imageThe Future Of! What are you talking about us again and again?!
Who dominates the first blood!
And I sit, burrowed, in the sand
And I breath light…

Consider Past, Now and The Future Of. Back to Rainbow segments of our Consciousness (Soul). The layer, that, in Red – This is the, that comes into contact with us present. :) I.e.. Instant Reality. Or present in the moment The Validity Of The. In other words, Now. The higher is the layer – the more Time will be held until such time as the Layer in the Present. I.e.. in time these layers have a fluidity. That this meant? Nothing complicated.
It's “bars” Your Of The Future. In accordance with the Qualitatively They are characteristic for Their Energy (Impressions), so Rich, Impressive you, Harmonious, Beautiful and A Remarkable will Your Time. And if this is the Future – means The Future Of.

So, you want it or not – for their Own The Future Of, each of you is responsible Now. And all of this – the inevitability of.

In other words, Volume Available to you Now Impressions – This is something, that, in Future Will Result The Result Of, i.e.. will be your This.

Past – It's those Impressions, already gained Summary Form, and materialized.

We shall make the equation Time.
Present = The Future -(minus:) Past. i.e.. of the total Volume You take away those impressions, that is already a thing of the past. We will simplify the entry: IN(N)= IN(B)-IN(P), where in the – Time.

It follows from this, What if you don't have a Past – then you have a The Future Of. If you do not have Of The Future – then you have no Of The Future. Hmm..Here's the paradox. If you have Past negative (i.e.. with a minus sign) – the, most likely, you do not have The Present. Yes, Time, such “Hickey”: joke fail. :) ))

So, Remember… The Future Of – It is an accumulated Impressions. In order for the, to accumulate Impressions You must follow the recommendations of topics “Grain Of Reason”, to the extent, that matches your intent Live in Future, for example, Tomorrow (This is the future ;) .

In this well illustrated, that Time To Live, i.e.. It includes Impressions, i.e.. The Energy Of Life, i.e.. Life Itself. And on this basis, in view of the, that Time is of the Of The Past, The Present and Of The Future, well seen, What's inside these time lines are all, that there is a. I.e.. all that there is – filled with The Energy Of Life, and so is the living.

A practical example. IN Future in the seventh Layer, where are your live Impressions, is the possibility of (materialization) your live Children. In the case of, If you have filled in this layer is normally relevant Live Impressions, and have not lost his life, before the birth of the child – Baby will be born without deviation, i.e.. Full Of Life.

If you are on any other reasons have lost Live Impressions – a child born with disabilities. AND, Depending on what Layer Impressions you had embezzled more than, such deviations will be your Child. I.e.. You must follow the recommendations of topics “Grain Of Reason“, to the extent, that matches your intent to materialize its The Future Of Healthy, for example your own Children.

One Race.

imageConsider the scale of the Race. If girls play in commodity and sexual relations, constantly spraying my Internal Volume on, have already become uncontrolled, Desire, spreading the A False Idea prostitution, While the boys are usually such a game – It is a waste of The Internal Volume Of The Energy the entire Race. Hmm… That this meant? And if it's still supported politically under the pretext of commodity-money relations? …Total approximately the… Razbazarivaâ Internal The Amount Of The Whole Race, The future of the Race becomes less real, less persisted, less “colorful”, less than perfect, less remarkable. And looks something like this: IN Future children of such Race dwarfs are born, then karliko-animals, then the monkeys (for example, Chimp), If you do not terminate such course of events. That's why, girls, before you jump in a brilliant glamorous Mercedes, think horošenečko who you want to see their children. If the Dwarfs, slowly but surely mutiruûŝimi in chimpanzees – can jump. We are not exactly on the path… If you want to Live in Divine World in Divine Form – We acquire the “Grain Of Reason”. And we'll become friends :)

Those who are interested: This was psychological huču years ago. Only under the censorial “Zevsovskim” the hood was removed inappropriate “the head of” scenarios. Here you can take free


Clairvoyant – any Creature, with sensitivity sufficient to see Thin Layers Of The Future. It is not difficult. For several months the ability to develop any man under normal conditions.

Psychics. People “X-rays”.

There are people able to see internal organs. Some of them are able to see a darkening of specific areas of the body, or internal organs. This does not mean, There are groans disease. It's just the most likely The Future Of. And if the patient continues Life in the old style – the disease does not prevent. What linked these illnesses and the authorities see the topic “Grain Of Reason” + dodumajte the, what you need to.

Shorter…Cosmos all! Y ^)

Hello 2013! Y ^)

The lift arms up, bow and say:” about, I bow to you Time and The Lord Of Time…”.
The lift arms up, bow and say:” about, I bow to you Peace and the Lord of the Worlds…”.
The lift arms up, bow and say:” about, I bow to you Things, Mistress of all things and the mother of all things…”.

Do not believe obmancu, that claim, that all is not Live, that surrounds you…


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