imageImportant the ability to. It even can be called: “Select volumes” .

1. All very simple. Take any object: Chair, table, glass.
Poŝupali his hands, rose-set, have ensured that, that felt the volume, the selected object. You can say, that way you rated parameters and value(I) the volume of an object.

2. Now do the same thing: making sense of, the selected object, only “no hands”. For this purpose we use vision and thoughts. I.e.. feeling view, making sense of, the selected object, similar to, that was the first part of the exercise.

3. And the third. Close our eyes, represent your selected object, and making sense of it.

By doing so, starting with simple objects, move to composite, hard-compound, transcendent objects and concepts.

This exercise, as a matter of fact, is meditation and allows you to establish a link between the layers of consciousness, materialize and develop their (and layers, and communications).
Can take it, that all this is the work of one of the varieties of muscles, (a), as you know, in order to pump up muscles need exercise and combined load. If it's hard to notice – a living example is an American actor of Austrian origin, a Republican politician, businessman, bodybuilder, Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger :) Well expresses itself in its own book:”Download iron”.

To develop this ability in all situations. Only take the necessary measures to ensure, so you are not distracted and not bothered at the time development.

Space you! Y ^).

Documented: Download space
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