Карма. Невольница
Was it. Here Is The, revët like a beast,
Launched the hammer of destiny, enemy at the door.

Vtoptana Love
- Pierce Cry.
Throw some blood
For high office – Hangman.

Neproŝal′nyj Trooper
Pronesëtsâ Cavalry. Whistling.
Autumn leaf
Was nevol′nicej.

Take Care
All, the heart of your: hide
Not born then cry.

Faces of Destiny sometimes can surprise. But what is Karma? Quite often there are replica types: “Karma one Love”, or “One Love Karma”. A little after analysing and comparing existing concepts, You can see, that karma is associated with love, love from across the universe. Hence Karma is connected with the universe. Cunningly.


If we consider the trivial cases – You can see a lot of interesting things. You can steal any object. And theft would not be allowed to move an object from one domain to another. For Example, to steal from apartments valuable thing it must be moved from one apartment to another and not to inform the owner of the valuable things.

To steal money from one place enough purse to another.

Stealing ideas.

Карма. Ларец Идей.Suppose, that a living being has an idea, which already drew up plans, recorded on paper. Because. He does not have the capacity to implement them – The creature decides to defer implementation until, While there will be the necessary conditions and opportunities. If, all of a sudden, plan spied someone unashamed, having this opportunity to implement it – He, no doubt, will try to implement it immediately. That will lead to the loss of this idea on the part of its author, in the event that the offender will be able to implement it. So is stealing ideas. It is very often used in anticipation of stealing language: “Come on perebežim way” – This designates, then the author ideas don't have to be created “Road”.

Theft potential.

Потенциал и КармаКарма. Потенциал

Can be stolen potential. Ways to implement it very much: consider just some of the. Vorcy capacity usually pretend best friends, and masked by a very professional. Once they get to know the most important information, Of course, with the justifications – use the data for their own purposes. This can be a life plan of a Substance, If it is available. Because. Zetas create those professionally, with the fate of the enviable – It is unlikely to escape “zetovskogo hypnosis” without assistance. But very likely, that assistance will need to request another zetus ' WWI draft registration, Which one, of course, will not issue its. He can tell, that was the fate of a good, then something happened, and it has changed dramatically. Only nothing concrete will not Zed: offender conceals the offender. However, the newly-appointed Assistant can “delete the victim for money”, or a slice of life…

Realizing the potential of alien, z excludes normal Creature features a quiet life, and it turns into an endless anxiety. Hold Creature in such a troubled State zetam is given the opportunity to put before a victim is any task. These tasks, before we face the next Executive, may remain unresolved for tens of thousands of years. If the task is still not solved – It means hundreds of thousands of lives are put on its solution. And is it not less. Will there be enough “novoispečennomu fighter” own lives on this, whether it is convenient – It does not bother them: the solution must be found, money don't matter. Moreover, these tools – constantly coming free “biological material”: Living Beings, that helpless. This allows the people to dress any zetam shackles. After All,, all the same the helpless no weapons, to get rid of the bothersome zetov, that is good to live at the expense of somebody else.

Theft of fate?

I said: Woe! Mouser!
Why does fate hold the lips?»
But he answered: "Sud′bolov
I will number — lomoderžec».

(Velimir Khlebnikov)

Карма. Судьба.But is it possible to steal the destiny? Let's make out. If you consider the fate of the estimated model – You can see it in secondary education, University, No dusty work, personal transportation, your House, normal family. Could this all be stolen? After All,, the fate of the – It is not essential. How can you take it and walk away?

What is secondary education? Permanent training and periodic exercises, that may not be the most interesting and attractive. If education is a sensitive man, that because of the nature of the organism is more shrewd, Thanks to the quality of its learning above – the boring lessons affects a huge number of factors. If these factors do not match – lessons are done will not and do not want to go to school. Frequent repetition of this situation will lead to, that person or the failure or be transferred to another school. Factors affecting academic performance may be yard pressure or pressure at school (including teachers), that can cause a reaction of rejection the school as a whole. Leaving the destiny of a man can end very early in life. Curious, But if a free destiny – It may take someone. Such are the wonders of.

By the way, If a person is able to quickly memorize, prepared for the absorption of information – education it can get for a couple of nights before exams. Such people usually sensitivity is lowered, again, due to the characteristics of the organism.

The same education can be divided into. Those, to stop and Paul education, usually find those, who can take away half. Usually this is a trusting and good people, that simply because a good education cannot refuse to. AND, constantly being distracted by half, may lose.

Similarly, you can steal or lose job. The Role Of (thief or victim) in this case depends on the position. In more detail: before the kidnapping, job is figuring out the details of the activities and the possible places of employment. After the robber has collected enough information – He goes ahead and intercepts the open opportunity. And the relevance of the posts there. That leads to, that “clown” occupies an important position, a specialist does not work.

Карма. Заложница.Now steal House. :) If the fate of a House – You can then retrieve. And it could be your destiny: Be careful. For the construction of a section of, material, labour force, building the makings, time and other components. To steal the plot – enough of it to intercept under your nose. It may even look quite ironic. For Example, two friends Joe and Peter come to build houses in the neighborhood. Joe engineer, and Peter welder. Peter asked John's: “How do you think: What station is better?”. Joe Frank is responsible for: “The normal and the normal, and this I take myself.” AND “gorgeous” Peter, headlong, runs the site register, I found for myself that Vasily. Well aware of the fact, the welder can hardly pick up a normal plot. That, in turn, confirms, what people does not equal, and those, who vibrate at low frequencies, will never be able to solve the big questions of the available themes, who is vibrating at high frequencies. The first Foundation of House Vasil stolen, now the House is going to look different, While the fate of civil engineer became a bit pogryzennoj and beaten. How to steal the remaining components is not difficult to guess: won't go.

While a normal person strives to realize its destiny and do it efficiently – no normal person wants to steal from him the, What is possible to reach as quickly as possible. While a normal person spends on implementation plans – no normal person wants to destroy his Foundation, or catch the finished result. After all, when you can zagresti yourself at least a splinter part, that is unlikely to attract attention to their true owner. For Example, If you have expensive you beautiful glass jar – If it is broken – most likely you discard. But Huckster, posposobstvovavšij breaking the banks, zagrebet a beautiful steklâški and try to profit from it. After all, for this he provoked a similar situation. If you have a plant for the production of beautiful tins – Huckster will attempt to “break up” factory order, to be able to sell the beautiful banks and components factory, drawing on this instant profit, thus eliminating the need to continue building their own destiny.

If you're ready to create a business of their own fate or production – the criminals, which steals all, try to use podvernuvšiesâ feature. They will find you and wait, even, several years or a lifetime, and then start to suck out your ideas and plans, obvivat′ dependency chains and bonds. AND, If they can rob you – They zapolučat all: your production or business, wealth, which suggests the data activities, dating, that will occur as a result of rotation in the business community, attention, that would belong to you because of your wealth or charm, your potential wife and children. Not excluded, that strong Creatures, there are resources of the organism, to make a second attempt, but, Perhaps, It is not followed by.

Theft of life.

Is it possible to? Only:

1) If the number of Lives you can change.

2) If life is connected with the body.

3) If the body can be affected by.

Карма. Жизнь.For such an evil plan, you must create the possibility of leakage of energy of life. I guess, many have heard about any of the vampires, koshheev of the immortals – all this is sad. To form a leak just enough rasbalansirovat′ structure (in this case the body) until leakage. When a leak is the place to be – you only need to collect the separated stuff.

Карма. Природа.In General, theft of life looks like a dive of the body in a more stringent, the promise of significantly more lenient conditions. Because the promised and actual conditions of living and an energy drain. Just assemble it. Most often want to kill those, who has the energy of life very much, because this piece of – Dainty. Criminal aliens may even get married, to slowly and quietly eat. No Doubt, all such circus looks believable.

Robbery Youth.

Карма. Природа.If you are young – appreciate it. Because youth may pass unnoticed or, even, by. Shame only if you will pass by your youth.

If you are a cultured and gullible – You can were a criminal alien, or a black hole and quietly steal your youth. This is not a tangible benefit would provide tangible form.

For Example, you will get acquainted with people, as young as you, and you can feel the youthfulness. But if near you Black Hole – youth may fail right into it. The principle of destruction of the youth is quite simple: It's enough to steal it to feel. It can be tricky trying to instill honest Beings any self-deception: “Rejoice for others, If they do.” This corresponds to any slave Religion. I.e.. While the offender will discourage friends, opportunities, to domestic rape girlfriends – the victim should rejoice, for, that “friend” Youth almost fairytale. And raped her and deceived friends will excuse the expressions: “Well, He was able to do it.” Can be justified by such friends and really deserve the destruction and transformation into nothing? And do not worry for them? But this is not about friends-predatelâh, but the stolen, the single living creature, Youth.

More on this in the theme “Time”.


Mud sinking, We pull set′mi
-Blind man.
We have been, We were children,
Now we – winged priesthood.

(Velimir Khlebnikov)

Structure, creating the impossibility of penetrating cosmic light. Karma can steal even then, that the person never intended to have. Is the most sophisticated form of robbery. “Hello, Karma!” – so can tell each, but few will understand.

If you try to give a definition language, understandable for today – Karma – system events, allows you to painlessly for criminals, drain the blame for crimes committed on the heads of those, those who did not commit. For this fit of naïve and talented Creatures with bright Minds, do not have sufficient experience to protect themselves, or confused in any way.

Consider the simple example of modernity: the Internet has a quality site, which aims to help all that there is. And each Creature could get help, Having examined his. But! If every Creature will receive assistance – It will no longer need official helpers, naživaûŝie a fortune on helping others. And popravivšiesâ beings will thank the authors of those resources, that proved to be useful. Therefore, you have to cash in on all that can give a valuable quality site. How to do it? Elementary: just hide the selected resource from the folks. How to do it? Just: throw it to the end of the search engines. What exactly will this achieve? Lot: authors will fill it, because they are designed to help, and the criminals will use specific high-quality tips for own glorification and increase power and control over the world. While making attempts to obscure the perception of reality, who is at the origin of the ideas. Why is it possible? Because their sites-helpers appear at the beginning of the search engines, to closely monitor the, to quality resources “plelysya in the tail”, swinging them back if necessary. Because of the, that the needy Creatures do not receive timely and quality care (as described above) – they die, get into trouble, go crazy, commit suicide or other reckless behavior. The blame for all this lies with the “search engines”, more specifically on their founders, owners and participants. Creature, caught up in the troubles of the karmic pressure, is not responsible for the acts committed by them. This responsibility fully fully bear only the creators of such Karma. Usually offences of this type are called policy. This example describes the mechanism of karma.

Action, similar to those described above, can be applied on any structure, capable of radiating the energy of any quality. Whether it's a book, art subject, music, the method of conduct or relationship, activity and more. Because Karma is called: the inability of the world to ignore cosmic light.

The Origin Of Karma.

Many Creatures, committing crimes against the cosmos, earning a curse, established as protective mechanisms of an unauthorized access to various kinds of sacred information. These safeguards may take the form of disease, trouble, and other forms of enhanced assistance in the development of the unworthy creatures. No Doubt, their level of development is low, to cope with acquired troubles, established purely for the sake of, to speed up their development, since they themselves wanted to. But, being aware of your own inability to meet new challenges, they prefer “Entrust” them on the heads of those who can. Looking for these creatures and to merge their problems on the light head. In a natural device of the universe is generally not possible. But in places, where are experimenting, that possibility appears. Due to the intentional restriction of information and participants benefit in experiment. So is Karma. Structure, which hides the quality information and imposes a false. Absorbing the, honest experiment participants get into trouble, or acquire disease, that belong only to those, who organized the Karma. So criminals are their own punishment merge on the head, who is not guilty and naïve and trusting. After which the naive and gullible are beginning to search for a panacea from diseases for the whole population of the planet, (a) the offender, with impunity, looking for a way to establish control over the entire population of the planet and merges the new diseases.


Karma – temporary structure. Therefore expressed its main action in late. This is the main function of karma: It stops, When to go, and rides, When everything is not true. An example of multiple scientific discoveries made by the talented scientists or ordinary geniuses, that have been hidden and detained from official show until the death of their authors. Such strokes criminals prefer to resort to assign all merit genius author. This they do in those cases, When the author didn't want to sell my talent. After the death of genius they may claim, that opening belongs to science, make a false testament, or reopen it in other hands. Then this is no one will challenge. Outlook of brilliant people is significantly different from the ideology of mikroboskopičeskih lumps of nerves, ever have a chance to steal. After all, a talented person can easily describe the true face of God, Which one, of course, very beneficial to any criminal ideology. The real scientists – This is something, that seeks to eradicate any underworld.

Criminal associations.

The Karma, usually, many groups and structures, United by a common purpose: discreetly to commit a crime. This can be a set of relationships in the business community, policy, Media, educational institutions, religious institutions, scientific, controlling, Executive and other authorities. Uniting and working together, they achieve the desired result.

Meločnoe theft.

In life everything is taken into account: If someone lost their own destiny – means the offender, involved in this, should all pay.

Карма. Природа.If a living creature to kill – It will be too much. Because changes are happening too rapidly, that definitely catches your eye. The criminals have begun to prefer kill Creatures not quite, and in half or into smaller parts. In such cases, it is desirable for an attacker, These shares have been absurd, not visible, not dokazuemy. On the fact of, even, the partial murder is murder Life. Equity method to steal not only Life but Destiny. If steal share the fate of many living beings – You can build the custom realm (This is one of the reasons because of which Land prefer divided into parts), If many planets – You can build your own planet. Only all the similar “entertainment” end with “game in box”.

If you were born on the planet of death – You may as a birthday present a pot of karma or “divinely” throw it on your Light Head.

Карма сочная Карма рыхлая

Criminals-Karmodely commit protivozakonie not only for the weak-willed Creatures but also to their own children. After the death of all these thieves accountable to live for the committed crimes rested on the shoulders of children, and it is doubly a crime. What the child wants to be the culprit? That's why such “noble” parents are required to pay double the amount.

You can steal all of: time, glory, oil rig before she appeared.

The most terrible criminals have long seized control of this world. Even, If they are Mentally ill – This does not detract from the significance of their actions, rather the opposite.

It doesn't matter who: Zetas or black holes – All Karmic Criminals sentenced to expulsion from the saving Things, of the Space of life, from space, the planet: they stayed for the duration equal to the time draining their own Karma on someone else's Light Head. The, for an atypical use of life energy karmodely are endless ban on birth right.

And what do you think: why this spring came with a taste of autumn?

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