ВибрацииFor the planets Death follows the procedures for making and reviewing applications.

1) In the event of a question it must be formed in a natural way:

(A)) It is necessary that the question understand you. B) Was the objective. IN) The subject of conversation should be visible. G) The question should reflect the interest. D) Ask only if, If you are unable to find the answer. Otherwise it will not look politely and not cultural, do you aim to make about you thought not gladly?

More on this can be found, Having studied supporting information.

2) Precisely formed question to local “The Institute Of Power” making contact with God, or by the authorized representatives of the “Of The Universe” (Council 24 The elders in the Bible). That will give it on, If deemed necessary. This can be “Institutions Of Churches”, a similar authorized institutions of local government.

3) An endless Space to enter in direct contact with The, Who is commonly referred to as God. AND, in case of need, will perform his will.

Some Laws Of The Cosmos.

(a)) It is illegal to force or induce Space Creatures, of the bodies needed to be present in certain Worlds, follow your own desires. Or thinking about the, to exert pressure on Them.

b) The Degree Of “tupizny” does not give the right to ask questions and there can be no justification for this.

in) The Degree Of insanity does not give rights to tower over other, “jump (or walk) on other people's heads”, kill others and cannot be justification for this.

g) The desire not to hear, not to see, not to recognize its own guilt does not give the right to evade the laws of nature and the cosmos.

d) It is illegal to violate movement Elected Cosmic Energies even, If They need to be in the bodies of the other World.

(e)) The Endless Space in General and any object, located in an infinite Space, is the private property of the infinite Cosmos.

Yo) Protivozakonie it is unlawful.

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