imageIf you received, The God Life, endorsement,
For help Life Energy, in the development of Own Consciousness
- the, accumulating Knowledge,
You must increase the IMPRESSIONS.
All we have seen in the, that our Consciousness – It's Rainbow Colors visible for us Spectrum Frequencies, that matches our Energy Vortexes, i.e.. Glaive. So does this Colors correspond to the seven main Energy Tel.

Once again I propose to walk around very briefly. So for details - a topic about “Grain Of Reason“.
1. Red. The Level Of Gross Energies. Solid. This is the transformation Gross Energies.
2. Orange. The Level Of Sharp Energies. This is the transformation Desires and Emotions.
3. Yellow. The Level Of Energies Traffic. Here is the conversion Kinetic Energies.
4. Green. The Level Of “HeartEnergies. What is called “Human Love“. Conversion “The Values Of The Heart“.
5. Blue. Creative. Best creativity. In this layer are converted to all kinds of Creative Energies.
6. Blue. Results. Victory. Perfection. Spirituality. Will Power. Is Converted To Energy, formed from all of you Results. Energy Perfection. The Feeling Of Completeness.
7. Purple. Love in its purest form. Top-Down Stream. There are clean Energy Love.

The movement of energy in layers.


Many, I guess, It is clear, but not quite. How is it concentrates Energy? Show on a mathematical example. It looks like this.
All walked to school. In elementary school mathematics was: 1+1= 2, and when you're grown up was: X * Y Z * K = N I.e.. If earlier there were only three elementary mathematics number – It subsequently became so much, but they still fit in the expression of three elements. I.e.. increased concentration! :)
Similarly, in our development: All Improved by concentrating Energy Impressions.

The impression you can accumulate in the, If you are working with Object (The Substance Of The) your Vibration entered the Resonance. While you feel, that He you Like. Due to Resonance, i.e.. quality increases the Force Vibration, There is a possibility of such information leak out on more High The Level Of.
As an example,: This is due to the fact, that Atlanta, aware of the goings on, refused to recognize his God “Zeus” and his kodlu, while making a heroic feat at the cost of their own lives, opened the opportunity to (channel) for exposure to higher levels of reality. And this opportunity just “vcûhat′” from there a spiral DNA. (A) God Life, the spoken:” The, which runs between fire lamps” (or type the:), elected THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. I.e.. Any Creature, even very high World, You can see the, in the truest sense, his own eyes. You just need to be able to adopt such a The Frequency Of Vibration…Here's a little example :) ))))
It becomes clear, in order to accumulate Experience – need them to Absorb like a sponge.
It looks like this:
1. Once fully populated Layer – It's Drop for higher-Layer. And when a higher Layer is filled completely – This will Drop to even higher Layer.

Choose your space.

2. If we examine these Layers as the Space of different frequencies – the complete Space one type of Frequency – This is the point in the Higher Frequencies.
3. If we examine these layers as Volumes, filling “blue glass tumblers” :) ))) - “Glass” fully stocked one type of Frequency – that is a drop, fill “Glass” Frequencies More High Order.

Choose your space.


Blue glass tumblers. :)

And so convinced, that each higher The Level Of is more streamlined compared to the previous. It is this Energy Higher Frequencies able to consistently stay within designated Areas.

The first six Chakras processing direct Threads Energy. That look like 1, 2, 3….Infinity. I.e.. those, where is the movement from “small to big”, from smaller to larger. I.e.. The amount of accumulated by one Drop.
Once you, developing the natural way, completed all Six Layers and reached Full Completion (This is the sixth Chakra) – This is proof, that you are worthy to move higher. Then you get access to the volume of the first infinite energy – and it's already The Seventh Chakra (The Seventh Layer).
Feature of the Seventh Chakra is, that it is able to receive a return Stream Energy. And the reverse Flow looks like this: Infinity, Infinity-1, Infinity-2…3,2,1. Why speak:” Love – This is something, We sent Over”. Any Creature, Having access to this type of energy, can create a force of thought not only World, The Galaxy or Universe, but also a INFINITE SPACE! But, the first need to learn how to. And our team will take care of, to learning and teaching problems you have had. And the only reason for this is that the, that “WE LIKE TO MAKE FRIENDS! Y ^)”.
Oh and more…such “cool thing” as The Seventh Chakra, in The Universe, There are only People, by birth. But! Various solutions, relationship People and the universe, will be accepted through our team. Because this requires Objectivity, where are We. Of course, We have much more sensitive facts of human origin, but now do not see the point of the talk.

Waste Of Energy.
But! Accumulations can and lose!
1. This happens when the, When you interrupt the process The Accumulation Of Impressions, intentionally or indirectly. I.e.. prevent the process of Absorption.
2. Make, or forced (i.e.. make the cunning) do you then, that you don't like (i.e.. not on Soul).
3. Shoved a false Idea. It is the most strong “pump”, vykačivaûŝij Energy of the deepest Layers of your soul.

This is a beautiful wrapper, either “bailer”, filled with emptiness. Once you absorb this object, contains the emptiness, and make sure that, What's inside an emptiness – you are trying to get rid of it, and, throwing out “bailer”, It is also possible to throw out part of his Internal Volume, which he managed to wrap. Such exposure violated procedure more High Layers, of course, This is not acceptable. What to do then? In order to avoid the waste of its own internal energy, no need to throw away “bailer”! It needs to be Dissolved! Just imagine, It is up to Elementary Particles, such as the Prana, and achieve perfection at the time of submission of the. How to see Prana, We have already told.

Causes Of Violence.
“Zeus” and his gang would have become extinct long ago, because of Space Virus, If I didn't come up with a way to generate energy, supports the vital functions of their bodies. And they “come up with” This way of, and is he that, they're just draining the energy out of you, forcing you to do the, that you “not on Soul“. So don't settle more on such conditions: less salary, but the favorite work and working company. We refuse to feed “Zeus” and his kodlu! Let them die out, When it came to this Time!

“Supernatural” the ability of.
What is it? As always, everything is easier than it seems.
1. All abilities based on direct interaction with matter (i.e.. Rough Energy) – This material's ability to, i.e.. ability inherent in first layer Consciousness.
2. All other – “supernatural”. I.e.. This ability, related to Energy Higher level layers. Indisputable facts, confirming this, were burned at the stake at the time of the “The Middle Ages”, today's inquisitors. Now they are too much, but they hide.
So here is the: all it's an insubstantial became suddenly Natural. :) ))

How to memorize the next life.
Still just.
1. The First Layer, Red He, is responsible for contact with the visible matter,with the rough, with tangible. The change of the body all memory “sense of touch” you just disappears. Because the new body you have “sense of touch” happens again, i.e.. from scratch.
But! Still, there are ways to :) You just need to collect Impressions, then transferred to the next experience Life. I.e.. If you remember the formula, without realizing it, and without realizing – It is the same, to go to the toilet, i.e.. popol′zovalsâ and threw. But if this formula you Can you Imagine, Understand, Become Aware, Feel every object and Action. And you may recognize it as a unit – the life of this memory you will be transferred to. I.e.. If you have absorbed the information content, the memorized – This will be Straw in your Inner, who is with you Always.

Volume and Surface.
Volume Of Sphere – It is your awareness, Understanding, Impressions, Table Of Contents, Experience, Depth Of Thought, Lucid Ability.
Surface Sphere – These are the results, that gives Her the amount, surface manifestations of.

Action LIFE continues! Y ^)
Hurry don't be late ! :)
Let it read the, whom Like chat,
If you want Wave, and see how the vibrations began to Radiate! ;)

Cosmos Each! Y ^)

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