SuicideAnd I červonnoû shirt
Proud, the bit between his teeth clenching, —
The war dressed in bore.
My dead eyes turning black point.

On the planets death criminals, accidentally dorvavšiesâ to power, want to get rid of competitors, and competitors for them – all, who is smarter and more promising them. The simple method, you can install search, that competitor is any intelligent or talented person. That's why, first of all, who is able to stand just kill (power, Let bomžackaâ, much more important to the overall development) After you kill all, Anyone who refuses to obey and spend themselves for the sake of increasing the welfare of the insane murderers, in other words, all, who did not want to sell your Soul for a fee, which intend to make criminals mind devoid of value. In the case of, If the unabated killings take away the desire to work in those, who humbly bow – mentally ill “the Lords” improving methods of destruction of dissidents and discover a new form of weapons: suicide. Of course, his invention – the great mystery.

Suicide can commit only a Creature, having a native organism Body Grants – the rest will not face such a miracle. Most active this type phone with creative and talented individuals and have the, who has a conscience. Without this type of subtle bodies, criminals are making from sensitive Creatures suicide. Thus, leaving the captured their only meek builders Own bright future. While the slaves are frightened, afraid or are subject to under any other “vysosannym of thumb” the pretext – Bomžackogo building a brighter future is successfully.

Highly developed Beings use the possibility of suicide as an emergency exit: to save their own Soul. After All,, If you need to use to experience the body, which may influence the surrounding objects – It is likely the situation, the experience conversely will accumulate: that is wasted. (A), accumulating unspent anyone experience, You can always collect “a thick book secret knowledge“. And information from this book will only be in the hands of, If having a degradable item is limited controlled environment. In such cases there is a decomposition of the soul, that is possible with the manipulation of the body's functions studied in advance. On the planets Death often awaits travelers that theft of Consciousness experience, the devastation and destruction of the soul. Of course, stopgap measures should be resorted to in exceptional cases.



In order to eliminate the apparent need to exit through suicide, Criminals are strengthening the conditions of universal life various fantastic, preachy, romantic, Mystic, religious or legal canons, the statutes of the, the writings of, that suicide – It is a sin or a crime. In the case of, When talented Creature aware of the need to exit to save the remnants of his own Soul, in order to avoid the slow self-destruction – microbes-Lords will be disappointed, If you do not manage to steal someone else's delicious experience or potential.

Despite the highly ironic picture, all creatures, pushing or provoking others to commit an act of suicide, or zagonâûŝie them in appropriate conditions, take full responsibility and blame for the actions of those, who was forced to retire prematurely. All prominent dignitaries Grand Falls-triumphant exile of Things, of Space and Space Planet. The souls of all disadvantaged and humiliated have every right to make the existence of low-brow crime lords the most horrible, intolerable and ridiculous. Slop Gods deserve the right to exist at deeper levels in the chosen pomojnyh exclusivity.


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