The time is now
Live in a Space without walls.
In the heart of the knocks
Hooaku Teng Keng.

Paint, the sound of music, new impressions!
All this is waiting for you. No doubt!

We will consider, that this was done so as to confidently believe that, that at the Thin Energy will live all the way or so. And now for those, who would also like to: The Highest Техники Transition Stage!

Will try to be as simple and clear.
If at the beginning of the development of microbes devour all that can swallow – developing, Creature reaching a level of mutations, that starts to even eat with spoons, forks, plates. And prepare it for use. Preparation steps, table setting, the culture of food consumption – already represent the kinds of Thin Energy. And are a sort of a impregnation. I.e.. This proves that, that the transition to more High Energy Сферы going smoothly. But smoothly can be slow, and can be quickly. Depends on various factors.

Hooaku Teng Ken.

For the highest quality transition to Thin Energy, and achieve the required mutations in the body, You must adhere to the following States::

1. Constantly feel the length of its body, the internal volume of the body, that is the result of a dive in your natural state. To feel and choose how much of your body we have studied, and all are able to do it. :)

2. Ensure that your volume was inside you. This is called, “in Russian”, “be yourself”. Follow this very important! Because all sorts of stimuli, promote immersion you “not in his plate” or condition “you're not yourself!” , “you are not your!”, used for making money all, who earns money. And the most zarvavšiesâ gospodiny “financial movers and shakers” use the most clever methods. And what's more, they are interested in is not money, (a) Your Life, Thanks to the theft which, under the pretext of financial relations, they are able to live. I.e.. you have understood, that means they have long, and live alone by, that are stealing your Life and dump on you your karma. I.e.. If you had to ask for help – now they're just ordering you to work off their sins. They are in very poor condition, for the simple reason, that created a situation, oduračivaâ all The Universe. And now there is no mercy in heaven, or on Earth. ! Y ^) More on this subject: If you do not understand what your share fell such “not imaginable” and “unbelievable trouble” – This means, only, that you dumped someone his dirty Karma, While you were happy Life and have been looking for Love in this World. This happened because the, that you have not installed the protection during the podhalimskogo attack. But your defensiveness does not entitle someone to attack you. This in Laws Nature in this scale, there is no.

3. about! well, finally the third paragraph. :) Being in your own body, you need to decide whether it wants to top up your volume. If “Yes” – first of all we make replenishment by Thin Energies, plunging into a certain State, as described earlier,. Usually refill Thin Energies happens instantly. But if you're new – the minutes 10-30 will need to be “popitat′sâ”. If after an hour you still need to replenish his inner volume – You can eat any of their favorite foods. But the need to accumulate experience, rather than fill the belly.

Space diet Hooaku Teng Ken.

The diet is very easy. In its own food needs to stick to two lines of events.
1. Follow the directions from the more solid food to softer. The, If you have already made a step forward – the back is not coming back.
2. Follow the directions from the drier to a wet food. The same principles.

Next. After you prokačaetes′, and your body is sufficiently promutiruet – you need to follow a diet: You can only swallow the, that dissolves in the mouth. For Example, sugar, tomatoes peeled, soup soup etc..

Sometimes you may want something solid to chew – It is ok – you need to chew and spit it out., cookies. Clear day, the meat and fat we cast a still unknown when it, and the more it does not eat.

So for those, who practice The Movement Areas: You may have a feeling of intense boredom. This behavior occurs because the, that all, You can offer this naleplennyj world – food for the money. I.e.. replenishment of impressions using the first chakra (Red). But it will happen, If you were locked from all, and, during the transition to the subtle energy, work on your computer, are watching TV (especially the anime, manga ). I.e.. contact “pumps”, you have created for your pumping Thin Energy. And what you thought? Of course, all who benefits, will deny the existence of any energies, so you didn't think about them. But will they just steal: because they Vital are important.

During the transition, it is necessary to be outdoors more, communicating with people, who you are, more sleep and meditate. You have to remember and not forget that, what you are now and in the future do so purposefully, that raise the frequency Own Vibration, in order to log in Resonance with Energies more High The Level Of, each of the following which is more Thin in relation to the Previous, When you choose to fund your Internal Volume, and reaching saturation, fullness. Wow! :)

Would you even know some biological beacons. If you feel that you have dry eyes, dries the forehead, Perhaps, too fast are thought – means, There is not enough moisture in the body. The balance can be restored by using the simplest Soviet yogurt. There is a need in small doses, focusing on the accumulation of impressions.

In the case of overeating will signal the first pain of certain areas of the head. Most often the forehead, feeling as if you had stolen the forehead, but may become ill as the left and right hemisphere. Well, after these signs can increase the frequency of heartbeat. If you notice just how often heartbeat – means, the first signs that you either missed, or even do not feel.

Advantages. All this you will give:
1. Solution to a nonexistent problem of a flat stomach.
2. Victory over odd or excessive weight and the way to lose weight.
3. Solve a non-existent shortage of weight. Getting Fat. Gain weight.
4. Get the opportunity to eat out The Infinite Source Thin Energies.
5. Prove to Enlightenment closer.
6. Gain invaluable experience enabling natural mutations in the intended to self-destruct Reasonable Creatures.
7. Find Perfect body.


We want up and down, overcoming doubt, but we are surrounded by negative psychological mood.

So, Space tumor a very simple. The main work is:
1. prevent Quality Natural Development, as individual Creatures, and groups Creatures.
2. hide the undeniable advantages Natural Development. By false Ideas and bustle.
3. destroy Life.

What you can expect? If you select the path Self development Own Individuality, in other words Individual Vibration, and lightening, and development of surrounding you World by Own Radiation – Brown is waiting for you and a bunch of misunderstanding, nedoumevaniâ, countless attempts to suppress your impulses, until such time as you show an undeniable product Its Development. Well, after this heap of dirty hands will try to steal it from you, that's why in advance it is necessary to provide protection. In General, all Natural belongs to him Natural parent – that's why invest primarily in the. So that your Light was Brighter! Do not forget to follow three simple recommendations, given at the beginning. :)

And now details.
When you start the Thin Energy – you won't support any parents, relatives, no friends (If they do not aspire to this). I.e.. with family and friends about this need to talk less, and it is better to be silent and act vtihorâ. Be assured that, What if your parents learn about it – you will have the opportunity to see them in such unusual manifestations that you never knew existed. What else can make a person, who all his life has been convinced that, After living his waiting coffin, worms, and škilet, not wishing to recognize his mistake, and then that it all its own Life was just The Charged A Fool. You know, that's so unbearably sad! And he never even thought about how, that anything is going to happen, If we seek the Life. So if anyone of you wants, to it were only bones in a coffin, like your grandfathers-grandparent – can not read more, listen to “Mr financial and shaker”, He knows the right path for you, He knows how to make better Life, regardless of whether, that has no idea about how to do Life.

Well, and for those, who is going to Live in Its Own Future. As you already understood, in the bus and with few acquaintances on a straight talk about this too is not recommended. Otherwise you run the risk of later wash your eyes then something Brown.
But the most painful blows is important for you to relatives or friends. Because to think a thousand times before they enter into a dialogue about. If this man is prone to manipulation by other – Be careful: Perhaps this non-man. Well, in this situation, the most objective solution would be “to uncertainty” , get away from the topic of conversation. In the extreme case tell him simply, He's crazy “How can you live without food???”. He can't eat the subtle energies – so for him it's not food. Oh and the marshmallow tea eat to the credibility of the :) )) We do usually :) ))))

All, This conclusion, to ensure, you need good to reflect on their behavior and enjoy their own discoveries or on their own, or in the appropriate circles.

If the accumulated excess external pressure – you need to shoot the amorphous layer. For Example, music Kitarō ( Kitaro ) copes well with this. Master Psychological explosions, breakthroughs to enlightenment Of Outer Consciousness. His, By the way, hate everything “Black Holes”. So do not be surprised, If in your store this music is :) Online help you. We will soon publish in Forum something.

Well, practice, If there are questions – leave any comments, or ICQ, but it is better to write to the Forum.

Whatever your food – Cosmos All!
We Love You Always! Y ^)

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