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To “earn” new recognition.
We also carry out Space Calculation,
From Neveroâtnostnoj Meditation Untitled…:)

If you bent your meal,
At the table, on the table, under the table, or desk.
(A), Perhaps, political map
- Be careful: someone is playing you.

Of course, as already stated, the recommendations, you quickly access status Consciousness and the perception of the World, in which your Love Will focus on All. This Is Wonderful! And the need to! The only abnormality will only, the pereroždennaâ Race Zetov will seek to deprive you of opportunities Radiate Unconditional Love, When pressure on the physiological needs of your The Organism. And adjusting to penetrate you deeper, to take you more Life, and in an effort to generate in your head the idea of escape from this World.
For self-protection, self development you have to deny such Creatures and immerse them in uncertainty. To calculate in advance the methods for removing them from your Life in the event of a collision with them. In other words, You should still take care of your own body and the protection of, to possible physical problems have not stopped your Spiritual Development, the process of accumulation Impressions, the rise and increasing the strength of their own Vibrations. …A prelude:)))

Non-probabilistic Meditation without a title or an incredible Untitled Meditation.

imageActually Meditation…It is not very complicated.
1. To do it you need to straighten the spine. Centering the body position so, to offset its own pressure, that creates from all sides. In other words, standing you should either feel the lightness, or does not feel the weight of the body.

2. You must be feeling back of head. There is The Pineal Iron. The feeling must be such that you slightly outweighs the ago, It is the head. The ideal would, If you will Sensations pulsation in the neck. This means, you have enough strongly developed the seventh chakra with its abilities.

If you have already achieved Ripple – means, you already have all the abilities of the seventh chakra. You left them just take and thus start using them in your life, If you haven't done so already.

Try to ensure, to keep the center of pressure moves to the lower chakras. I.e.. do not bend and do not strain in a bent position. In this case, you simply will have to spend precious Time though, to move the Center Conscious pressure back in The Seventh Chakra.

If you think it is, that when you “Ok” – You definitely have something to – You seem to be: you owe after this State “as the Apple of his eye”, protect and develop Its.

The basis of this meditation is the fact, We have seven chakras. The seventh of which is related to the The Pineal Gland, about suppressing the function of which is taken care of in the first place. This meditation is just one of the methods of treatment and recovery of brain functions. Official medicine similar treatment will produce will not be, because it's not profitable Zetam-invaders. They have long put the cross on The Pineal Gland, stating that the “It's not the body” :) )) or “Pineal function Gland modern science cannot determine” :) )). All catches, There is nothing to add: even the children in the garden, everything is clear :) ))

Try it for yourself – all will be Clear :) )


What is clearer for you your Thoughts – so they more clearly,
The more Clear Thoughts – order Lighter “head”,
The Lighter “head” - the lighter Consciousness,
The Lighter The Consciousness – the sooner you become Enlightened!
In other words, need in “head” skip only the friendly you.

To do this, you must use your own shaped a number or language of images, or a number of clear structures for you, or something, but the friendly you… Start a diary or notebook, in which you will produce a description of complex, not understandable, or not quite understandable structures objects, or events in their own way, that will give you understanding. How to grow and Scale Awareness. You should also write even a short observation, or noticed patterns. Oh and anyone it does not show :) ))

…and the sound of music, merging with vibrations of Waves, Fill us with new impressions…

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