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Видение 2020

Думкі, сэрца, паглёд
Абліў лёд, скаваў лёд.
Так спавіў, спавіў сам,
Каб лягчэй было там,
Дзе жыццё не на смех:
Гэта снег, толькі снег…

(C) Янка Купала эх, романтика


ДэвыEach creature is developing according to its own Standard. Even not knowing or not knowing it, Substantive development cycle is precisely because of this Standard. Read more

Non-Probabilistic Meditation Without A Title. Enlightenment.

imageDo you want to win even one account,
To “earn” new recognition.
We also carry out Space Calculation,
From Neveroâtnostnoj Meditation Untitled…:)

If you bent your meal,
At the table, on the table, under the table, or desk.
(A), Perhaps, political map
- Be careful: someone is playing you. Read more

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