imageNaïve, that “Rooster” all the same.
Among the countless talents It,
There is such a, that throws stones,
And selects only the “Zërno”.

Go through choosing a fertile ground, zasevaeš′ GRAIN, rastiš′, you put your Love, put the resulting harvest. Finally nice to you, GRAINS, Elements, employees, and to all who helped raise, Life developed, improved methods, and the results Impressive.

But it happens that the storm, or other well narrates, damage to create, dig for vegetable gardens, fire suit.
The objective of the owner and it is provided, and on the shelf in the pantry a gun stashed. :)

When you create the universes are created as Elementary Life Forms, and in them is Simple Minds.

The Basic Form Of Life – the Microbe is one of the basic forms of life.

Simple Minds - rational Grain Of Reason.

Grain Of Reason gives mikrobu to eat food, rather than sleep eating, allows you to multiply your mind, and not someone else's, to satisfy the natural desire to, rather than kill the natural desire to, provides an opportunity to pursue, even in no way aware of where he is going, gives the opportunity to go to reasonable goal (evidence of the reasonableness of the progress of the natural development of his appearance and life in General). I.e.. even here already can be seen, that the subtle sense of reality is even mikrobu. He does not understand: He just enjoys the. And he is allowed to.

In the development of Grain There are a few basic steps.
1. It immediately inoculated.



2. Seed germinates, allow the sprouts.



3. Sprout a stem.



4. Herbal body gives off.



5. Harvesting campaign begins….


Harvest :)

Similar processes are taking place and with the Grain Of The Mind, Grain Consciousness, Conscious Grain, Grain Individuality (It's synonyms).

Man, by birth, It has the ability to emit, at the same time and discrete, seven different types of Vibration, which correspond to the seven colors Rainbow. And represent Fluctuations Psychological Frequencies seven different tonalities. We already partly mentioned before in the theme of Genius, and how to achieve it. All of these colors are nothing but Tone-, as your individual Vibrations. And throughout your Life your thoughts are relevant to psychological emotional shade, in the key of which you are in the time of thinking. Everything is simple, as always ;) I.e.. in a simple way, There are seven psychological layers, which, Depending on your position in space and time, can be either one by one, or together in various combinations.

Development Of Grain.

Grain Consciousness develops similarly to plant:

1. At First, Consciousness accumulates Impressions, which are analogous to Water on a psychological level.
2. And then The Birth Of Ideas – This process is similar to the formation Germs any vegetable seeds.
3. The idea is gaining momentum and possible methods implementation. This stage is similar to a stem of the plants.
4. Going on sale Ideas in the external World. Similar to the ripening of the crop.
5. Occurs The Accumulation Of Impressions, not the dreams, (a) Ideas. Similarly, harvesting.

The Development Of Tonal Layers.

1. The first layer.


Red Vibration.

Individual interests. Has a red hue. Involves a variety of ways to interact with Condensed Energies (“Thick” Energy), which constitute the material forms. I.e.. items, you see. This is directly Biological Food, Material Wealth. I.e.. the, What is causing your Desires and Emotions. As surely argue, that desire – This is something, What is behind the material object. ! The reason you want to become the owner of the Object – It's The Desire To. After the saturation of the color layer Centre Conscious Attention moves in the second.

2. Second frequency.


The Second – Orange.

The Direct Satisfaction Of Desires. This layer is causative in relation to the first. Has orange tone color. One of the strongest of desires – Sexy The Desire To – it and consider. Some even believe his instinct…well, Let feel, and we choose life! The Desire To Hunger and “Sexy” – similar. Sex – It's a false idea, to waste your internal The Amount Of Energy, is the occupation for animals. While having sex – a normal man turns into a human-animal, and later in the animal. Therefore,, speaking in the future “Sex”, We mean TANTRA. The True The Gods immersed in the TANTRA. Differs from the “Sex” order, that allows you to ACCUMULATE Impressions during the intercourse and reaching orgasm. TANTRA You can practice as much as you like, with anyone, and anyhow. To do this, just need a A Decent. And engage in TANTRA You can only, If you have reached “puberty”, to understand the meaning of TANTRA. Well aware of the, that doing Tantra you Love This lesson, Love his partner, partner Loves you, you continuously ACCUMULATE Impressions, your opponent too ACCUMULATES Impressions, and you help each other their accumulate and all this is mutually. But not in any way contrary! And if you do not owe any: you do not have any debts. THE “Zeus” There are, and you haven't. So, TANTRA you will not be able to do with a prostitute and “the drunken Duri”, because the fact of such approaches is fundamental antipode. In brief – sex work is dangerous for health, (a) TANTRA useful. I.e.. in this layer is THE ACCUMULATION OF Impressions from direct meet Desires. For Desires is the Desire to changes. I.e.. Movement. And is the cause of desire.

3. The third tone.


The Third Layer.

Direct Motion. Angel wing kicked his third time…and on the third day, all comes to life. It Shakes the yellow frequency. In this layer accumulation Impressions from any movements. Walking, running, sports, dancing, mobility. Feeling their own movement – you fill your Internal Volume. The cause of the movement is to find your own comfort and quiet. Create a family home.

4. The fourth color.


The Vibration Of The Fourth.

The world of your family. “The Value Of your Heart”. Direct family relationships. The, that gives you peace of mind and confidence in their own existence, self-sufficiency. Is green. “The Desire To” surround yourself Family for yourself Energies. For this layer is causal desire to create something new, the village does not exist, but usual for themselves and native. And causal to this layer is the desire to Art.

5. Fifth tone.


The Fifth Range.

Direct access to creativity. Direct The Creative Process. Live Interest. Has Blue tone. Direct generation of ready-to-use solutions available, through various transformations, reincarnations and interactions. Well, and just beyond that layer is the cause of desire for Perfection.

6. The sixth type of vibration.


The sixth tone.

Direct results. Six – Matter or Materialization. The color blue. Layer in which are accumulated IMPRESSIONS from all you achieved the results. Victory and the goals achieved, Perfection, Confidence, Uverovanie (the, that is called Faith, based on your own Knowledge), True Spirituality, The True Power Of The Spirit, Stability, Sense Of Purpose, Intellectual Power – all here. If you have a sufficient level of sensitivity – You can feel the taste of this layer: He Is A Sweet! Like other layers, is one of the stages of your energy flows. The reason to this layer is to increase its own Internal Volume Love. I.e.. desire to literally feel the! and accumulate! Live IMPRESSIONS.

7. Seventh color light.


Purple Shakes…

Just Love in its purest form. This layer is filled IMPRESSIONS from the resulting Love. Love not only for the person or group of people, and any kind of Love. You can call the “Live Impressions“. Particularly important for the Life and development in General. Because it is nothing but, as The Root Cause Of The for All previous Layers :) )) Remember, We considered podčakry? All similarly. :) So our God – There are Love! And when we are able to Live go beyond Love – Learn more. :) )))

All this is well and your vibration frequency ranges Energy Vortexes, in other words, The Chakras, the structure of the body.

Selection of vibration.

Grain Of Reason all picks by analogy. Simply put, on the principle of similar or related vibrations. And how does this??? Course elementary! :) Vibrates Grain your Of The Mind (the first element) + vibrates Grain Consciousness Another Creatures (the second element), If these vibrations have the same frequency = you get into Resonance!! (the result, the cause of that vibrational contact two elements) And in this case, there is a sharp increase in the Strength of vibration. And the result of this increase is Dramatically increased interest! And in that moment you realize, that you LIKE Object, attracted your attention. And you begin to attract to the object or Substance, you have the “the desire to” interact with it.
An object or Substance can be anything, and not only Color and Sound. Just as the, that you LIKE priority indicates the tone of your aura, and the nature of the Force. So it is best to select a type of activity. I.e.. to engage in Favorite Thing :)

The Stages.

Of course, the first is always populated with the first layer in the queue. I.e.. the, which point the closest. It is as natural as the, that, While the child may reach puberty, TANTRA him to be. Yes and Natural Desires He will not have, If this does not contribute to the specific “zombification”. (The zombie-Telly box!) After the experience of the first layer had become sufficiently Large and Concentrated – shifting of conscious attention in the next layer, populated with similarly. And so as long as you have accumulated the total amount IMPRESSIONS all of its Layers. These layers and nothing else as your own THE FIERY SCOPE Your CONSCIOUSNESS.

You cannot gain full experience of each next level, If you skipped the previous. Each previous layer – It is the Foundation for the next layer and your consciousness in General. If you proskakivaete layer – Development does not occur, and is simply a transfusion of energy from Layer to layer. And you will be returned to the past State of the, in order to pass Natural Development.

Once your Integrated Fiery Sphere of consciousness has the maximum amount of Energy in a Space, allocated for this stage of development – You move to another Space. Which provides an opportunity to make your IMPRESSIONS still more concentrated! Space these look different. It's like a kind of activity, conditions of work, and number of measurements. These terms constitute the Background Tone or Shade, of course, The Psychological. Background Tone has properties similar to already listed.

For Example, Let's define our global Background Tone. What about the world around us? Unprepared mind will tell: “No problem!”, and then it would be a shame…It is not as…:))) One of the most acceptable real global objects – Our star by name “Sun“. The Vibration from it we now accept? Vibration Of Yellow Tones. Do not believe? Get up in the morning with the Sunrise, look at what will be the color of houses under the Sun. And you will be surprised by the, that all spoken – the truth. Means, that gives us Yellow? Take the seven colors of the Rainbow and believe from the Center: Red, Orange, Yellow! Third room, Therefore – We live in a three-dimensional world :) It follows from this, that our 4-D World will have a green Tone! Here's how cool :) )) Well, the rest of the watch. And still, Pro 4-D World do not tell! Because this is a GREAT MYSTERY! :) ))) Even more Grand than Babel! :) ))))))

A simple rule of measurement.
Not perhaps a World with n 1 dimensions display in the world with n dimensions. This simple rule :) )) And formula: X((n))+Q((n))+…≠ ღ(n 1). Where the sign of the inequalities of the world objects with n dimensions, and on the right side of the object World with n 1 dimensions. In the future “measurement” will call “mernostâmi”.

The concentration of frequencies.
Each next layer of consciousness is more concentrated, the previous.
Ask any physics, and he will answer you, that orange beam oscillation frequency higher than the frequency of the Red. And it means, as the forward wave length becomes smaller, and the oscillation frequency – more. I.e.. the amount of matter decreases, and Energy – increases the. And in the minds of – increases concentration IMPRESSIONS. And as a result is transformed into Clean Energy. :) Well, This is the seventh Race, Although most experienced anyone wait will not be, they do not need it. :)

Surface area and volume.

Each sphere has increased and a large surface area relative to the previous. Volume Of Sphere – This is none other than your impressions, and your live energy. And surface area – this emotional scale, i.e.. superficial values such as furniture, clothing, power, toys, which are the different conditions-catalysts for new experiences. The surface of the Sphere defines the zoom level of your thoughts and speed changes, and the volume of – the depth of the. So, the more Highly developed Area – so you smarter ;) Imagine how smart God, If The amount of Endless? Recommend not arguing with him – more will live :) ))

Games and toys.
This is especially for lovers of game playing. Any event is a catalyst for IMPRESSIONS is a kind of toy, only made of more subtle energies than physical matter. Ordinary toy, playing with your child accumulates IMPRESSIONS. Play – That's nice, only need to do it skillfully. I.e.. food – Toy Sphere, TANTRA – Toy Orange Spheres, Sports – Toy Yellow Sphere, well, and another, and so on… :) Make up a, can even in the comments write, check your degree of freedom. :)

The duties of rulers.

Each ruler and the Government are obliged to the Cosmos, The Universe, Galaxy, Planet:.
1. Create conditions for the peoples of the, you have chosen, under which each and every Person Freely and Naturally has to be filled with IMPRESSIONS.
2. To create the conditions in which their experience no one will be razevat′ mouth and try to steal them, to burn in her desire to.
3. Create the conditions under which the catalysts for filling IMPRESSIONS enough for all, and they are available for use at that moment, When there is a natural need of the.
You can not live, but you have to meet all of these conditions, Once on their own proiniciirovali that its stance. And it says that the, This is your life.

March Madness.
All psychological diseases have very simple support. Are they in that case, If Grains do not increase their internal volume, When the time came to expand the spherical Flame. Usually accompanied by desire “escape somewhere”. These diseases are, to varying degrees,. For Example, people went mad: just all the available volume of Energy Consciousness has overflowed into a higher The Scope Of, with which ordinary people have low connectivity. And then start to shoot a movie about the loonies and make fun of them. Although the mikrobo-brain in this case is the author of the film.

The same. If you have High Vibration – the lower you can become uncomfortable. Because the lower vibrations more length and less wave oscillation frequency, Hence the realization will need more Time. And if the result is unusually long – It is quickly bored and tired. I.e.. low Vibrations do not act fast.

Untimely Diocese.
Just need to understand the, What if the monks will go man, not until the sixth least developed Сферы, then he will be very boring. And if conditions require accurate service – nedorazvivšeesâ Consciousness can go crazy. I.e.. think thousand times and sort things out first.

From all this it should be, that is totally without problems can be born baby capable of read minds, moving items, predict the future. And this is not necessarily going to a pointless school, Sadiq, University, Academy. One simple reason: It therefore comes. And most of today's children Spiritual plan developed many more recognized bishops.

“Corn basis”.
It is easy to see, that grain of consciousness is the desire to look for their own solutions. To further the goal and strive to achieve it, finding this solution, not contrary to the law Nature. And thus his consciousness Emits The Psychological Light. With an internal volume of more – the light is brighter. We see you “Grain”.

Well, the good news.
We have hidden under their “Wing” individually All Grain, in need of protection, in the entire universe at the time of passing the corrective pulse. Scheduled in the area 2013 of the year. It's the little things for us. Such is each of our team.

Throughout the Space and any The Universe There is no such regulation,
Which would be barred by accumulating IMPRESSIONS.
As there is no authorization for stealing someone else's IMPRESSIONS.


I love this Planet! … Definitely. :)



Do you want to make your life more interesting? – Then let it read the, with whom you want to communicate. ;)

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