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SuicideAnd I červonnoû shirt
Proud, the bit between his teeth clenching, —
The war dressed in bore.
My dead eyes turning black point.

☸ Randomness legitimate ☸

“Female dogs”


The death of a woman. Here's a sign
In the Palm of your, the young man.
The seventh eye! Pray! Beware! The Enemy
Keeps watch at midnight.
◪ ◩ Love – Just. Wound – Fast. ◩◪


Карма. Невольница
Was it. Here Is The, revët like a beast,
Launched the hammer of destiny, enemy at the door.

Vtoptana Love
- Pierce Cry.
Throw some blood
For high office – Hangman.

♥(¯ ' •. ¸ Love pervades the universe ¸. • ' ¯ ´)♥


СатанизмHere Death walks the streets all perekošennyh persons.
Notice: who priŝuritsâ – will immediately face.
“Illusion bloody chicken” – Realism suggests.
The Death ride “the streets” – the eggs will carry Satanism.

Satanism is more putannoj than the Antihristizm format for submitting information, but a later ⊡ ⊡ but better Do Love ⊡ ⊡

The Devas. Sin. Rotten Karma. Opposites.

image…You slivaeš′ on living fictional you “Madame Tussauds!”.
(A) “I” – Like burn Patterns!..

You need to be able to think, to not understand simple things, the meaning of which is, the entire development process in the universe occur before the State, in which the Read more

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