The agreement provides the right one Creatures use “design” other Creatures. Usually metadogovor always a unilateral.

Metadogovor has no material form. He therefore called “metadogovor” that is on the mental level. I.e.. between Creatures the level of morality Whom so high, What tangible confirmation of their agreement does not require. Just as it says that the, that sign metadogovor can only be The Substance Of The, the contact with whom you may enter only at a high the mental level, get off at that not just. Because metadogovor available only elected. All Creatures, with metadogovorom, are aware of and understand the opportunities, they were lucky enough to get. And these features are exactly the The Merits. For Example, If parent gives child pencil – baby knows, that pencil writes a specific color, and that the pencil is for It.

Usually metadogovorom have creative Consciousness, i.e.. Creatures The Shining Path Of Development. They are called “Children Of Light“, “Children Of The Morning Star“, “Children Rising Star” etc. I.e.. all those, who, by developing their own quality, makes opening.

Also, under certain conditions, metadogovor is available for Children The Dark Path Of Development.

Very “flexible” metadogovorom has A Single Brahman. In other words DivineMetadogovor, or Metadogovor Single Brahman, or Metadogovor Creator Of The Cosmos.
Metadogovor This type allows you to Single Brahman use “design” Creatures (The Devas), in Divine Worlds the higher plan.

For Example, Electricity – one of the “development”

imagethe second trio Divine Worlds, Atomic Energy – one of the “development” the third Troika Divine Worlds, Natural Live Creature – itself Life – one of the “development” the fourth threesome Divine Worlds. Every concept, shown in these examples, is Alive The Substance Of The, child the World of which occurred, AliveThe Transcendental God by birth, has translated into the transcendent form. Just as these Creatures have Consciousness high level: The Mind Of God. I.e.. in order for the, to “use” data Creatures in the creative process, You must obtain a Their own consent.

These examples of good show, that, in Now Time on Planet Land all kinds of “energies” not only blatantly stolen from Space and Divine Worlds, but themselves Creatures, where local “smart people” name-calling “energies“. And The Gods, existing in the the transcendent form, exposed to brutal violence from these “wise men”, who call themselves directors or Presidents of power plants and other structures. The violence is perpetrated by people, some of them even have metadogovor, who gives you the right to use only Consciousness, with this metadogovorom.

Less ambitious metadogovorom than the one, that Single Brahman, have The Devas Builders Space, that live in the top three Divine Worlds. In the third of which lives A SingleBrahman. These The Devas are as His assistants, and the disciples.
Well, something similar happens as you dive into the depth of Space.

Also will update, that both the Creature High The Level Of, and all involved in its implementation Consciousness (from Creators up to Parents), able to withdraw back scattered parts of transcendental forms, in any number of, from any position. I.e.. If violence occurs – the only because of some reasons. And it does not mean that, that the violence does not cease at any time. In this case, the reason is that the, that People are an offshoot in the development. But some, developing Consciousness, This form of life as people took the chance, and, usually, They allow themselves the liberty.

In order to get own metadogovorimage you need to, only, develop your own natural inclinations. I.e.. to engage in Favorite case ;) Well, follow the recommendations given in the beginning ^).

AND Cosmos with youand! Y ^)

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