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Universe. The Right Of Free Will. The Right To Freedom Of Choice.

Космос. Вселенная. Фиолетовый. Синий.

You razmahivaeš′ the bow of Orange,
Green, yellow or red banner.
And I burn, in all spaces of radiating,
The Purple the blue flame…

Have The Right Of Free Will ✪ ✪ Love Space read more.

Non-Probabilistic Meditation Without A Title. Enlightenment.

imageDo you want to win even one account,
To “earn” new recognition.
We also carry out Space Calculation,
From Neveroâtnostnoj Meditation Untitled…:)

If you bent your meal,
At the table, on the table, under the table, or desk.
(A), Perhaps, political map
- Be careful: someone is playing you. Read more

Theory Of Worlds. Hierarchy

Consider any World. For Example, This. Regarding this World There are more and more Low World (for example, 2-d

), and more High World (for example, 4-d).

The 2-D World.



If a three-dimensional reality is Read more



The agreement provides the right one Creatures use “design” other Creatures. Usually metadogovor always a unilateral.

Metadogovor has no material form. He therefore called “metadogovor” that is on the mental level. I.e.. between Creatures the level of morality Whom so high, What tangible confirmation of their agreement does not require. Just as it says that the, that sign metadogovor Read more

Self cleaning consciousness

ДавлениеIn order for the, to clean anything, need to know what is cleansing in General.
Nothing complicated. Cleaning – the usual cleaning. Leave all you need – else get out of the House.
The same thing Read more

Selecting objects

imageImportant the ability to. It even can be called: “Select volumes” .

1. All very simple. Take any object: Chair, table, glass.
Poŝupali his hands, rose-set, have ensured that, that felt the volume, the selected object. You can say Read more

Exercise for awareness. It can even miner :)


One friend of ours came up with an interesting exercise…
This is a preparation for Conscious Meditation.
And is called the It, If much easier – “3D TV”.
To put it another way: dive in Reality, The Surrounding Validity, awareness of the world… Read more

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