ДэваDream puts his fishing rods.
A hochesh – network place; catch
Eye patterns on the wings of a butterfly
And the reflection of love.

A dream for many has become a good way earn. Some of those creatures, which became known as the events included in the world outside of sleep, tried to use it for their own selfish purposes. Released own “ob″âsniteli dreams”, that all, as twins born with time lag, look alike. Religious and occult libraries of this type are, that in the bud kill all life-affirming manifestations, as well as the ability to grasp their meaning.

Розовые ОчкиОбъединениеОткрытый Космос

Some combine a large ownership share technology dreams for their own political purposes. For Example, leaders or representatives of selected structures may appear in your sleep and try to make contact on favorable terms. If the expedition is successful – their efforts will be made to establish linkages with the selected Creature in everyday life.

СныТранспорт СновиденийРусские Сны

Do not trust your own dreams who is horrible and, the more, popular books of dreams, designed to confuse and avoid possible to figure out their own dreams. Only the author of sleep knows how to explain it.


Sleep is an event more the thin world than material. Since the body – the condition of presence in the World – for the materialization of the sleep you need make in the body of the: in the heart and mind. If you wish to get rid of the bad dream – you apply a deny rule materialization: just tell it to all in a row.

Инструменты РеализациРеализованный СонИнструмент Реализации

If you think dreams are the same as the functions of the organs of perception, engaged in contact with reality. Dreams are events, that are more real than those, that occur in the illusory world, which may be considered Three-dimensional Reality.


If the sensitivity level Being above average - It does not matter where to be: in a dream or reality. Although, all events in the minds of Creatures are in a systematic manner or Harmoniously. That allows you to accurately categorize events by types of reality.


Creatures with pretty low sensitivity, usually, do not remember your dreams. It is very difficult to believe, that they cannot touch. Because the level of development of their minds is only enough, to be surprised when udarâeš′sâ unexpectedly forehead on the notable objects. Such creatures often accompanies eternal hunger and hatred to all the, who is smarter and more able to.

БабочкаСобственный СонЛунная Фея

Realized a dream is one of the fastest methods of materialization of reality.


Music sketching.

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