom. That saves me from having to prove it and protects my health from unnecessary hemorrhoids. But! because. everyone has a Personality, that is his own “I”, the each “I” the essence of the one – individuality. That leads me to conclude that, that “GOD IS ONE – IN IT I BELIEVE”. And what's more! It is also clear that, It has been collected from all – and then the, that he is one. :) ))) And in this I am sure. :) ))

If you are not a Creature, in view of the situation in this universe – before reading this topic, recommend to understand and assimilate the, at least, information from this source. This insurance is necessary in order, to, because of your possible hypersensitivity, you just saved my mental health.


People need to stop development in the field of DNA and stem cells, If “managers” These projects are not able to communicate directly with the Superior Council of the universe, and do not have permission from Them. It's in the Bible, referred to as the “The Council of twenty-four Elders”, but for us it is more accurately called “Sages”. Serafim Sorovskij called them too “The Elders”. The same goes for development in the field of nano-tubes, artificial organs and other studies of similar depth of penetration. It is especially important to avoid all scientific developments and processes, the application of which is not clear, a clearly not fully. The same goes for the task proposed to decision on the Olympics with different scales. To deal with all of these – would do well to learn to, to start, control your desires.

This correction is necessary for social work,rather than being guided by temptation:
If you have not created a chimera, that knows no sense of proportion, as well as the “black hole”.

All agreements, between humans and other civilizations, in design on:
1. the desire to take control of Humanity.
2. the desire to use humans as biological material.
3. the pursuit of Human intellectual potential.
4. the desire to get hold of the human Soul (Consciousness).
5. the desire to get hold of Energy available to people.
6. the desire to Live among humans without permission.
7. same thing in relation to any other Race
- void (i.e.. are not valid) in the present, The past and the future.

All agreements, prisoners with Creatures, having a Linear Logical Basis, that destroys the world around them, are not valid as.

All agreements, concluded with the Humanoid Races, not brought immediate beneficial result, or just a mutually beneficial result – void. Same thing in relation to any other Race, and Merits.

All agreements, contracts in which the objects are not clear, or not entirely clear of any of the parties – do not have the space.

Race, having a Linear Logical Basis, destroying the world around, caught in the destruction of everything on the following items:

1. Original Sin. Felony Of The First Degree Of The Importance. I.e.. a crime against all of the cosmos. Violation of volition and of the creator, created this Space. Namely: knowingly created an obstacle in the process of formation and development of the Consciousnesses, and deliberately destroyed the already created. It is a crime against the first three Divine Worlds and Single Brahman.

2. Original sin on the Fourth Three Divine Worlds and the eleventh of the divine world in particular. Crime of first degree of Importance on the Fourth Three Divine Worlds and the eleventh of the divine world in particular. For an attempt to abuse the energy of life, i.e.. over The life of the. Bringing themselves infected the incurable virus, that is one of the forms of the embodiment of divine wrath. This was the result of experiments on the coup of life, based on consideration:” If works – mean and vice versa too, should something be”. You see now how wonderful “works” Vice versa: vymiraete of whole colonies and can not do anything. Just drop your onvog on the other, destroying the other, thus, and extending their pointless existence at the expense.

3. The original sin of all divine Worlds. The brazen robbery and attempted rape of the energies of different quality.

4. The original sin of the entire Universe for the deliberate Conscious actions, associated with the rise of Chaos at the higher levels of the order of the universe.

5. Seminal Sin in relation to the absolute. The denial and distortion of non-linear Vibration, sent to you for your own development. Trying to assert themselves as the absolute, in this way to subdue all things yourself, and take the place of the absolute, but the only microbes. As guided by the assumption that the, the higher the level of – order “softer” and “bezobidnee” Creatures. You are sadly mistaken: It's just your guess.

Because of this and earlier this:
All races have a linear Logical Basis are deprived of the right to vote in General. Their fate depends on, they have already navytvorât′. All such Creatures should be placed in isolation. In particular, those who have a linear Logical Basis – the facility in minus the second dimension. This applies to the Orion Empire, Federation Of Draco, their colonies, and similar. If there are “Grain” – they should be placed in a separate detention facility, You can in that dimension where they are now. Deprive them of all technical equipment and weapons, In conclusion,. “Zeus” and his kodlu – the minus 6th dimension. They Say, that Lucifer asked to work – can invite him to this event, to start, If he would act in accordance with the plan, without proper to him “improvisations”, where this is not appropriate. These actions would not hurt to do “Ecumenical Ring Dark”, under the close supervision of “Green”.

The cases of, in which we will need to materialize rapidly – This would entail the destruction of the universal scale, due to the movement of energy, high density, which, of course, will be directed to the most unsuccessful field, such as the Orion Empire, and will deprive them of any chance of. We would not be in a hurry to do it.

All contracts and agreements, with Races of humanoid and those whose Linear Logical Basis, that do not have reciprocal qualitative benefits – void. This applies to generated by their treaties and agreements up to the fifth knee.

All Humanoid Creatures with linear and Logical Basis, pererodivšihsâ on planet Earth, to retrieve and send to relatives. The activities are appropriate for the Race “White”. They should know, that any force-majeur event – is legal. Any event, not having finished the academic (officially, the scientific) justification – is force majeure. Any event which don't have time to research, funds, desire – is force majeure. Any record in the investigation, talking, that the circumstances are not clear, information is not enough – is a legitimate event. Any spontaneous actions – are the force-majeur events. Shock and stress and disease – are legitimate and normal.

All “Charged To Fools” you need to help run down. To begin, we need to provide them with information such as, that is described in this source. In order to raise their awareness of the. If this does not work – then test the fate, i.e.. you want them to show the Life example, them to see everything with your own eyes. If it's already been done, but awareness does not happen, and only caused greater “wacky” gust – then you need to create a health problem. At the beginning of the small, After you increase the complexity of diseases. All the same as before: nothing particularly new. Bad “fools” need to carry off from possible contact with the environment and People. In General “The Charged Fools” very good draining multiple stroke, and the strange swelling noticeable to the naked eye, as well as any unexplained accepted medicine “disease”.

Consciousness, premature and unofficially being swept out of the lower Worlds, to return home, i.e.. the limit for them the world.

People from all of this need to understand, the basic principle of the Universe – the principle of free will. That any creature is free to choose, that feels, without worrying about the explanations of the, If this is not contrary to the laws of nature. And if you are not able to see the full selection object – such a choice should not do. Objectivity – your natural protection from all the troubles.

Rumours reached us, There are several families on the planet trilliaderŝikov. Because. The vibration you radiate, officially your existence does not endorse any source – We tend to think of, that is nothing more than rumors. If you are planning to get into the future and want to, so we have the place for you – first prove its existence. This is to ensure, to you, we have included in the calculation of. To do this, put the equivalent of a trillion dollars in pounds sterling or gold to our account, which can be found in the help section. On each face of a trillion, the rank “trilliarderŝik”. Then send a letter responding to the question:” Why do you want a trillion identical pictures?”, in a letter to indicate the composition of the family, who are you, from where, Why here. All explanations should be objective, transparent and understandable, even a child. Otherwise send you back “your” a trillion. We are waiting until the time within the twenty-first to twenty-third of December two thousand and nine. You've got nothing to lose, because soon the financial system will disappear. Can thank magazine “Forbes” for, He ordered your future.

At all events it is best to look after Race “Green”, already there was distance learning, as with race “Blue”. You can navigate to the official communication . :) You must follow the conservation of key Energy, as always. If there will be a new kind of – You should put it in suspense for the attention of pests, before it is placed in a supportive environment.

In order to reduce the amount of damage and, Perhaps, avoid them altogether, It is advisable to make the penetration of the past, to make an adjustment, as a result of which before the People of the dark side will provide all its weapons development bright side. So bright was able to protect a new Race if necessary. Yet it would be a couple of times to stop life “Zeus”, even while he was a Microbe. This will give him more confidence in love for life.

Still to this, It is advisable to make summer in winter: because it is not convenient to walk in the shoes of. Smaller man-made noise (lawn mowers, hammers, and other pogremuhi), preventing the spread of natural sounds of nature. More fog.

The, as far as we. If a CD or ZD will fall to us to hand – We explain you nothing will (explanation was sufficiently, and those we were not obliged to give), but just a rat you. That's why, in order to learn to get into the future, You must abide by hygiene behaviour, controlling your desires, and not doing stupid things.

This swollen Reality do not have places to be. Because it does not carry any quality values for Life. And such a tumor is not be in all Times, Worlds, Spaces, Dimensions, not Times, not Worlds, No Spaces, No Dimensions, accompanying and supporting and other. Shorter, not be everywhere, or just: has no place to be. This statement applies to all sentient beings and not Things..

What is the will of many of the new and enlightened People, that thought and were created as a form of incarnation of the Supreme God in this reality (as well as the, that has been said). People, that have gone from “brick”, of which “gospodiny financial movers and shakers” build a building of its own success, to Realize Themselves to numbers.

All this coincides with the will team with Spiral Universe.

All this coincides with the will of all the divine Worlds, because our team is “the eleventh”.

All this coincides with the will of the universe and a single “I”, because our team is “the eleventh”.

Further enumeration, with traffic up the degree of concentration of energies and orders, do not see the point in, in order not to discourage not only accidentally coming People and Inhabitants of the universe. However,, with their high Will also match. And All of Them “Hello, Guys!” :) Also do not forget that the, We are your friends. ;)

To see the “the eleventh” – use “The Divine Eye” or try to persuade “Green” :) )) They've seen.

Space All, Guys! Y ^)

In principle, the, It turns out that I believe in Essence….Hmm…interesting…how interesting… :) )))

The brutal truth of life: nor do the words, Neither you no Inches.

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