Love Mamočku… :)

Mommy loves her baby – Your child Loves Mommy…


What is a Female? Nothing complicated: any woman – potential Mother, the Rejects Motherly Love constantly. But, Unfortunately, The situation is such, What to watch out for the, to She was appropriate.

What is A Mother's Love? Also very easy. Mother Loves your child and send Him Vibration Motherly Love, a Live Child meets the Vibration Sincere Children's Joy.
A Mother's Love – The Vibration Of The Seventh Level (Seventh Chakra). And if the child responds accordingly – It means Seventh Layer has a :) And all the Kids are able to Enjoy. :) Because of the physiology and Maternal capacity, This type of vibration is stronger in women than in men. And because the, This is the seventh Layer – the ability of previous layers too strong enough for spontaneous situations. Woman, as well as the Mom Cosmos , Motherly Love Radiates All Its Children, (a) Kids in response, Radiate Joy! :)

Vibration Response.

MOM sends Vibration Love – and causes a Vibration. Any man can Love, has a fairly active Seventh Layer Consciousness, and, Accordingly,, sends vibrations to the sincere children's Joy. But more often than not “cool boys” or shy, either put the protection, hiding feelings, because of the daily deception. If you are lucky enough to meet someone from our team – from our response, you will be “in shock”. It'll be just as Naturally as trees on the street, but such “There Can Be No!”. Because we will get back to you in return: the same Vibration Motherly Love. I.e.. in the everyday life of any normal Man responds to Feminine Vibe Maternal Love Vibration Sincere Children's Joy. This is because it is the same content Baby as before, only the body he grew and the stock surface words rose.

Situation 2: If instead of development The man was involved in the destruction of.
In such a case, instead of increasing the Impressions, was Their embezzlement. In the first place are disappearing most thin layers – then the rest. After which destruction occurs Information Skeleton Grains Of Consciousness, Grain crumbles and forms “Blackening Hole” (further abbreviated as PV). The consequence of this is that, that the substance of the CD was not able to perceive not only The High-level Vibration, but any Vibration, do not have a reflection in the material 3d World. I.e.. It is just a shell of the former Being, walking doll…

In practice, it looks like this: Woman sends Vibration Motherly Love, This Vibration reaches the PV and completely fails to. Of course, due to the destruction of all layers, no adequate reactions in BH does not occur, More so in The Seventh Layer! It is therefore now all have to pronounce the word in the ear, i.e.. create a sound wave, that can reach the ears. And thus has a display in a 3D World. Although previously communicated Lemurijcy only at the mental level, i.e.. exchanged Thoughts, sending Vibrations Thoughts.

After a superficial manifestation of brought a bundle of nerves in the puppet body CD, brand momentum, determines the need for response. Vibration Maternal Love, the cloaked in surface manifestations, PV answer uncertain laughter. This creates the impression, as if the CD is shchekotno. The ŝekotnaâ situation – the that is associated with the manipulation of the sensitive genital parts CD. So do not be surprised, If the indicated Pro Love, emotions CD you will see, How MANY strokes themselves on genitals. It is customary for the manifestation of, the most enjoyable, What is the kuklovodskoj game Life. To check the can instead of gear “Love”, in the tales from the CD, substitute the word “fun”. Also this “infection” passed and the Grain, who believe in any nonsense.


“I must!..”

All this leads to a, that, directing their Energy Love the CD, She disappears into the void, and response High-Quality Energy is not. If such situations recur often occur many times – the stock of Internal Women's energy is reduced, due to embezzlement in the void.
In this case, the Natural is Desire Women make up lost internal volume. That in turn forces Woman take a Stance. Because the, that a normal Woman radiates a Maternal Love to the entire, no exceptions, that it surrounds – her position will be the same unambiguous.

Not complying “hygiene” Love, the deceived Women, take a protective position, that looks like a “call of duty“. In accordance with the, all this woman had become indebted to dating with her. The essence of this position is the idea prostitution:”all I have to, and let the first duty will“. It's The Idea Of with an inverted the meaning of love. I.e.. a false Idea.

To ensure, girls, the task is complicated by the: Now observe the hygiene of love. And is it in one simple rule:
Love you So, Who can take your Vibration Love.
Otherwise, there will be your turn to prostitute. Of course, If you can save yourself up to Of The Future Live – We will save you from such a complex approach to life. :) AND Love you will be free to all! :)


Pink Floyd – The Thin Ice

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