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Satan's in the community

Освещение руинAnd Cosmos knows exactly, who wholeheartedly Loves.
Who does the Cosmos Likes death before shaking.

On the planets death United terrorist groups are secretive war with the population. That's why sometimes free the planet from terrorism, that is like a Power, but reasonable people call a potential threat to Read more


Our King-Mukden, Our King-Tsushima airport,
Our King is a bloody stain,
Zlovon′e powder and smoke,
In which the mind is dark. Read more


SuicideAnd I červonnoû shirt
Proud, the bit between his teeth clenching, —
The war dressed in bore.
My dead eyes turning black point.

☸ Randomness legitimate ☸


СатанизмHere Death walks the streets all perekošennyh persons.
Notice: who priŝuritsâ – will immediately face.
“Illusion bloody chicken” – Realism suggests.
The Death ride “the streets” – the eggs will carry Satanism.

Satanism is more putannoj than the Antihristizm format for submitting information, but a later ⊡ ⊡ but better Do Love ⊡ ⊡

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