ТантраTantra – a mutually beneficial merger Astral bodies.

Depending on the characteristics of the organism and the level of development of the consciousness of the creature is able to engage in Tantra with suitable under the terms of the Creatures. They may be as a Transcendental Being and less. Depending on the conditions.

The most tangible form of tantra – sex or the, that is associated with a contact in the genital area during low-frequency Interaction.

Through the tantric sexual contact Creatures are able to enter in resonance, using a low Frequency Vibration to interaction, blending emotional bodies of two-dimensional space in a single Resonance. But this is only, If:

1) You know how to deal with Tantra.

2) You are unable to log in to Personal Resonance.

3) The partner is able to tune in to your Profile or enter it yourself.

Otherwise, all this is similar to tantra is called sex.

Tantra and sex – completely opposite of structure. Tantra sex is different from the, that is the art of the. While sex – It's lust, born and formed social schemas the violent power, the result of the accumulated excess capacities, incompleteness of the, razdražënnosti, hatred, popular misconceptions, deception and walk in place. Jerk strangulated emotional body, to satisfy your hunger. Trying to tear off a piece of his opponent's energy, in order to replenish stocks, do not think much about his fate.

As a result of the imposition of oppositely directed similar aspirations is mutual loss and fragmentation of parts of the emotional body. While in Tantra is filling the emotional bodies due to Resonance. This is the fundamental difference of tantra sex. After the occupation of the Tantra Creatures shine and sparkle, which cannot be said about sex.

Sex – product suč′ej disease. Periodically it may cause dependence. That is very bad impact on spiritual development. But the disease can be cured with the use of branches of certain forms of violence, which, like a knife in the hands of a skilled surgeon, cut out a poor field of emotional body, allowing women to become as silk, they are so fond of. However,, vyšibanie Duri better to trust a talented the surgeon.

Sex in life are hopelessly decaying animals, were falling rapidly in an increasingly Low-Frequency Measurement. This lesson is only an intermediate point in their rapid fall. Gleefully bowing to such actions, aware of the many versions of your own very disadvantaged situation, they only emphasize their own hopelessness.

Usually, idols “social progress” taken a very high position in the society, that allows them to directly or indirectly imposed on ways to conduct masses. Thus, decomposing a healthy population, they may long to commit crimes against the entire Race, merging the blame on obolvanennye head, until the ”the charged fools” Neither will drop to very low levels of, that clearly will be able to contemplate their own tiny state, to which came thanks to the reference the star mass media, with which, Finally, were able to catch up.

Introducing an infinite structure, Tantra is versatile. But brink tantra does not open a typical šablonŝikam, who are accustomed to cashing in at the expense of sacred antiquity, or decomposing people's creativity on the pretext of new spiritual experiences. Tightening in this way in low-frequency measurement of untrained creatures, even aspiring to the knowledge and development.

Multi-faceted Tantra.

There are several types of tantra:

1) The most trivial – Ta, accompanied by sexual intercourse.

2) More Complicated – non-contact. Achieving the necessary indicators, excluding sexual intercourse. Calls for the involvement of partner. In principle, the, already Samadhi. Almost no real for modern humanity.

3) Space Tantra – the true destiny of the gods. The Meditator, When in Samadhi, comes in contact with the entire Cosmos. So is Space realization of Ancient Sacred Meanings. The probability of success of the variety of tantra is very small, If the consciousness of Beings vibrate at low frequencies. But, If the Mind has a high concentration of Energy – the probability of success is increased to 100%. To meet such a being is not for everyone.

Typical trivial Tantra better deal together in a safe space. Lesson quite intimate, and so, who has not reached the status of Guru, no need to try to arrange a group acts or other changes required process conditions. It is desirable to try not to engage in Tantra without partners, but don't get upset, If you had to count only on yourself, When the criminals in power control the environment of institutionalized chains. Although, wanâtie masturbate cannot be considered full Tantra (not involved in several chakras); If there is a final results – mean reproductive organs function normally.

In any case, should not get too carried away Tantra. Optimally – interaction with the constant partner in Resonance. If this is the – best of all-is not found. Because this ends the potential of the organism, the Tantra and emotional body. You can take, What is the progressive self-development is the third spiral of DNA, which allows you to modify the color and shape of individual parts of the human body. That allows you to create as many perfect body, and modify it at will. So there is no need to “invite to bed” the whole world. After All,, If the partner is able to take any form of body – shortages of forms does not exist. But, as long as there is any power – It ensures that, slaves were in the dependency network, the tolerated any kind of development and self-improvement. The violent power of beneficial to slaves were like animals – only in this case, it is able to justify its own existence.

It is better to avoid society various scumbags, tantra under the pretext of trying to posnošat′sâ with the rest of the world. Such, usually, capable of masterfully invent and compose sweet poems – only with one purpose: endure to the next “bushes”, to domestic rape. This only characterizes them as hereditary homeless, odevših a mask of poets, artists and musicians.

However,, all convenient pristroivšimsâ in sacral structures posredstvennostâm and seksovikam should be given to the control of medical care in the form of recreational Space procedures.

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