Consider any World. For Example, This. Regarding this World There are more and more Low World (for example, 2-d

), and more High World (for example, 4-d).

The 2-D World.



If a three-dimensional reality is aggressive – the two-dimensional is fear and horror. I.e.. Consciousness, staying in 2d World, are there in a State of fear and horror. As a result of the natural development of this measuring Consciousness gaining experience Dvuedinstva and, rising above its own fear, confirms that the, He's nothing more than suspicious, and life – This is a permanent work. The experience convinced that together, at least, more fun. :) In consequence of the The Consciousness, successful development, in 2d World are formed “Grain Of Reason” or Soul for World Third Spatial Dimensions. In the new form of these Consciousness are the elements in the “Grain”, either an integer “Grain”, or any other – It depends on the Forces Individual Vibration and other factors.

All this is necessary in order for Consciousness is able to withstand “emotional” the scope or scale of sensations, that is so superior to a similar scale of previous World, that it had to create a whole extra dimension.

3d World.


Three Dimension…

Qualitatively Aware Of The Trinity, with the ever-lively city of uncertain The Third. Body to body mutations we reach level 4 (minimum). And moved into the World higher-order.

4-D World.

Reach awareness at the level of psychological basis, In addition to Pope, moms, the child, there are still the same family as your cell, and that they are in fact infinitely many. And every child born in someone's family – This is another directly to your child. Well the rest find out there those, the fate of the Bosnians who live there. But it is no less – all “Grain”.


Feel The 4

And of course, the zoom level of the sensations so high, that any brain-mikrobo, IWPR prematurely, simply turn to dust. Stay there in a position “The Black Hole” You can not dream. So to the untrained types it is fraught, not that the loss of health, and the disappearance of a way of development in General.


If such an opportunity in which Creature lower World, pop in a higher – There it can do almost anything. For Example, stir pot, or create an emotional vibration. Creatures 2-d World in good condition are able to interact with their Creatures 3D. Creatures 4-d World also able to interact with Creatures 3D World, and they are The Gods, and have the parent beginning on Creatures the lower dimensions. Even the usual direct cause Creatures 4-d World in 3-d could seriously damage the World, because in such situations, you need to act carefully. People today do not see either of those or other, for the simple reason that after a cruel rape lost almost all its natural capacity.

Many people, even with normal sensitivity, not to mention the increased, Anyway hear some voices. This can happen in different ways: as a breakthrough in your thoughts, either the internal dialogue, that each man is constantly, or just a clear and intelligible voice from outside.

In such situations, one thing is clear for sure, that some Creature are you in contact. Left to determine who is the, and how to behave.

Everything is simple. Bottom Worlds pressure on “NIH”, top Worlds manifest “top”. That we have “from the bottom”? Of course, emotions! That we have “top”? Of course, the feeling of love! We conclude: Creatures lower level behave dramatically, predispose us to emotional not justified , not deliberate actions. They can even give several times the correct ToolTip, and then substitute in a larger scale. Shorter, You cannot trust them mindlessly. For the effects they use phylogeny, a dramatic whisper, sharp changing of action, pressure on “the values of the heart”. Afraid of them stupid: all they can do – It attempts to influence the flow of your thoughts. I.e.. they are unable to move your hands or feet (THIS IS IMPORTANT), you totally control your body, and so thoughts too. That's why, If you are not comfortable with the flow of your thoughts – do not bend over to this side of the. You are a master of your body. And you decide where you go, and whether there is going. If they start to become impudent – send them to pužo.

In case of contact with Creatures top World feeling a parent has. I.e.. from them comes The Father's either Maternal vibration. These you will always help.


Hell is not the lowercase World – It's just a dimension in which the “ground” those, who obeyed his wishes in life. Same errors “ground” with the help of Karmic transformations.


And what? You thought that microbes (in the most common situation) mutate 5 million. years, and one day your body suddenly it bored and he solves all the accumulated jump on the groupie, uncontrolled desire, random mating, alcohol, cigarettes, narkotu, accommodation at musorke?

Cellular memory the organism - more powerful than any innate instinct, and this is the, even, not to mention some snotty acquired. AND cellular memory There is no matter whether its scientists notice, or they just don't give a talk about it. It just is, and all. And everyone understands that, just silent, or does not have time to say. Cellular memory – It's not a Helix DNA. And when it comes into – all kneel.

In brief – the complexity of the:

1. THE People There is no foundation for the natural development of => cellular memory is not developed.

2. The Human Form Of Life brutally “raped” yet 75 000 years ago. And violence is, continuing, resulted in the destruction of People, and took the form of self destruct.

3. All psychological adjustment, that were given in the form of exercises, religions, Myths, legends, Tales of burned, “hidden” from the mind, “encrypted”, brutally mutilated, “podredaktirovany”, deliberately skewed in favor of the main arm.

Based only on this information, It is not difficult to understand what a difficult situation for all the nation and including with you we. I.e.. each individual has lost nearly all of their own confidence levels. And material, and no tangible evidence of its right Divine origin. With, not just Divine, and the incarnation of the Supreme God. Whose symbol is the planet Jupiter. That's why, for each future – form your own opinions and stick to the chosen direction.


Bonus Album. По ПоМаякам Нашей Жизни.

1. Yoko Kanno Origa Shanti Snyder – Stand_Alone (Till There Was You).mp3

2. Anna (Go With Him).ogg

3. Kitaro – Angel queen.ogg

4. Kitaro & Randy Miller – Waltz War.ogg

5. Kitaro – Underworld – Parade Of Riches – Court Performers – Palace Dance.ogg

6. Existence – Zenana.ogg

7. Existence – Yearning for Infinity.ogg

8. Kitarō – Time_Toki No Nagare.ogg

9. Kitarō – Fiesta.ogg

Of course, We have cures for the okonončeno formed antižeznelûbitelej.
Judging by the action – What is the benefit you are familiar.
By virtue of this, I would like to get benefit before opening this information.
The minimum acceptable value – This is a love Divine.
You can start with the return of the love, that you stole your or proxy, in the past,.
And recover it in those moments where he stole.
Then it even multiply the odds, in objectivity which you have no doubt.
Do you know what those little small coefficients.
Infinity – value, that can attract our attention…

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