What stands in the way of your Vibration?

Anywhere, wherever I appeared, There is only one position, I can take….- This is my position.

False Ideas.

False ideas invented black holes (next PV) because the, that they lack Internal Energy even for the, to meet their own Desire. In other words, The Amount Of Internal Energy ЧД You can only compare with Amount Of Energy To Microbe. I.e.. they are absolutely inappropriate, deceivers, manipulators, do not have any power.

A False Idea (further abbreviated IF) represents a beautiful wrapper, under which inappropriate void. Agreeing on WHETHER, opening the wrapper, Your Vibration fail, in the pipe there emptiness. And in that case you lose a portion of their Internal Volume. Thousandths of a percent of the lost you Volume Gets Author This LEE. And thus, If the author or destroy thousands of Volumes Of Living People – It will have a The Amount Of Life, with their thousandth thousands Living People, Which one Subsequently, “will descend into the toilet”.

What it means? None other than the recovery and distribution of Chaos in The Energies Of The Higher Density. And this is the FACT! Attempt to destroy Universe and an infringement of the It.

The external form of the false ideas.

I have a different form. And represent any Object, forcing you to, Rejecting The Vibration, absorb the emptiness. And thus fills you with emptiness. I.e.. It is something, is the subject of the allegedly voluntarily Exchange, in which you supposedly voluntarily changing your Internal Volume on, which attracted your attention, “the value of“. Thus forcing you to replace Vibrations Of Love “rejecting the vibration requirements”. This is done using the concentration of emotion.

To do this, you are immersed in Information Space false ideas, deliberately stating, that there is only one way out. And the output – emotions. I.e.. “all that you can in this Life – It's only satisfaction Desires, and then the coffin and worms. Therefore,: hurry up, and then before you know it nasosat′sâ pleasures.” In other words, direct pump Life Energy – “consumer society”. AND, By the way, they do not deceive the, After the prožžennoj Desire Life of a coffin and worms. Because in order, in order to be Immortal you need to live differently.
I.e.. WHETHER external form – ordinary consumer goods, you are forced to purchase, manipulating your emotions.



Find out yourself?

Creature swallowed a large number of the, and distributing Vibration WHETHER or NOT impregnated – It's Fool's. And it may be appropriate under the description Man. Usually, A fool's view, that idea,It is stronger than other zadevšaâ, He chose as a landmark in its own Life, is the only true true. Re-evaluate her stupid: because it was always. And look for something else – There is no much sense: because everything about the same. Fool's (further abbreviated AS DA) – It does not attempt to insult – It is diagnosed. For the simple reason, the meaning of a known error. Distribute errors – folly and stupidity. And to do this, showing by example that it's meaning Life, can only Fool. I.e.. ZD – objectively set definition, reflecting the The Vital position. ZD is a normal Creature, Healthy Vibration which are impregnated with a. In order to recover – ZD must dissolve IF, and learn how to eliminate them.

Example ZD.
Example 1. It's “boy”, trying to drag her into bed, entrance, the corner all “girls” in the world.
Example 2. It's “girl”, seeking handling, Tickle, make fun, It's the perfect “boys” richer, “EH?”, older, poizvestnee.

There are other examples of ZD. These are given only for the understanding of the described Object.


Foolery – just trying to replace the notion of Joy. Is, that through Objects the words are trying to tickle Emotions. What a laugh, the reasons which are not entirely clear, even smeûŝemusâ The Merits. Foolery is relevant only, If your consciousness is at the level of the Development no higher than second chakras. The rest of it harms. Examples of tomfoolery: KVN, Comedy Club and other such manifestations.

Universal Contactors.

Burning Life in threads?, your Vibration do not rise above the second chakra. And a breakthrough in the case of external environment makes it all possible, to get you back to its original state. As a result of the normal Energy Flow, aspiring to full speed, reaches perfection only in food. And you polneete, gain weight and think that it's okay. People, host position “Let life be at least such” are kontakterami The Ecumenical scale. I.e.. have the potential to interact with other Galaxies, you want to develop.

Love and pigeons.

imageHigher-level contactors, with enhanced sensitivity, able to contact other Universes, much more susceptible to outside influence: noise, deception, and so on. Because of this sensitivity and lack of interest “modern civilization” in contacts not only close, but far and wide, almost all these guys, WHETHER due, complete their presence here or from brain cancer, or the homeless at musorke. And passing “barons” ЧД, by peacefully “grazing” in the parks of potential contactee, they say: “Bomžiki, they are so cute, anyone unwilling to evil, peacefully grazing animals, as pigeons…”. But they forget to mention, that is the Life, which Live ЧД, was pretty much ported it from the same “bomžikov”. And the pigeons they are similar, because as pigeons radiate Motherly Love, even on such onvog as CD. So Elite Natural Ways development now lives on “civilized” dump. Because modern “civilization” don't need contact with other Universes she has genitals and hands:” and what else do you need to live?“.

Mortal Sin.

Well, It is very simple. This action, for that award Death, or partially, either fully. So is any action against Life. Jesus already warned. I.e.. any action which reduces the The Internal Volume Of The Energy order or other Creatures.

If you make such actions Consciously, distorting in advance Religious Teachings and Foundation Of Philosophy, in order to directly perform these actions, or you can create proxy – None Star you don't shine. In accordance with the Natural the principle of Reciprocity: for theft Life – is a similar reward. If such actions are performed Consciously – retribution is carried out to the extent, to make an adjustment at the level Logical Basis. If Lucid action produces the whole Race for many generations – retribution is carried out to the extent, to make an adjustment at the level The logical basis of the whole Race. If Creature does not have an adequate supply of Energy – It is in debt with all the. Consciousness such Creatures can be scattered to numerous bodies of germs (or more) for a certain period, or sent on pererazvitie complete. Just as there are various other options, in accordance with the hardships of the crime.

In brief, grow Naturally and, in accordance with the principle of Reciprocity, you will be awarded.

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