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Mountain Climates

If the man blocked the way to the mountains, and not go to the Mountain to Mohammed – the climate is changing and the mountains Read more


ПанацеяAny illness is a nizkočastotnoe Creature, who eats a healthy Energy Beings or energy of life. They can be thought of as parasites dependent. Features that speak for themselves: There is a cure for any disease. Read more


ЙогYou're the same, whose mind ran,
As ash falls,
The Shepherd life of antiquity,
Who listened to numbers
And obediently jumped
Enchanted GAD
In the rings of jealousy;
And the snake dance captivated and cramps,
And rings, and whistle, and sizzle Read more


ДэваDream puts his fishing rods.
A hochesh – network place; catch
Eye patterns on the wings of a butterfly
And the reflection of love.
˜ *° • ☆ Space sees dreams ♥ •° * ~

Ability Of Thinking

imageDo you think we will scare your “ment”?
Naive. :) You ruhneš′ under the illusory Psychological Foundation…

Friends, Now we are going to learn or remember how to use your own thinking. That's why anything new you today Read more

“Death” Fènšuâ…

imageRui oranges, grouse Rui:
Your last day comes to Feng Shui…

(M. Mayakovsky + Feng Shui)

Everyone knows, that any object Radiates (and contains) The energy of different quality, which Read more

Non-Probabilistic Meditation Without A Title. Enlightenment.

imageDo you want to win even one account,
To “earn” new recognition.
We also carry out Space Calculation,
From Neveroâtnostnoj Meditation Untitled…:)

If you bent your meal,
At the table, on the table, under the table, or desk.
(A), Perhaps, political map
- Be careful: someone is playing you. Read more

Sfry Consciousness and the brain


The Mind.

Creating A Lovely Worlds,
The Supreme Intelligence lights The Fiery Сферы.
Satisfies desire without measure,
Slips SOAP bubbles… Read more

High Jump Technique. Hooaku Teng Keng.

The time is now
Live in a Space without walls.
In the heart of the knocks
Hooaku Teng Keng.

Paint, the sound of music, new impressions!
All this is waiting for you. No doubt!

We will consider, that this was done so as to confidently believe that, that at the Read more

Valuable Life…

New trends, for those who are confident, give rise to intention.
And in order not to get confused with different beliefs:
To whom and how to treat the Read more

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