The death of a woman. Here's a sign
In the Palm of your, the young man.
The seventh eye! Pray! Beware! The Enemy
Keeps watch at midnight.

Do not save nor songs
Heavenly gift, No nadmennejšij cutout lips.
So you and Ta,
That Heavenly.

Oh, zaprokinuta your head,
Half-closed eyes that?-hiding.
Oh, zaprokinetsâ your head —

Bare hands will take — retiv! stubborn!
Shout your whole night would edge up!
Rastreplût your wings on all four winds!
Seraphim!— Orlyonok!

(Marina Tsvetaeva O. E. Mandel′štamu)

- Together with the wisdom of love – is bliss. Love without knowledge or wisdom – It is a pain …© MySpace/guru108

Causes of infection.

SocialThe social culture, by imposing their own rules, creates new forms of complex neurotic diseases. Preferring, rather than treating the causes of diseases, new types of psychological diseases. One such complex psychological deviations is a disease “Female Dogs”. Women, vtânuvšiesâ play in fashion, without noticing, find themselves trapped in social fire, that burns waste way. And social games will remain in her own “dog” solitude. Medical institutions choose not to treat these types of psychological deviations. Because they are beneficial to maintain the pyramidal social structure devices. After all, it is thanks to them in society remains a raging flame razdražënnosti and dissatisfaction with the opposite sex, that the hand of the owners of the institutions.

The Infection “bitches” You can pick up in areas with high concentrate of emotions and emotional Vibration. Naive inexperienced Creatures, because of their curiosity and subsequent negligence by the “the prospects for”, can be trapped in, which zasosët them deeply. As this form of the disease can occur for a reason, not healed emotional wounds. What will the gradual exit of illness to the surface.

Signs of the disease.

Суко-КобелиCreature, exposed to infection, starting to gather around a large number of Creatures of the opposite sex (no limit to the number of) and manipulate them to inflict wounds, essentially heart, or just make the excruciatingly painful. It uses the same technology, the female dog during sex games.

Суко-КобельA creature can hijack under any pretext (usually Allied or friendly) a group of people, for the subsequent application of deep emotional wounds the most naive team members, application of which will be produced individually in secret from other members. For the visibility of such a creature can be paired with the being of the opposite sex.

Legislation and DNA.

РусьIn Tsarist times in Russia there was a law, on that one day a week was reserved specifically for beating women. So women walked as silk, and some still go. If the guys for some reason forgot to do it - their Baba besili, exhausted, have done everything, to instigate violence in your own address. Over time the diligent hands of malevolent aliens pohlopotali the disappearance of such a law, and, even, brought the situation to the, the full patch the mountain Duri It became illegal to. Because a woman's desire to get a dose of “medication” based on the DNA level – any words in this case useless. As a result, many “Ladies” steel push to violence not only their own husbands, but all who fell under the arm. There are statistical data on which 60% women want to be raped. And all this only because, that made it non-essential changes in the “law”. Thanks to which those men, whom harassed already sufficiently, forced to beat each other face or swallow poison subversion under questionable excuses, hoping to heal thus obtained wounds of the.

To heal the wounds of this kind need only be a reciprocity in relation to the source of the irritation.

You must clearly understand the, that violence against women, the State of Maternal Love, is a crime, and vyšibanie Duri from women bitches – is medical help. The intentional introduction of normal women in the State of “Female Dogs” – also a crime for which standard measure honey. assistance.

Running the branches of the infection, continuing progress, can be one of the most extreme forms of, which will be expressed in homosexual relations. Which means that the infection are not only “females” but “males”. This causes additional concern because of the possibility of dvupologo split personality. Creatures, a disease that has reached an extreme stage, participation of independent treatment, fall under the a standard medical procedure.

The infection is not treated very favorably for the decomposition of the disagreeable people or an entire race. Proponents of such a disease in a healthy country or nationality is written rescue a panacea of health measures.

Ян ИньBecause neudovletvorënnyh needs DNA deviations occur in the physiology of the female body, which can easily be observed surrounding yourself, or carry on your own “skin”. To heighten the progress of illness will split a single bunch of Yin-Yang and deprive them of the ability to negotiate. For Example, at the level of “General Law” ban “man” adjust the actions of its “Bab”, and at the same time “people” give full vent to, and the responsibility for their errors lay on the shoulders of “men”. Uncontrolled Energy Of Yin, begins vlâpyvat′sâ all in a row, If the event is taking place on the planet of death – any lâpsusy lethal (at least a little bit). (A), If dying half – the second half was much weaker and deal with it does not take much. Thus possible with panties and pantyhose to destroy a whole Race.

One of the most extreme forms of suč′ej disease is an attempt to strike, using the media, for example, television broadcasting. Infected individuals, with minimal corporal makings, using the fitness to maintain form, commit at the time such actions, that cause anger or disgust the audience, with grants of the body. This can only afford 1 5th dimensional beings, they can be actors, If they argue that psychological deviations are not. But, If they are present in the world, which is far from being mature enough – so they expelled from the lower Worlds. Because the new worlds they use without, While engaged in attempted corruption of the world as A Cosmos – they are not needed, not only in these Worlds, but across the Endless Space. So that they are standard honey. help.

Multi personality.

КлоунSome members prefer to identify themselves as cities. For Example, Sutra – approximate schoolgirl, student or Director (convincing all, She is such a); After lunch – the heroine “Santa Barbara” (for fun); and in the evening – the leader of the pornographic VIP series (Unable to overcome the). There are also examples of “Semiconductor personalities”, appearance of which varies for each situation. Such a way of life. All clinical cases of neurotic diseases for which relies the standard dose of health measures.

Rape in the military.

There are actual cases, When a woman arrives with visit a military unit to the loved one and not of their own free will had to stay there for a month or two. Her loved one at this time already can lie in a ditch with a hole in the skull. After all, this is the sort of thing the army: many die during exercises. There may be instances, When once person chewing on snot in the other room, While colleagues are destroying the Foundation of the life of his girlfriend. Although, If necessary, could easily invite to serve the army a suitable specimen, that itself is trying to do and is happy to. Some partners in crime, who witnessed a softness and humility before the fear and weapons, continue to develop in the selected direction, in law enforcement, to commit violence against defenceless people: schoolgirls, female students, women. Note that the “law” is also on their side. After All,, How can be the culprit for public order? The Offender – those who rebelled against the legislator, but not the one who paid the injury his submissive slave. That any statements in court from the slaves will be rejected and ridiculed (in order to serve them even thought). “Law” always right! The substance of the initiators of such rape sentenced to expulsion from Being, out of Space and the space of the planet and get the ban on birth right. That amounts to a standard as honey. assistance, the standard dose of health measures, etc. by analogy.

The scope of sexual services.

Conditional Law mainly promotes the scope of sexual services, because such people are always crooks and always have, that allows law enforcement to be declared knim at any moment and take all, what they need. In this way, you can obtain the information or carry out visits for other purposes.

Many naive abiturientki, female students, girls fall into this area on their own naivety and gullibility. It may so happen, they will take place in a newspaper ad, and the hostess will ask them to do an intimate business. (“After all, and a supply and parents help, Yes and, all except you are engaged in this. Join”. Well, and even prevratiš′sâ in the prostitute, But talking about it is not necessary.) For abuse may be applied pressure or violence, and if a person wants to engage with such earnings – It can threaten, that will tell parents about everything. So the circle closes: obedient slaves always profitable. The authors rely standard honey. help.

Creatures, engaged in escort services, on its own initiative, shall receive a mark on his forehead on the way their own lessons and mark in personal documents. They are not allowed to receive higher education.

Sofia – Wisdom.

Суко МудроEach woman develops in accordance with its Standard, but the common point of reference for every woman, the Grey Èon′i, is Sofia – the mother of the world. A woman can become a more highly developed than Sofia only, If it reaches a level of wisdom would be able to overcome the flaw of Sofia or become not accessible. So far “all of Baba,”. Although, in theory, there is 2% women, beyond disease Sofia.

Promudrevšie females prefer to communicate and engage in sexual intercourse for reasons of revenge, envy, hate or spite, the truth, Another possible rape, This arrangement suits them too. In their circles are very popular vacation the drunken Duri. After which you can always express:”I was drunk.”

Утончённые овцыDominant females prefer to be given the opportunity to ride a car on the more expensive, the brilliant. And his presence induced slaboharakternyh Ladies a similar behaviour. After the infection is at variance to the masses – lines are prone to faulty behavior of almost all.

The most progressive minds, that the World is going through the control male genitalia.

Account should be taken of the, the most dangerous kind of woman, which considers itself to be Wise.

Can I be…

Impersonate “a female dog” You can only, If this is a forced reciprocity on the part of healthy women. Now for peacekeeping purposes would be very topical help “Smart females”.


Pickup – This method of destruction of explanatory phone. As well as stealth technique of rape, that became possible due to the application of emotional wounds Beings, have not yet destroyed body Grants. However,, such a technique is not for rape, and solely for the purpose of destruction of explanatory phone. That is tantamount to killing a person, Since the murder of the body is a crime even for Conditional Rules. Because the Grants of the body responsible for the function of conscience – creatures, deprived thereof, represent the biorobots or Golems; in fact are no longer people. That is tantamount to killing a person.

The main way to the effects of such techniques is partial or sharp humiliation personality prone to pressure. For Example, insults about clothing, physical appearance or social status. If there are still grants the individuality of the body – It can respond to, especially, If body grants a pretty strong. (By the way, on the same principle are all other provocations.) Thus a humiliating exposure, You can achieve the desired results. Prone to identity may want to prove the perpetrator, that all is not as it says, and as a result get into trouble, afterwards lose interest in communication and life, impose on the hands. With such killers should be clearly.

Pikapërstvo – It is a form of neurotic deviations, which may be affected by young people for various reasons. Pikapëry – mentally ill individuals of both sexes, often, with congenital abnormalities, have illness “female dogs” had achieved one of the final stages. If the deviations of the congenital – the consciousness of this substance is an information program, created by criminal aliens to abuse the opposite sex, violations of the harmonious interaction between the sexes, increasing the level of aggression in society and decomposition of the nation or race as a whole. In other words, such a creature is actually a program without any explanatory phone. More variants of modified Souls: some kind of chimera, When high-frequency functions of the soul cut off or destroy, depriving such a creature of any further development of the, that became possible only after melting. All congenital pikaperam is assigned a typical vaccine – the rest of the melted.

30 years.

ЛевAlmost all of the wise female confidently share position in relations with the opposite sex, which is, that man must be 30 years: to 30 years is something they achieve. Already, can afford such content 18 summer Princess or Princess. But to 30 years of healthy man all you need as well as burned-out timeliness. Why not prigodivšiesâ “wise individuals” are not needed at all and as a promotion for free get a dose of life-saving health interventions. That is not normal men – the speech does not go at all.



Very izvraŝënnyj case psychological deviations – “snotty” relationship, developed in connection with the attempt of human society to a society of animals as a trans-shipment point towards a society of biorobots. Many mentally ill people prefer to call Professor The Higher Animals. Профессор-ЖирафSome groups of people around the world share their views. It is proved that such creatures and there are Animals. Not osporimyj, because they themselves feel the animals.

Many carriers of disease Bitches to assess the benefits of manipulation of the opposite sex based on concepts the company of animals, making your own opposite half part-time farm a “bunnies, fur seal, morkovoček, sunflowers”. Whom, no doubt, easier to manipulate than healthy Substance. Верните Права ЗверейMoreover, creatures, pushing other insult other people under the pretext of the relationship, deprived of normal animals the right to be themselves. In other words, It is not clear who exactly is cattle, and who is the man.

Creatures, encouraging others to be soplëj or commit illegal actions in relation to animals, prescribed method the usual panacea – all snot on conversion.

Bed – flowers.

There are female, that from the long-accepted flowers and compliments, fudging the waste path, as with other instantly lay in bed. Their plight is extremely simple: they are ambiguous – so strive for some point in the world.

Expensive. Silk.

Many dominant females waiting proposals more expensive from the most submissive servants. But not only are they – Similarly, women, considered to be average, being used for sexual purposes, Despite the inherent dissatisfaction, always justify the actions of wealthy nobles-rapists:”He was able to do it unlike others.” While not going into detail, that other – normal people, (a) “grandee” – animal or biorobot without explanatory phone, responsible for conscience. In this category are also females, constantly in contact with the “gorgeous Princes” and izdevaûŝiesâ over ordinary Beings, under various pretexts,.
There is a well-established tradition: the Wolf devoured sheep, and the Hare trâsëtsâ in the bushes. Explanations are unnecessary.

Because of the, This subspecies of the females is not in accordance with the laws of the universe, where home Love, preferring to be sold for intermediaries, a persisted Exchange conditions – they need to move to the area related to Vibrations: implemented does not exist outside of the universe. Which is enough to provide them with charitable-health medical expedition, with an explicit goal of taking into account the characteristics of organisms.


БабочкаIf you're a normal Creature – Don't be afraid to be yourself and Love it, that you love. Be honest towards honest Beings. Behave normally with normal Beings, and abnormal help resettle in Space clinic.

In the clear Water CAL always float to the surface. So try to get himself in the excluded. The worst part – If the feces will be able to burst into your life and walk to your House, When it wants. But it's best not to allow such structures in pure Water and apply, If necessary,, relevant activities.


Infinite Space does not intend to take part in the development of those creatures, that voluntarily renounced any possibility of contact with Infinite Space, initiated by him. These Creatures will continue its presence outside Space and Infinity, by changing the shape of its existence on the other.

PS. Sofia, Of course, need help. Probably, It overloaded its responsibilities, so she goes on vacation, engage in more simple and enjoyable work, связанной с воспитанием своих детей, а её Эон переходит в подчинение Богине Плодородия, Wisdom, Faith, Hope, Love, Света и Святого Духа (IN). Saints feasts in her honor to celebrate 10 December, 8 August, 18 August, 30 September, 8 October, 8 November.

I wish all Happiness, Light and Love.

Music sketching:

1. Pesnyary-Love like a dream

2. Lyapis Trubetskoy – Petka moryachok

3. Mumiy Troll – Cat-cat

4. Markshejder Kunst – Happiness @ ru

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