КосмосDon't tell me Star – not learn then:
Who, Why, where will, to meet the forever.
That's our flight leaves at Starship,
To accurately see Cosmos black like sings.

(Mumiy Troll, or something similar to it)

In space there is nothing except the Energies. All this revolves, turns, is converted, improved. Are Present Energy of different quality. The easiest way to share Energy Vibration frequency. Within each frequency of vibration Energy may take the form of a. This creates an object of a certain frequency of vibration. Objects can be many. Interacting between themselves they help improve existing Frequency Vibration. The energy is one of the more common forms of energy, contains them all.

Космос ЭнергийEnergy and objects can be various. For Example, Blue or orange Energy, nuclear energy, The Energy Of Life, Energy Growth, Energy Star or planet and other.

For Example, Immerse yourself in the energy of love, You can still enter the energy of life. It looks like the appearance of the universe and the birth of any of local Worlds.


In the case of the natural concentration of energy, there is always a sense of joy. That is a spiritual nature. Joy – This guide, Assistant and companion of all who Soar.


Космос ЗвездаIn The Universe Ajfaar (our universe) one of the higher States of development is – Love. When The Creature, developing, reaches the Unconditional Love – It can be elevated over the universe and move on. There is no special need to gain experience in other Universes.

Its Space is mutual love and joy. The Cosmos Exists.

Every life form is born twice:

1) For the first time – to exist.

2) For the second time – to live.

This applies to the human type Creatures.

The first birth is a formation of Substance information and energy, in prostonarod′i referred to as Soul or consciousness.

Second birth – the embodiment of one of the worlds, where is the energy of life. This is usually accompanied by the recovery of the body and the settlement of a pre-existing Soul in this body. After which there is accumulation of experience by interacting with the surrounding reality with the help of the body.

Eventually goes like this: first time Creature can Exist; for the second time – live. And better it appreciated.


Having the opportunity to Be, Consciousness is an information-energy substance, vibrant with some frequency, or within a certain range of frequencies. That has certain characteristics and abilities.

Космос РазвитиеUsually the Energy is developing independently, improving from a low frequencies to higher Frequencies. The process is quite lengthy and not every consciousness is able to improve yourself. Many due to own errors were inclined to self-destruction and degradation. Bringing in the universe Ajfaar suffered a crisis.

To help in resolving the crisis was created by such energy as the energy of life. To create worlds inhabited by Beings, The consciousness which vibrate at different Frequencies. The meaning of these Worlds is easier for Minds, that it cannot at all. This ability is revealed only through, that, being present in the Worlds, just follow the advice Highly Developed Consciousnesses and develop under their supervision. The more that all residents have similar body functionality, that makes it possible to emulate the highly developed and thus improve and move forward a proven reliable by.

But the immature creatures and those, who had been deprived of mind, watched and came to the conclusion, that does not necessarily develop according to the plan of the creator, After all, you can just use highly developed Creatures for their own purposes, to solve their own problems; just monitor all at the level of the body, and produced jointly by (or individually) reaching to arrogate to itself and continue to use for its own purposes. The case ends a life energy – just steal it from the, who else has. In other words, for those who are young-, stupid, not experienced enough: those who came to this world only recently. (A), so nobody noticed, the main thing is not to give time to recover. As a result of such artful theft insane creatures lose their most subtle bodies, and still they have only the physical body, which is limited to all manners of their existence. As the qualities of the soul they continually decompose – the only way to multiply them – This cloning. Such Creatures is to convince everyone else that, There is no God and bind all the biological Life form, because this is their only form of Existence. And so the crisis of stagnation has evolved into a otstojnuû tumor. Such places are usually referred to as “Space Tumor”. The problem is simple: with just a broken cosmic order. To resolve this issue – enough to restore the natural order.

Form tumors.

In this case, form tumors a rotted through “shirt” inside the bulbs, who eats the content still alive “the bulbs”, She enveloped. Thus linear sterilization “the bulbs” It is not advisable because of the possible extinction of live content “the bulbs”, who eats the same “tumor”. While “tumor” This is known, and it uses the absorbed life hostage, as a guarantee of your own existence, that is in a very precarious situation.

Is it possible to cure Tumors? Yes, This would be possible, If “tumor” given up into the hands of space Doctors. But as she runs away and hides from them – probably, This event is not possible.

Swelling can also be perceived as a cheater, which lies on both sides of the:

1) “Live Content” It navral who is God and stated, He from it.

2) God he blatantly States, that “Everything is in order! All want the, What happens to them”.

Typical scams, that can Be a typical middling “tumor”.

Life in space.

Космос ЖизньLiving in space, Perhaps, someone will have to lose one's own body. Happens every. Don't despair, If this happens. The main keep Cosmic Harmony and help her to conquer new Territory and Space. But don't expose yourself to unnecessary heroic snubs, leading to end of life, or lose body due to naivety, or a foolish desire to help someone, hoping to become so fit though for someone, who will forget you after a second.

Maybe you will become a scientist – Maybe not. Maybe you'll be the first – may be Yes. Maybe you have children – Maybe not. Maybe you won't be happy – may be Yes.

Remember that the, that low-frequency Energy – This is not bad. Much more important is the potential, they carry. He may not be with disintegrating, Maybe sinteziruûŝimsâ or other. However,, don't hurt our smaller brothers.


Космос КосметаUsually a planet inhabited by Beings of similar type Vibration. This allows the entire population to work productively for own development, While, almost, in resonance, resulting in greater speed of development.

This approach allows some Planets to colonize the colonies criminal Creatures, that eliminates the need to contain prison and feel irritated by the presence of decomposing Vibrations.

Earth in the universe is also referred to as “Planet Of Death”. There are Vibrations of different quality and Substance, These Vibrations. Such experiments are quite rare.

Regularity Of Laws.

Laws of the infinite Cosmos precede. They apply to the entire Cosmos and all, that it is (and at each point) regardless of the location of the, type of frequency, statehood, laws by State, religious affiliation, the position of the universe, or other indicators. Space is omnipresent and Prime, everywhere.

КосмосInfinite Space is a single Brahman, the one who created It. The seceded parts of the single Brahman – Atmany, also are the Brahman, because of their separate existence of the integrity of the infinite Consciousness; represents only some form of presence in space. So it is true, Atman – This is the same owner of the Cosmos as Brahman. Brahman – creator of the cosmos. No one except the author of creation may not know how to develop it. The Atman has the right to specify what and to whom it is better to do regardless of the number of award, and as much as what and who owns. In accordance with the law of concentration of energy is not violated the order because the Atman refers to the type of Absolute.

Cosmos – It is not only incredibly incredibly infinitely infinite but also any object, View, Mote, Point. If you see any object – you see the private property of the infinite Cosmos. If you feel the wind – This is the private property of the infinite Cosmos. If you do not see and do not feel – This is the private property of the infinite Cosmos, just like you. Brahman – the owner of the cosmos. And Atman – This is the same Brahman. Typically this resembles, If this is lost, or pretend.

God – This unity of Holistic.

You the exact definition of all, that fell to the Density of reality so far.

Fulfillment Of Desires.

Космос исполняет желанияCreature, which do not suit the conditions in Infinite Space can leave it immediately. Behavior of this kind is considered as manifested the desire to be absent in space. After All,, This attitude towards his own Existence, accompanied by desire or tendency to reject all things, that amounts to a wish to end their own existence and disappear from the infinite Space. That should be executed and is accepted immediately.

If you choose to create anything or build – do it Properly, invest in your own creation with all my love and all the best that you have. Because it primarily belongs to me.

Infinite Space.

The Time Has Come: the lead sentence to execution.


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