Биология ТелWhere the Wolf cried blood:
"Hey! I boys body it», —
There will say mother: "Gave the children I. —
We, the elders, Let us reason, What we do.

(Velimir Khlebnikov – “War in the mousetrap”.)

In medicine a very difficult to link the biological characteristics of the organism with other bodies. To understand it is best to consider all sorts of phenomena of this kind on examples.

Consider the medical practice. The cases have become paradigmatic changes in attitude to the world after an operation:

1) Changes the sensitivity of the patients after normal operations. That implies a change of perception of the surrounding world and relationship to it.

2) After replacing the internal organs may manifest previously unknown habits. That describes the change in the perception of the surrounding world.

3) The opposite is true: A cancer patient, having reconciled with death, decided to review the last time favorite comedy. Fernand in a couple of days, later found out that the diagnosis is no longer relevant.

The curious can seek medical hrestomatiâm and discover more every “incredible” cases. All of them allow you to establish the fact of mutual influence of human bodies with different density on each other.

The easiest way to notice the mutual influence of biological and emotional body. That, in turn, correspond to the first and second chakras.

Without going into details, easy to install, the number of involved energy centers in the everyday life of different Beings Miscellanea. That suggests that, that each creature has an individual Emotional Scale and sensitivity of the organism.

In view of the fact, The Nature of authority and rights have Creatures a higher level of development, that have increased sensitivity – the rest should follow hygiene standards of conduct for their presence.

In order to preserve not only the inner world, and physical health of all people in the world should adopt a rational behaviour, not only in public places. For the energy field some Creatures covers everything within a radius of more than 50 thousand miles. And any wrong move, behavior, manifestation of, thought or other action may be inappropriate and cause a disaster, Hurricane, disease, discomfort, anxiety, neurosis, despair, fearful sights and Mora.

People say: “Well The Emperor – good people.” This is the fundamental meaning of the. After All,, If the Emperor is the biofield, which “covers” all the people – It is not at all surprising, that he (the people of) becomes well. But, Here is the, If the Emperor is forced to “othožej pit” and watch, as “heel pimples” rule in his country – It will not be “Ok”. And this spilled over to all.

Therefore, it is illegal to not harmonious intrusion attempts in Consciousness and the inner worlds of the highly developed Beings, especially if they are contrary to the laws of nature and the natural World device.

The attempted invasion could be another impact on any of the bodies (not only thin, but also physical) Depending on the level of the emotional scale and sensitivity.

Any unauthorized actions are considered illegal and demand attention with corrective hand. And all highly developed Beings endowed with full rights to creepy and suspicious questions.

If you need highly developed Beings and Beings of infinite space can declare their own extended powers and require any information, termination or initiation of those or other action. And employees of any nature are bound to obey and comply with the recommendations as soon as possible. Any disobedience to officials (especially in the performance of) and dodging is equivalent to the crime of cosmic scale. For contacting the Infinite Space will refused to.

The sensitivity is related to biology, so with physical medicine, the existence of which is recognized by the criminal code. Injury or harm the biological body has the responsibility under the criminal code. Injury and damage of this kind can be caused by pressure on the sensitive Creatures, deprived of power and ability to defend the physical path. What is the teroniû of, who can feel the pressure of this kind. Accumulated pressure and reckoning themselves as criminals (due to the fact, that man is similar to the treatment of offenders) able to push the sensitive organism to the Act of suicide, either commit illegal actions (because he is forced to take it and feel criminal). And that's a actual harm and offence against a citizen of a given country. Intimidation “the stamp Act” and disobedience before the symbol “law” is a fact of blackmail by deranged perpetrators. They commit illegal acts under the pretext of “law”, using official position, violation of the Constitution, existing in the State. Which are clearly spelled out, that commit crimes against its citizens nedozvolitel′no under any pretext, even under the pretext of “laws” or the release of their new series. Under the law of any country, based on the Constitution of the, It is illegal to release “laws” contrary to the Constitution, and doubly illegally change the Constitution to issue such “laws”. All apostates to ultimate expulsion from Everything from the space of life, from space, the planet.

Moreover, for any Constitution to govern the country and the State illegally under the pretext of fear, horror, hatred and massacre (infringe the rights and freedoms of citizens). Creatures roughly violating its own Constitution should be quartered.

Thus harm sensitive substance possibly even undesirable presence on impacts caused by biological factors. Violators of this kind are considered criminals flagrantly violating even the conditional “law”, and the perpetrators of crimes of special tâžkosti (murder and self-mutilation) – and that's a crime, for to be responsible under the criminal code.

If you are not satisfied with the State or presence among the population, sensitive and intelligent Creatures – It is necessary to draw up the relevant Universe of intelligent and sensitive. And to continue the peaceful and quiet extinction from populous furniture, rubber or plastic dolls. Disclaimer, the same, in clear and understandable form must be in the media, remaining tenants knew perfectly well what they have to “play” further.

Before the release of any “laws”, any “the legislature” must get positive results of scientific research, confirming the relevance of the, the need to, do not damage, and for emerging and “laws”. And clearly define its scope.

Infinite Space, Managing Creation using the vibrations of different frequencies, transmitted live and not living organisms, thereby giving any of the worlds, designate responsible for non-proliferation and suppression of local Vibrations sent bodies, label yourself “official and shadow power”, and the rewards of their liability for all sins, who made Biological Substance due to the complex cancer.

“A cancerous tumor”, represents the base, the Foundation and cause pervasive Karma not only planetary scale, shall be punished by expulsion from Everything from the space of life, from space, the planet. Based on its (“cancer”) you want to acquire experience of not Being at all, expressed on the right of free will in the form of obstacles to movement or cosmic Vibration of cosmic light, i.e.. rejection of the cosmos and Everything in right-linear form, cutting ourselves from it Karma.

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