imageOn the rocks, flying in winds, Sea.
Meanings rotating, I thought your.

Are you If you lose all forms, soaring high.
IN The Mental Space am I.

You're painting on stones. Outside Time “I”.
Are you sea foam! (A) “I”Purple. :)

The Theory Of Natural Development (In Brief).

Consider The Biological Kind Of Life.

One of the basic forms Life is Microbe. In the development process, he gradually, as a result of Natural Mutation, in the first place, is the formation of Body. Then begin to develop Psychological Strength Of Mind, Psychological ability visible externally, tangible body. Next, already developed Life Form can add yourself some accelerated change: Helix DNA or body, that in turn gives additional Function the whole form of life. Developing, Consciousness gains the ability to settle in various forms at will, without assistance. The Ability Of separate and settle their own parts, where might deem it appropriate. Reaches the level of Top Of Mind. And all this goes on Infinitely! Y :)

In principle, the, There are only Love. And all the symptoms, in particular Life Forms, This is just a fairly accurate due to circumstances, to enable Consciousness, in a separate Form Of Life, come to Love, through Its Awareness. I.e.. Form Life – It's like a car for a certain period of Time. Consciousness “sits down in this car” and “rolls around” so far, While neither exhausted his allotted reserve Energy. Stock at all Endless, only those few, from People, now uses.

The same is true, that Life Form – It's “Vessel“, which is filled with Impressions different qualities. This process is described in detail in the topic “Grain Of Reason“. And filling the “Vessel” take the corresponding symptoms.

Theory Of Spheres.

To understand, consider the Biological Kind Of Life posted in Time. Even if it is: Microbe, Dog and man.


imageDefine Microbe as The Red Sphere. Mikrobu match Desire hunger and reproduction. I.e.. almost all of his Life Consciousness the Microbe dwells in those two States. And if it meets those requirements – He has the ability to take any other State Of The, to which the, He can grow limbs, giving the body a new Function. I.e.. all Life the Microbe is steeped in Desire.

Gradually developing in such a way, He Natural by mutating to Creatures the size of a dog or cat…

Dogs. Cats.

imageThese Creatures Life more diverse. I.e.. In addition to Desires they may already “fooling around”, fight, “have fun”, messing, Watch for some processes World. I.e.. The scope of their Consciousness and many more Features than the Microbe. Define them as The Orange Sphere. Continuing to mutate, similar Kind Of Life gradually turns into a Form similar to that Human.


imageAlready has a much more developed Consciousness, as well as the ability to enter Status, accompanied by The Huge Scale Of Sensations. Due to what is happening very fast Filling Impressions various Quality and, as a result of, very rapid development Consciousness. That contributes to accelerated Natural mutations The Organism and the transformation of the body into a more The Perfect Shape Of Life. Human Life Form conceived as a form of, Embodied in the The Universe, Supreme God, as well as Independent Life Form, is different from the General, for this The Universe, ways of development. I.e.. Our Form Of Life is a branch in the development and A Form Of Embodied Supreme God.

Position Areas.

imageVisible to the naked eye, that Realms Of Consciousness a characteristic of these Opportunities and Potential. Each subsequent Scope has “quality” superior to the previous and, the, includes previous Сферы. It follows from this, that mikrobuLive in the world of microbes. Dog – Live in the world of dogs and the chance to watch the world of microbes. Man – Live in peace People, adjust the world dogs and peace microbes.

I.e.. all of these Сферы are The Spheres different Stage Of Development. Thus gradually reaches a level of Consciousness Higher God, a Sphere of consciousness, well, Very Big, sufficient to create, at least, Cosmos.

AND, If, all of a sudden, God forbid, any of the “great” people try to compare themselves with The Supreme God, and specify the It where His place, for example, proverb:” Caesar – Cesarean, but to God – Bogovoe.” – in the same time “great Caesar” turns into a Microbe. And all that he has – This is only a dream that, that he was somehow involved in the creation of its “kesarevskogo” Consciousness. (A) God at this point, as in all other cases,, belongs to All. But the saying, all the same, turns out to be true. Just Consciousness “Caesar” is commensurate with Area Microbe. And it is nice to have the, that Microbe understand yourself. It is only important to myself Realized. But obedient children always achieve much higher Peaks: they become The Creators Of The, and have the highest possible Degree Of Freedom.

Opportunity Areas.

Developing The Scope Of holistically, i.e.. The natural way, Creature Gets not only one additional Function, and the whole “Kit” Abilities approximately the same Scale Sensations. I.e.. If you have reached a level of clairvoyance – You also have the ability to read minds, hypnotize, conjure, partly be Nirvana and so on.

Some of these abilities are achieved in other ways: by entering into a trance, as a result of drugs and other. These methods are based on the destruction of the structures already available to you Spheres and the chaotic release of, accumulated by you, Energy. It had probably been razletaûŝuûsâ Energy You may be able to forward as a bridge in the area of clairvoyance, and so âsnovidet′. And after such a session again for a long Time you need to collect Energy to come, at least, a.

In the case of Natural achieving abilities – they are always present. Perhaps it needs just silence. With such sensitivity is normal.

The amount of love and divine wrath.

If Areas Are Naturally – There is an increase Live Impressions, i.e.. increases the Love. And in this case The Amount Of Love Describes the simple formula: Final Volume -(minus) The Initial Volume = The Amount Of Love, either The Growth Of Love. Let's write the formula:


If The Amount Of Love has a negative value – This situation is called Divine Wrath.
Divine Wrath be sure to find out otherwise Khan around the, What is involved in the His the emergence of. Divine wrath must atone for the Causes Of Anger.

Because. any Natural development aims to increase the The Amount Of Love through the development of Life in General, and in particular. And any Anger It was initially deleted. But if Anger, all the same, appears – then someone doprygalsâ :) And just this hopper is its initiator and Activator.

Anger can atone not filling vospolnennogo The Amount Of Love interest for overvoltage “System”, or by other more complex refining. Shorter, It is as a means of, taken on credit. If you took – are you not getting around it: return all interest. If you stole – the more.

Symptoms Anger There are a wide variety of, but due to the imposed on reality have little. For one very simple reason: reality substituted. That's why, in the case of an outbreak Anger, Exciter will try to wrap it in a Flash, and state that the “the problem is in you. You must overcome.” (and another pohihikaet in your Pocket) If the debt is not going to give away. It should be borne in mind.

In brief – Divine Wrath – NET structure, pattern, which describes a simple formula. He is looking for a home. And calms down only Divine Love. So nothing “supernatural”.

Alcoholism, Drugs and Nirvana.

As the Consciousness, increasing your Internal Volume, constantly increasing and The Amount Of Joy, i.e.. volume “good mood“. The fully filled with quality information of different nature. And ultimately reaches the Nirvana or Somadhi.

Some Creatures to improve mood using drugs, alcohol, etc. In this case, only a superficial knowledge of, that just as easily lost. And it is the uncontrolled release of Energy, the destruction formed in Mind Fields, Structures, Links. Which will have to be rebuilt. The same is true, that lesson, monotonous work, or a stressful, you will pull to drugs. The work should be varied.

With the help of Theory Of Spheres You can consider any notion of suitable under the terms of the.

Cosmos Always with you! Y ^)

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