МолнияYou're talking about beautiful
AND, probably, East.
But Lightning Blue
The reek of the enemy exactly.

They can hear their fluttering happily
Recite poems, it is unclear.
Burns City line
- Lightning Red.

Deceitful sounds views:
Not terribly thick.
Yellow heal Lightning:
To the touch it is acute.

Live all the ruin,
The audacity of this bold.
In the case of all loves
Lightning White.

IN Cosmos(e) some of the Planets is the place to be this form of planetary governance, which can be called Authoritarian or Forced. As a rule, She appears with the help criminal aliens. In essence, it is the excellence of some particular person over all other. Moreover,, It is a dominant superiority is expected in all areas.

МолнииAuthoritarian regime can be modified. For Example, in the case of its implementation through intermediaries. This situation can occur, If the local population clearly refuses to obey. Then after person matching, It is becoming the controversial rights of the first transition in the single subsequently.

The three most common types of forced power:

1) The Authoritarian. Which States: “Allowed all, that I am authorized.”

2) Totalitarian. Which is characteristic of the: “Allowed all, that allowed you to our group.”

3) Democratic. The Foundation of which is the adoption of the: “Allowed all, We have not yet managed to deny.”

Any type of authoritarian power exists because of the linear control of all available structures. If a structure is not available – It is excluded from the universal access, or try to exclude.

Power grab is solely due to the human factor. Once the goal is reached, invader seeks to delete all similar interception power, making specific contingencies, legislation or regulatory office machines.

In most cases, this type of management can be described as the power of homeless people and prostitutes of the world. Usually it is quite cunning and is described by the following formula:” If you are a specialist – tell me how to do that, what you think you know, only try to do so, so I then could you explain as beings, who do not understand. Otherwise I do not you pay or you'll throw in pellets of pistoletika. Yes, and what all these extremes? Come on, tell me solution. And I will carry on and assume all the glory, benefit and Kudos.”

From the very language is clearly visible, the criminal power exists due to the possibility of theft, that is because of the existence of weapons from criminals, commit an act of theft. Some of them, even, allow yourself to make such statements as:” I want to, you to think, all that you gave me.” Expanded the wording looks like:” All this I stole for you. Keep my circus – then I will give you the, that I stole from other. (A), After all, I obvoruû you. But according to my law, you will not be able to prove that, What I stole from you. Yes and, all the weapons I have is, because in any case you are powerless.”

In practice, all resembles:

1) Find creature with a ready solution, and this solution is trying to steal the.

2) If the operation was successful – greatness and Kudos were given to thieves. If there is no – looking for another “air vent”.

To implement these simple combinations specifically contains a large variety of shadow circles, which are made up of Trustees comprising various organizations. Creatures, going through these organizations, forced to disclose qualitative ideas and almost always receive “from the gate turn”. Info, by doing it pumps, lurking in the creature-like dolls, becomes known shadow circles and gets on their universal court. They are periodically or as a matter of urgency to discuss the feasibility of navorovannyh ideas. As part of the zetovskih community composed of businessmen, policy, doctors, šoumèjkery and other henchmen – the stolen ideas must be character. As seen, are they also not artfully. A network of such structures envelop all the available area and, If they belong to a criminal power – all State.

In the case of, If the author of the idea is too intrusive and breakdown, just kill him not – shadow circles are used to overcoming resistant media personality. Originally manufactured pressure and attempts to put in a mental hospital (and the views of those, whom white tickets not considered), After attempting to murder stretched in time with the institutes of medicine and other available methods.

Metropolitan Area.

If people of different areas of the world adapted to parasitic and learned to defend themselves from it – then the diffuse rabble raklov, madmen and galakhov leans to unite efforts to create powerful structure able to control the, who has learned to resist them one by one. So can form a Kingdom or State. After the appearance of its leaders seek to compel all others to give them free of any value, they possess.

ВишниFor Example, There are creatures, who learned how to grow cherry. They have a lot of cherries, and many want to exchange the cherry on their products. And the King-Emperor also wants such cherries, but it does not produce any goods. On what, then change the? You can go to ask, If you do not give – develop weapons, while others are working, and, under penalty of death to pick cherries. With the rest to do the same, If you can. You can even nagrabit′ jewelry and change them to the cherry, then steal them again. But the most profitable method – monitor all Exchange operations, take a mediation situation. For this it is perfect money and the financial system.

Mentally ill criminals begin to create their own financial systems and methods of taxation for the use of the financial system. As a result, the Group of beggars illusion as if they all give their own money, calculate salary, but it is actually a money, They seized the population. Thus you can set whatever taxes: If someone has a tasty carrot – You can set a tax on it and, Thus, get her to the dining table.

With the progression of disease madness the invaders can start taxing even honestly purchased property or accommodation, self built wise Creatures. Not having invested in the construction of a single gram of your own efforts. That makes it necessary to introduce the three-time tax on Audacity, If the nizkočastotnoe Consciousness “zaprygnulo down” high-frequency, Specifies the, what he needs to do, and taxing under pain of death, and other excuses. Clinical stage of disease carriers shall the standard integrated management.

Empire of assassins.

Нож БомжаIf criminals do not manage to create a Union for life of robbery and rabovladel′čestva – they create criminal empire. This will typically choose a country or a continent, that fell behind in development from the rest. On the planets Death most civilized, usually, is a country, with more powerful weapons, and the most backward – Ta, the weakest weapons. Having picked up a candidate to crack, bums, the criminals, prostitutes from all over come it “to master”, taking with him a civilized weapon. Usually, without intervention, enslave or capture candidate succeeds. If, as a result of the aggressive action, the local population was destroyed – novoispečënnye citizens are compelled to starve and bomževat′, periodically shooting each other. This is for the simple reason, that they themselves are not able to work and are not collected because of their own criminal nature.

Eventually they come to the conclusion, in such a situation, it is necessary to live at the expense of other countries. And transgress the international fraud. Thus they exist until their plans will be made known to the public. To hide such information they bribe local government and appoint its own executives in other countries, thus forming World Government.

Aware of his own nothingness, they are involved in “bid labour away brain” from all over the world. Creating unbearable living conditions for intelligent Beings in other countries, They offer them to move to their own empire. If this happens – the intellectual potential of the relocated Creatures used to destroy those countries, from where they moved.


Групповой НожHardly captured the power always monitors its own reliable position. Prevents the interception and accumulates information on potential competitors. When it was enough – they begin to destroy all its competitors in the bud. And do not even allow their formation.

Documentary evidence proving the facts are repeatedly recurring events, murder and suppression of Creatures, Learning Space. The victims were Jesus Christ, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, Aristotle and other.

The audacity of madmen sometimes comes to the, What are the laws, block thinking, macabre, even, If possible the origin thought: After all,, This can cause, the head will start to think, This is illegal according to the laws of the caciques.

Групповой НожThe power of the criminals of the world is interested in, all subsidiaries were slaves under any pretext, (a) any, who can shake their confident position, was dead or sat with mouth closed securely. Many honest Beings, naterpevšis′ criminal attacks, robbery, violence from the killers seized power, begin to defend themselves, that, of course, violates the criminal “laws”, created by homeless. As the situation, where are honest Creatures, created by killers, holding the power over the world – responsibility and blame for all internally “narušitel′nye” action, by honest Beings, rests solely on the shoulders of the intruders had seized power.

Therefore Space killer sentenced to expulsion from Being, of the Space of life, from space, the planet and, for reliability, can be has been dropped for the count.


Прогресс ОбществаProgress is important for any State, so criminals especially carefully monitor ongoing progressive otupeniem the trapped people. If at first the slaves can be revealed, that they are descended from apes and imposed on the obez′ânničeskaâ culture – Subsequently, they intend to make obedient biorobots. In such cases, there is a production of Chimeras in bulk form.

Прогресс ОбществаFor more quality production of chimeras can be used incubatory pastures. Death on the planets they are called cities. Hatching eggs cells are multi-storey buildings, tupeûŝimi potential equally infested biorobots.

Life on the planets of organized, to produce the massive pumping of viable ideas. This is a two-pronged demonstration of intent:

1) To “wrapper from candy wrappers” usurped the glory, benefit and Kudos, If someone else has an idea.

2) The desire to bring more thinking heads to dullness due to destruction of their potential.

Прогресс ОбществаInherent in these types of statehood and the massive narcotic inflating the population. Especially, increase in the production of narcotic drugs (including alkogoličeskih), the phases are important to maintaining power to fogginess of consciousness for a period of time. And the mode, which can be characterized as removal of all the skins with the population.

The importance of and the need for power is supported by powerful weapons and power structures, the need which justifies the bandits not in time still capture the Royal throne, good times “Mongol raids” the segments of society.

Adding fuel to the fire, the powers that be bums try to keep the local population in a position to quarrel and fragmentation, for Suppression of power structures, justifying the own existence in the eyes of still obedient citizens, uvedënnyh from thoughts about conditioning the power.

Own their filthy hands power to homeless people over the world compels normal Beings to quarrel among themselves, Drench each other with mud and show aggression. This is because, the usual limp Creatures are questions to State, where they take the same limp Creatures, caught in a no-win situation. Over each other's noisy emotional mud, the merits of extending it further, and the criminals, behind all the spin or spinoû in the shade, stay clean and intact, that allows them to continue peacefully continue to develop their own devious designs.

If the criminal regime go to war amongst themselves – die it honest, responsible, the naïve Creatures, While decomposing microbes prohlaždaûtsâ in the shadows behind the backs of the slaves. Their actions come from considerations:”All the same I sdohnu - They sdohnut to me.”

In order for the, to rabotâŝej part of the population does not give the possibility to realize who the throne, criminal power always supports related criminals, misfits, and vagabonds, watching, the, that they could not create risk to their tëplen′kogo field. In this very natural appearance of the honest man:” Why is it I've been working constantly and still live worse than those, who idles, alkanit, steals?” In other words is the support of low-frequency and decomposing the elements of peace, to maintain their authority in General and razdražënnosti to normal Creatures in particular, that reduces the desire to live.

Adjust the level of aggression and chaos among the population without respect for authority prefers using complaints, that system participants write each other in secret. On normal Planets for such ordinances are put snout, a Death on the planets they are protected by conditional rules.

If there was an invalid for criminal power, and some of the creatures had reached high frequency Vibration – catch all the forces, to suppress this frequency and suck “refugee” the State-controlled Nizkočastotnoe Area. The second Buddha or Christ – It is not a desirable circumstance for criminal power. The laws prohibited them to do all the, What did these Spacemen.

The unity of man and woman is a holistic unit, physiological needs which fully satisfied. This is highly undesirable for the thuggish authorities: in this case, there is annoyance and hatred in society, that eliminates the need to contain the power structures and develop the forcible power. The population was loaded into the system, where elements of holistic separated and grudge, Emphasizing the purely individual interests. By fooling the most intellectually weak parts holistic element, and luring him into a trap preset, attempts to destroy the element as a whole. Thus the destruction of some races through the panties and pantyhose.

This is enough to make the creatures in order to progress from Being sent, of the Space of life, from the planet to study other forms of presence.


ФашизмSometimes, being so addicted to battle with fascism, that just do not notice as, zamaskirovavšis′, It penetrates to the imperial throne, and begin a genocide against oduračennogo population.

Фашизм 1Dorvavšiesâ to the throne of cockroach fact devour everything for your own survival. And if every living thing eaten – they begin to devour each other. Roach's power is similarly. The raw material base of human resources, brings pleasure, Food and profit, is of secondary importance. It is important to follow the permanent impotence and bezoružiem biological raw material, to freely engage in looting and violence over hostage death, fear and frustration. For baleen cockroaches are better, If the violence is like an act of goodwill on the part of the victim because of the hopelessness of the situation.

Фашизм ГенералIn countries with 1984 May to gather information to create the illusion of elections, results and winners are known to be known. But, If the results of the vote, the ruling did not satisfy – Start pressure recalcitrant. Comparing real and forged voting results, they decide on the forms of repression. Calculating the dissenting groups, they make the decision on what products and forms of ownership, they should raise the price. If prices rise slowly or quickly in all – means, that 90 and more % the population voted against the existing order. And hiking in the place of trade become more intense Horror. Thus the criminal power induces people to own survival, not to wonder about the great deception, which they have descended over everywhere. A question of survival – more grief than cheating minions, and pervičnee for the body.

In such countries, during the protests and disagreements can watch trains buses, the crowded future residents of places of deprivation of liberty.

The manuals of the 1984 is assigned a threefold drop in the number of resurrection, after which they should be put the saving vaccination. If the takeover of power made Gypsy hypnosis – involved a similar fate falls cyganŝine.

Musical sketch about this.

★ ★ ★ ⊡ ● Lyapis Trubetskoy – Gry ⊡ ● ★ ★ ★

Moreover, This type of Government, sacked by the will of the people on the basis of the right of option and rates, that were used in the formation of power. If the authority is not satisfied with – You must apply the scatter ground forces. If the rescue as soon as possible such authorities, from controlling their mental illness, not going to happen for any reason – the intervention of specialized detachment of the fleet of the universe: the Government is perfectly acceptable survival in the form of dust or ash, as well as the potential “umnikam”. If the universe is the actively disagreeing with these measures – they may leave the universe in time of dissent, If you do not want to change the form of your own existence on a.


КонкурентAll vanity and violence on the planets Death raised only to steal the technology not available to criminals, but the available normal beings. Conditions have been created for this, the naïve creatures fall into the illusion of peace and tranquillity and reveal important information. That criminals have, and after eliminating the competition provide the appearance of progress, the truth, delayed by tens or hundreds of years.

The illusion of progress is the secondary value, required only for fooling the slaves, create the illusion of diversity and move forward, which is nothing more than walking on the spot. As a steady stream of emotions, caused by an illusion of progress “saves” people (for example) from awareness, the world's most advanced scientific and technical development – the human body.

ОружиеWhile the primary value is to develop weapons against God, that occurs under the pretext of the most advanced studies.

Homeless people do not hesitate to use force belonged to ministries for the killing of a large number of competitors and disagreeable people. So, through the Ministry of health, they are uncomfortable and suspicious persons redirected to square their own doctors within the medical system, where is the movement from doctor to doctor until the creature nor will be ruined.

Sometimes, to kill people in large numbers, is it settling in the radioactive zone, where did not pass, even, half-lives. Small doses of radiation to do his job, and uncontrollable mutation are not forced to wait long.

One of the technologies to reduce competition is the eradication of the talented people or stealing their lives with the help of corporations in the field of artificial intelligence. Unworthy Beings created in great haste a specific organization, and the shadow of fraud by luring suitable staff. When a talented person realizes what the problem – It quickly and try to avoid, After securing his ideas and development. When enough have accumulated lots of ideas – for their realization are unoriginal artists (peredvigateli squares), that dumb perform commands as in the army. Other offer free die of hunger or of despair. The mentioned guide shall be appointed the adjustment package of free services.


Activities associated with the subtle structures is not the smartest creatures reminiscent of money out of thin air. Having due regard to the level of arrogance, You can operate the trains frightened “animals” for writing poetry, music, pictures and more. etc. If a naglecu was able to capture a more or less visible throne – He aims to keep it at any cost. For Example, If it comes Creature, talent is not singular take on dance music – in order to take away the desire to develop talent, There is a sharp, gross, careless, aggressive effects on his body grants.

ПрослушиваниеFor Example, the singer comes to listen to the famous producer. Talent performs complex vocals and hears in response:”You go on…”. Typically in such cases, talented people are forced to be folk artists in other countries. This is because the, the invader saw its own nothingness and inability to compete with the talent. But with the help of shock pressure trying to destroy the desire to engage in art or bring to the suicide potential competitor.

All insane art is entrusted to the invaders. solo performance during their exile from the Things, of the Space of life, from space, the planet.


At the time of formation Criminal Empire distribution begins bomževskoj culture, that is their sole purpose of fogginess of mind those, who committed acts of criminal violence.

For Example, to create the illusion of feelings about the choice “How to enter: preventing death and remove the exclusive material or prevent death and not become a celebrity?”. So Basically, and so everything is clear. Believe Me The Endless Space: so you no longer have to bother filming exclusives, as to the time-cost path selection for reflection on its own behavior.

КультураBomževskaâ culture in General is quite simple in description. Contains all the manifestations of bomžackogo life. This and selling moments looking under her skirt, and “hanging noodles on your ears”, and the killing in the back, and more. etc.

At the international level “outstanding” Empire seek to impose its own all very emotional bomžackuû culture, suppressing the local culture, ridiculing her, infecting the population own problems. Culture, advocating murder, hatred, sučevstvo, bomževanie, zombiruûŝaâ children cartoons and literature with characteristic prezervatičeskimi qualities. In short, they create a culture, You can create a monkey or a race of beggars.

Such insane charitable assistance is assigned to the exclusion of Things, of the Space of life, from space, the planet = medikomentoznyj package panacea. Useless junk nobody wants.


МультикиBeing mentally ill try to destroy all competitors in terms of culture, to impose all the only profitable for a type of thinking, which are the easiest to lay in children's cartoons. For the crime of slave system most beneficial is not in control of myself, snošaûŝiesâ rabbits biorobots, the production by the industry of children's entertainment and educational corporations. These organizations direct their efforts to destroy similar manifestations in the enemy for the homeless in countries, where development occurs naturally, not Enforced. Cooperating efforts they can buy out copyrights on the cartoons hostile to the countries, and for funny money, to prevent the dissemination of quality art products. Such cooperatives as a bonus to your purchases from iskromëtnoe are Being, of the Space of life, from space, the planet with an infinite ban on the right to Work.


Sometimes the Planets death are born talented children, The consciousness which vibrates at high frequencies. If this event becomes known to the local authorities of the invaders – they are trying to destroy them all in the bud. In those cases, the, When the destruction of the embryo was unsuccessful, already born children try to kill or suppress brain activity using medicines or drugs. That is not only a crime against the highly developed Beings, but a crime against the people, race, country, Science (because they contain a huge scientific potential still untapped), of mankind (If we are talking about people; Because baby is destroyed the human body), life (because the destruction of life on stage appearance). Participants, thought leaders, artists involved in these events is medical-pharmaceutical care associated with changing forms of their existence and other accompanying moments, as well as receive prior to the ban on the right of reproduction and birth.

Consciousness, forced zainkubirovannye in the body with the deliberately damaged functions of the body, better evacuate as soon as possible.


Disease of insanity has more than low frequency Vibration, that has a very strong influence on the structure of DNA, passed generations. When the proper circumstances she seizes power over the minds of the offspring. This designates, that such offspring carry the original sin, that can be cured only by the great and wise ruler. But the disease itself ensures that the, the victim avoided treatment, in order to preserve its own opportunities exist in the infected organism. It is a very complex form of the disease, treatment which requires a high level of consciousness development, There is only the present of space Shower. The situation is exacerbated by the fact, that when capturing ultrasound Board carriers of the disease, It does everything, to the development level of the subordinate Consciousness in all areas has remained so low, No one suspected the existence of such an illness and, the more, has not created a way of treatment.

Because of the infinite Cosmos is more awesome activities than a hide and seek or tag – all these deeply mentally ill sentenced to expulsion from Being, of the Space of life, from space, the planet, If necessary, get a ban on the right to procreate.


Try not to be born on the Planet Of Death and don't feel bad, If you need to leave her hastily.

Ownership and property rights.

Infinite Space is an owner, the owner and creator of all, What's in an infinite Space. Including Planets, resources and elements of the planets and beyond. None other has no rights of ownership of the Infinite Cosmos, If the situation is appropriate for the. If the object, in Infinite Space do not suit the conditions in the presence – He rejects an infinite space and was willing to leave His, After all,, login to space conditions were specifically set out in the. This should lead to the execution of.

ОгоньIn addition, The merits of awarding myself properties of infinite Space and distribute or sell it on your own or a fraudulent name without authorization, are thieves and Crooks on the fact of offence. That makes them criminals, performs at the Supreme Court's Space, and prigovorënnymi to ultimate expulsion.


God is different from animals, insects and all other topics, he grows his own “competitors” in order for the, to Live with them in peace and harmony, not excluding the more sophisticated forms of relationship, You can go later.

Always with you. From the center of the universe of evil. Infinite Space.

Music sketching.

⊡ ● ⊡ ● ⊡ ● Cusco – Chorus ⊡ ● ⊡ ● ⊡ ●

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