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Планетарная помощь

Hello ЛюБиМыЕ! ^)
После достаточно продолжительных размышлений было принято судебное заключение и сейчас будет оглашено решение относящееся к несанкционированной хозяйственной деятельности на Planet Land.

Вся мудрость The Universe
скрыта в каждом Her миллиметре
- не зачем желать слишком многого,
When solution находится прямо перед тобой.

Всем известно, что дела в правительственных кругах Read more

The KGB and mating

Солнце отвернулосьThis will not even in the movies:
You're in power and you …

In small countries with a population of, usually, up to 20 million, the secret services have special status. Because they face no one knows, They magically, incredible, elusive and always Read more

In the line of fire

So long “mentally healthy animals” attacking from all sides, (a) “lovely” “perfect” “biological material” sits out in the bushes behind his back, hoping to wait for the moment when it becomes clear who Read more


ДэвыEach creature is developing according to its own Standard. Even not knowing or not knowing it, Substantive development cycle is precisely because of this Standard. Read more


Suicide- Typically forget you taki are poor?
- TAMU reached durny.
- While you typically forget taki durny?
- Tama that are poor.

(Belarusian folk wisdom)
$$$ Foundation investment of the gods. $$$ Read on


It's simple.

☼ ૐ equilateral Who begot Anticivilizaciû? ☼ ૐ equilateral

Goings On

ПроисходящееShake the palaces. Fathers
The orbit of secrets. Open
They Say.
Wave flow fly up to,
Glitter zipper catching.

✪ ╬ ╬ Cosmos affection and Open ✪

The Principle Of Forced Power

МолнияYou're talking about beautiful
AND, probably, East.
But Lightning Blue
The reek of the enemy exactly.
⊡ ● ⊡ ● ⊡ Love – all my life to live…


Карма. Невольница
Was it. Here Is The, revët like a beast,
Launched the hammer of destiny, enemy at the door.

Vtoptana Love
- Pierce Cry.
Throw some blood
For high office – Hangman.

♥(¯ ' •. ¸ Love pervades the universe ¸. • ' ¯ ´)♥

The principle of autonomous regulation

АвтономияI died, I died,
And gushing blood
For a wide stream, Latham.
Awake I otherwise, again
Starting you the Warrior eye.

(Velemir Khlebnikov)

Enslaving the planet, criminal aliens can do such things, that will be a serious threat of terrorism. Terrorists may ( ( ( Life – Harmony ) ) )

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