ЙогYou're the same, whose mind ran,
As ash falls,
The Shepherd life of antiquity,
Who listened to numbers
And obediently jumped
Enchanted GAD
In the rings of jealousy;
And the snake dance captivated and cramps,
And rings, and whistle, and sizzle
Who were all the alert and alert
Briers Suns understand, just singing;
Who's skull, born of the father,
Buravčikom to proburavil
And in the well if put in.
Rosistuû branch of the milky way,
That dude in the guests to go;
In whose skull, just a glass,
Dewy was a branch of black heaven, —
And the stars have inspired Dani
It, pronicavšemu midnight forest.

Life – continuous meditation. Energy from outer space arrives at the transformation of the body impulses or portions. So all life is saturated with meditation.

In General, the object of meditation is the process of generating energy through use of body energy centers. Typically they are called “Chakra”.

The degree of concentration of energy in each chakra on the order exceeds the following standing, If they put their frequencies, respectively vibration in a range of.

Each chakra has a podčakry, which is the same as all the chakras in the body. To get the most energy flow during meditation is better to use high pass podčakry: range of, starting with purple, Love or Live Impressions. But the maximum result is the resonance of the chakras.

Meditation the first level directly related to the first chakra and is linear absorption Of, contained in objects. With, energy must be acceptable to the absorption by the body. If the energy is not acceptable – such meditation is slow or quick killing. The first level relates to the meditation process of absorption of food. If there is complete and used food to receive impressions – is the saturation of the body. Otherwise the saturation is not achieved at all.

Meditation the second level – It is the completeness of their associated with the emotional body or second chakra. In addition to the linear emission or absorption of emotions with such a body can be in Resonance. One of the most serious and trivial meditation is Tantra, which is linked directly to the second chakra.

Meditation third level – perfection is associated with the movement, traffic, kinetics. Completeness of movement, enjoyment and the pleasure of movement, not only the results but also on the process of. Oddly enough – This frequency of vibration can also be used for, to enter in resonance.

Meditation the fourth level – the, What is the family body: joy, pleasure and enjoyment from feeling vibrations family body.

Meditation the fifth level – energetical fulfillment by the interaction with art and art products.

Meditation sixth level – increase in the volume of internal energy with awareness, understanding of the various structures and the increase of its wisdom.

Meditation seventh level – the process of accumulation of impressions.

Different degrees of meditation are private Layers Of Consciousness.

The overall flow of the energy moves from the bottom to the top, concentrating and uplotnââs′ from chakra to chakra. If the energy was lower chakra – This means, It will start to rise and trigger a rotation higher chakras in order. That will lead to the need to make the, Another meditation directly, or indirectly. If they do not make – There will be excess capacity, that was challenges the chakra. That allows you to handle such events as bodily hunger, inherent in specific body involving the other chakra.

If the body is not getting power – It eats => over time from a lack of energy, a feeling of hunger, to suppress that requires energy income. They can occur as a result of meditation. If the creature is able to consciously make SMA meditation, carried out so high frequency replenishment Tel – This energy may be enough to fill and the subordinate body. In this case, you can consider replenishing energy and biological solids due to backward flow of energy.

If the energy comes in one of the lower chakras – It should be rising up, flowing through the rest of the chakras. So the energy will pass your binding cycle. If some of the energy centers will not make the required rotation – It will lead to enlightenment, hunger in the body. To avoid this – you need to:

1) A harmoniously meet the physiological needs of the organism.

2) Or deleted from the lower chakras and eat with your upper.

The worst of it, what might happen in the event of a surge of uncontrolled rapid initiation of long-existing chakras, If their previously excluded from life without Love. Otherwise, no surge will not happen.

If the flow of energy to completely eliminate the – the body die, due to the depletion of. Such technologies “suicide” uses the violent power for a concealed destruction “the rebellious slaves”. It can be divided into two parts:

1) In the minds of naive slaves obviously is an aversion to high-frequency vibrations. And because of their low level of development they seem insignificant and not real.

2) Set full control for all low-frequency and low-frequency to meet the needs of, and so does the deification of long Spaces. Perhaps, with money. The scheme is simple: “If you have no money, I(your slave owner) release – You can't buy the products and opportunities to meet the physiological needs of the organism. This will cause your depletion, followed by your death. But I didn't say: After all,, such batteries like you I have billions. Who is this God you have no idea – Therefore, die another day, fool.” Due to the constant rotation of the setting in the minds of the slaves is deification.

In such circumstances the overheads would be very appropriate to delete out of the lower chakras, needs which are used for total control of slaves. Make it worth disappears until the disturbance, and in the world of Justice, that will create favourable conditions for all-round development.

Note that excessive depletion of any energy the body can lead to misalignment of the organism as a whole and its damage. That's why, in the case of hunger of any carcasses you need to meditate in any way possible. It is best to use a high frequency of meditation – then the forcible power of criminals and murderers of the world will not be able to control.

Snake Ground Energy, by doing the body, moves on a rather confusing route before you go into space, making a rotation in all energy centres in order. If the route point in space Time – It will look like a snake. The Kundalini is called Snakeskin Energy.

Music sketching:

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