Suicide- Typically forget you taki are poor?
- TAMU reached durny.
- While you typically forget taki durny?
- Tama that are poor.

(Belarusian folk wisdom)

- "Pane", you are not bačyli on svaim there majgo Bull, âki ucëk?
- Not, I'm not freedom Pan.
- "Pane", and I addasc′ ci Bull freedom Pan?
- Kali Pan iz Panou – so addasc′, and kali iz mužikou – then do not.

(Elements of Belarusian history)

The right for any nation.
Do you want to destroy the people of? – nastrugaj “Panov” from “men”.

SuicideHow to make money in the world, where there is no renewable sources of income based on the commodity exchange? How to hide, that any income causes a partial destruction of the world, because it is based on the otgryzanii of large or small pieces of “the total pie”? Pie, that will certainly end. There are many ways to implement such a vile intentions.

If historically in some districts can be decent Empires, who can afford even the bril′ântovye room – Naturally there is a desire among the various criminals that grab yourself. Well, or, at least, the, This will remain the, If you have a big confusion and chaos.

Indian parable about the two wolves.

SuicideThe old Indian was opened by his grandson one life truth.
— In every man's battle, much like the struggles of two wolves.
One Wolf represents evil-envy, jealousy, regret, selfishness, ambition, a lie…
Another Wolf represents the goodness-peace, love, hope, the truth of the, kindness, Fidelity…
One little Indian, deeply touched by the words of grandfather,
for a few moments thought, then asked:
Is a Wolf at the end wins?
Old Indian barely perceptible smile and replied:
— Always wins the Wolf, which are you feeding.


If you follow the saying “man man Wolf” – There is much to discover.

From Latin: Homo homini lupus est [Homo Hominy Lupus ECT).

Asinaria from the play "» ("Donkey's comedy") the Roman writer and playwright Plautus (Titus Maktsiy Plavt, OK. 250 — 184 BC. e.).

The expression has found a second life and became popular by the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes politologist and (1-588-1679), who used it in his work "Leviathan" (h. 1, ch. 14). He commented on my thesis about the "war of all against all", that is about the State of the, that was inherent to the human community until the advent of the Institute of State

It's easy to conclude, that every person – This is to some extent a Wolf. And survive those wolves, who find food. The easiest way to – kill and eat the weak and defenceless. Or to act in such a way as, so many wanted to feed this great wolf. To do this, you can also take some exalted position – then all humiliated will strive for a higher level of, that is already awaiting all the cunning Wolf.

Taking into account the, that there are different form of hunger, devious wolves will always be sick. And feed them with the illusion of joy, usually, those, who later regrets.

One of those reasons on the planets Death many residents engage in domestic prostitution. Which directly or indirectly generated chaos in the family and family relations, that opens the possibility for pumping money from the family and the birth of random children is unclear from whom. If this situation continues for long enough – life in this World is turning into one big accident.

If the biological food is somehow able to get every resident to – meet some of the needs of a more subtle bodies of the organism even need the participation of the opponent, partner or complementary half.

Producing Division wolves on females and males, easy to install, that experience emotional hunger will be the Wolf, the females will not contact (reason does not matter). If the world create conditions under which met the needs of all of the wolves, leading lifestyle, which is a ruthless attitude towards nature and the surrounding – the successful development of such wolves would lead to the complete disappearance of the world and its people. That's why, feeding the wolves, females commit crimes against Peace is as much, as males, and destroying the World. As the world moves towards his own lethal reliable Future. They are not concerned about, What about this feel starving wolves.

It is not difficult to notice, in such Worlds will be permanent degeneration of the breed. And the advantage is in its pomojnyh and garbage of the wolves, that for their own gain and meet short-term whims are not shy shitting where podvernëtsâ, continuing to trash lifestyle, Turning the whole world into a huge smerdâŝuû trash. After All,, If no jerk “now” – “then” will never succeed (because no one would give). Thus, After a few cycles of smerds become Kings, because the wolves are not breeding musorkah.

Smerds try to bathe as often as possible. This is due to the peculiarity of their DNA, Thanks to which their body is constantly smerdit. Because of the wasteful use of water, the world turns into the trash at times faster.

In the end, sleuths set smerdâŝaâ policy is forcing Thoroughbred females make the mistake and give the offspring of pomojnyh wolves. Which happens fast degradation of the rocks (due to the recurrence of the same bug), and the heirs take over the perfect shape in the final cycle of the ancestral evolution, decaying to a festering maggots. This is the triumphal procession of the hot pomojnyh wolves, seeking in its final “light” the future of. Let absorb their despair of exile from Being, Space life and Space Planet.

Equality Of Rights.

In order to strengthen their own secure State Random Kings can spread the illusion of equality, to hide its own ineptitude and lack of official status, continuing to dupe the world, striding to nowhere.

Equality Of Rights – very subjective, that is a bad Board should only, to oduračennaâ most bydlota has the solutions, that benefit duračilam. Massive sucking obtuseness – the key to successful and long-lasting Dominion pomojnyh wolves.

Financing of zagnivaûŝih walks of life leads to their widespread. To inhibit the formation and development of any vibrant destinations. Which disappears, any competition and a threat to the existing power.

Majority rule (This is what is meant by equality) successfully suppresses quality development centres, instilling an aversion to the world, in where is it “most of the”. In a natural environment similar to a model of the power of microbes over the nature: germs just majority and only they can take “the correct” solution, because the microbes – the most intelligent creatures in the nature, each of them smarter, even, than nature itself.

Microbes can be given weapons, so they invested in it your mind. And then everyone will be able to see the product of their genius at work, Which one, However, not too different from the dust. After All,, military microbes work their “exclusive welcome with full light”.

Unlike the Creatures, that develop and live by your own works and achievements of this labor, parasites live at the expense of the, that managed to tear off, bite off, suck from the object over which parasitize. In other words, If this object – a whole people – parasites, otgryzaâ and sucking the force, Tools, property, potential, spending got a more insidious technology of parasitism and the Organization more brutal subordinate people control systems. Thus the people funding the parasite in order, so they destroyed it, and made it the most awful.

“Geniuses”, twisted natural laws of nature is complete treatment in space Clinic.

You're paleno.

The work of any system is not much different from the work of the heating system. Which, of course, need fuel, to produce thermal energy. For heating liquids, usually, use fire, and the fire of gain from fuel combustion, which can be and wood log.

The financial system for their own subsistence needs constant supply of energy. But where her take?

Rest energy – This is the energy that is contained within an object, extract it can be only, If you destroy the object, or disrupt the stability of its form. What can be achieved through a burning object in fire. In such a case, it will be forced to burn completely and without reserve.

Any Consciousness has its own integrity, the destruction of which leads to the allocation of energy, which is necessary for the existence of the financial system. That's why human beings are the logs in the fire of the financial system or the financial fuel. And if the creature is a violation of conscious integrity – It is burnt in the fire, that spares no one.

On the planets Death incidence of theft of private property, When “old slags”, taking advantage of official position, oduračivaût talented youth, set a constraint on their development and understanding of the world. Keeping them in the dark for a long time and uncertainity, send the best years of their lives in the trash.

Insane organizers annihilatory systems is an exciting, best travel in the fire Light Izgonâûŝego.


If we talk about traditions, existing on the planets death – not possible to ignore the revolution, who are the companions of changes.

Not one State has become on its feet as it is replaced by another, more “perfect”. But where the legs grow “perfection”?

Usually the revolution happen then, When serious (but not the biggest) “international player”, is going to make “the big step”.

To save your own unwavering strength and ensure a comfortable future černosuŝnostnye syndicates arrange havoc to intercept capacity from the hands of the opened “notable player”. And after the revolution, life, How would, getting better, but just because, that involve new capabilities, Although it is not long.

Yet the revolution happen, When the present “maggot”, After realizing their own hopelessness of existence, to visit (at least not for a long time) in the Tsar's throne, even at the cost of lives and wealth across the country. He is perfectly aware of its true essence, that has occurred only in sewage pit. That's why, When possible, “Maggots” willing to incinerate everything, for better prospects in their lives is not and never will be.

The product of intellectual labour “the maggots” and “Tuber acne” such a system is a device of life, that for all the Saints, serious and loud slogans easily destroys the glory and the power for any 100 years. “Oparyšam” enough for a hundred years, to turn the legendary country with stone in othožuû pit.

If the number of civil servants appears a brilliant reformer, able to eliminate the need for revolution – those killed were the first. For Example, Once on one of the planets Death by a gang of criminals was shot dead by a man named Stolypin, but his reforms have been applied in China. Thus, the population of China increased ten times (half are illegal) , While the population of Russia has decreased by half and continues to decline.

No guilt in that, that pure Consciousness do not want to live in a othožej pit, but the guilty one, who organized this pit: Perhaps it's some kind of bald Highway robber and outlaw with the surname-as. That would reward quality work done by 13 x falling to count with a tentative and resurrection. All similar dictators need to reward the same. But evidence suggests, that was around Lena, He became a fan of. That's so simple and not noticeably weak fragile woman destroyed an entire Empire plunged into chaos and the entire population of the planet for many years. Maybe because of the inability to control his own emotions or thoughts, Tolley from what was the job of the secret society, Tolley from what was alien. Because, “Lena” and Leno these are sentenced to detention and the biological control of dodgy obligations, or the ultimate expulsion in case of disobedience.

Features of the revolutions are, before its successful completion of the required interception takes place “the Government scrap” unworthy hands. Professional sud′bolovy and thus turn into answer lomoveržcev. The revolution is not fair.

Because. “Maggots” othožej pit are well aware of their own competitiveness – they destroy all competitors with beanbags and pistoletikov, and oduračennoe people involved in long: “that same, still,, occurs?” A hundred years from now (When they vniknut) the vospoût ruins, because were too naive.

After the successful takeover of oduračennoe population “charging” on the job, and cunning bandits begin to evict delëžku “pie”. And how do!? Such country to develop is not collected, because the share is, that got.

And the onsam rush val′parajsy,
The onduram rushed rubles.
How about you, madman, try,
That sharp knife was lying in blood.

Moving captured funds as above, former thieves and criminals turn into today's investors. And begin to create “Welcome”. It can be and the construction of new modern facilities on the ruins of the devastated countries. For the local population begins to read and respected as noble and religious works of investors, and rejoices, If they produce a diffuse population on available territories. Of course, by the time they are known as aliens, because they were forced to leave the country, to calmly and thoughtfully it Rob. Yes, on the planets Death is going on a crazy mess.

Quite frequent cases of baryžničestva foreign currencies in places such. With the accumulation of a large enough financial capacity Huckster opens own Bank and continues to own illegal activities are already under the sign of “law”. Can “law” written by barygami?

Doryvaâs′ to power, skulking intruder starts slowly and stealthily pursue revolutionary “laws”. Even, If the power was received by an official – as a result of his work no doubt, that, in “laws” There was a revolution. That ends the, the people or the future new ruler remains in “broken trough”: suffer and bear the guilt for the crimes, He did not commit, and, even, If was against – had not been able to prevent all of this.

For all of this nonsense is necessary in order, to each individual situation to control one button. The creation of such “touchtone solutions” – It is not an easy. That's why for its realization brings the best minds, Moreover,, under various pretexts,: some promise not to kill, other promise to enrich, someone give just deal with your work instead of the unloved. But in the end all they create a push-button solution, each of which is directed against any person on the planet (including the creator) because, that “button” is in the hands of the offender.

When one “blunt” three buttons controls all the clever – This is called “business“.

If “business” no longer bring large financial rewards – businessmen resort to the help of disasters and misfortunes. Because the patient will most, in order to satisfy the primary need and even willing to work for free.

“Someone else's grief” – Here is the the best source of profits.

Thanks to widespread fuel centers “someone else's grief” on the planets Death reigns controlled chaos, where possible the development of a vibrant current of. Because the world, in which the “females” mate not with you, I do not want to protect. Isn't it?

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Lyapis Trubetskoy – Nafta

DDT – When The Oil Runs Out

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