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Your last day comes to Feng Shui…

(M. Mayakovsky + Feng Shui)

Everyone knows, that any object Radiates (and contains) The energy of different quality, which characterizes the frequency of Radiation, with the other power. For example, Einstein's Genius formula: (E)0 = mc2 talking, that body mass m is equivalent to the Energy of rest (E)0. From Where (m) = (E)0/(c)2 = (E)0*In, where In – Internal Information Content. We will write back In =1/(c)2 , from where 1 = In *(c)2 . From all this it should be, the normal Movement, Kinetics brings a natural result, labeling the, that between cause and effect is on the Way. While the Movement Movement opens up the meaning. In other words, The Meaning Of – This movement of numerous Movements, as a synthesis of all results, Unity. That is,, The overall Gist or Internal Content. This component of the Life Science of the past has tried to avoid, or remain silent, (a), Perhaps, even, and not to notice, for the simple reason, that linear thinking, linear formulas, push-button design are the number of dimensions of one, and the volume of, in other words the content, up to three! Well, This is in 3D space. Superfamilies, all kinds of Surface movements and their inner content of becoming one 1 = In *(c)2 =In/(E)(n). Here's to you and Trinity, without masturbation, snivels and slûnej. Or to be more precise: Boy Girl = Resonance Vibration Of Love In En = , and Dad * Mom = Kid In*En = (m) (((((:))))) Yin (En) – Lingerie Start, Yan (In) – imageThe Male Principle, merge into a single Whole. It also indicates the, that infinite ocean of consciousness of Shiva (the form of the one God) with the endless ocean of energy of his Shakti are integrated and together create the creation. The creation process can be described in a similar way: In*En = (m), that is the idea and energy create all. At the same time, both of these are mass Quantities. And the Weight is an information Matrix filled with energy, either A Skeleton wrapped in Energy. Some “smart people” have learned to, not with your head, destroy information links (with the help of false ideas), separating Energy from the matrix, in an effort to destroy in this way all things, for that they will soon become “fun”. That in turn suggests that the, that energy is now needed to put in place: return It back, where it should be. This applies both to the Energy of each person, and specifically to women. And then šastaût they where horrible. The same is true: If you do not have the information, Ideological Foundation, Supports, Skeleton – you do not exist: En – In = 0. If you own A Skeleton was replaced in part by the false Ideas (fictional, fictional information) – then you just Exist in dreams, Deception, Illusions, and in this hole of uncertainty arises your Definitely live energy, a painting of what remained was sepia tones imagelife. And it means, that “Baba” must be “Baba”, (a) “Guy” – “Man”. The woman should be a woman, and serve as typical women's Top. A man should be a man and serve as typical Male Top. From all the above should be, that energy (En) must be energy, (a) information (In) – Information. Well, This was an example of rotations and magical Transformations ((((:)))) …with caution.

And now directly to Feng Shui… Any subject, object has its own Radiation, and, If the item is a Vibration resonance with some of your Vibration – the, of course, There is a dramatic increase in Wave your vibration and vibration of an object!! You immediately sympathize the object and come to an understanding of, as you like it! That's why, If you soothe dancing – dance, If drawing – Paint, If singing – sing, If plants – go gardening-gardening, and by analogy… Drink from Favorite cups favorite color, in Favorite slippers. Dance like you want to, When you want to, under music, which you like. What is a Resonance with your energy at rest, to appease you, allows you to open up your inner Peace, showing Some incarnation of the Form your true Essence. Surround yourself with these forms of, allowing open up therefore more. This can be not only Objects but also the colors, Smells, Tastes, Sounds, which are objects, just another Space. Do Any peculiar for you creativity, at convenient times. Be Creative! All this will strengthen your own individual Vibration and make it more stable, that in turn will give you confidence in yourself, and your own actions. And you will always be sure, the world is beautiful, and Space is endless.

Simply put, Now you are your own Feng Shui…


…only the Energy of rest should not be confused (E)0, and General Energy (E)


Remember that the, that should not be allowed any “Crap”…

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