image«…When force and there will be no more Babylon – SPACE otstučitsâ rhythm – echo level pulse Jaguar ... (Mayan. Literary translation.)

Since childhood, was so, that virtually to create a mathematical representation of the event, that actually had only a verbal explanation.

In order to maintain Harmony
Space measures, We will use the method of Spheres.

Figure 1. Traffic Areas

Red -Scope Of Compacted Energy.

Yellow -Scope Of Subtle Energies.

Blue -Scope Of Tactical Capabilities Of The Organism. (Is depicted in three positions).

Little dark blue circle is the Centre of our aspirations (desires and their strength).

Gray line -the potential receiving different kinds of energy.

With the wishes of all just: wanted, put force, and, Depending on the time of, place, provisions of the, the amount of strength and quality, it either came true or not. (If these factors are the place to be).

Scope of tactical possibilities of organism-, that our body is able to withstand or to.

So, Our aim is to roll out The Tactical Capabilities Of The Organism
from Areas Of Dense Energies in The Subtle Energies. And in doing so, we need to materialize The Scope Of Divine Love, that is hardly visible and not all, or at least condense Her. I.e.. all we need to do with your Space «high».

Let's not invent anything-we will use the, that there is a: physiological features of our body. And for that, we need to learn to hear the rattling of his own heart.

Learning To: out on the street, It is run 100 m speed, listen as pounding, remember the. Who's too low sensitivity of three adventurous day out-you can just run about once, as long as you do not have a certain awareness, What is your heart thumping. If that doesn't help-I recommend to focus on handling household plots or in agriculture for the next couple of years.

Now, armed with a new invaluable knowledge, proceed to setting up the constant stream of "fun", because. Cosmic energy we already are able to absorb, ways, described earlier. If you did not have before-that such Sensations you still It was never. Commensurate only with the sensations of childhood, but the stronger their. Even for me suddenly.

More to the point: nothing will be, as long as nothing happens (cause-effect principle).

In General, we need to move: the tactical possibilities. Elementary: If our physiology we filed a sign-it says that the, at some point we have reached.

Our goal, we are clear-we have a biological food, and begin to eat thin energies, guided by the unusual sensation of pleasure, ease of, flight, surround sensation of peace, a comprehensive sense of the world. Jump to right now, If you are going to do. At the level of desire is expressed as, that move Center their desires to the right edge of the tactical scope. To ensure, that is closer to the center of the The Subtle Energies. And hold this position until While neither comes knocking our heart. I.e.. drink only tea and skip Cosmic Energy.

When the heart is zastučalo go there :) . It will be no sooner than 3-7 days. You should feel the meal, You'll eat, feel it tastes, reach saturation, rather than throw in the mouth all in a row. In the beginning, you can have everything you want, and even meat. But then his apples will have to seize three days before starting the next phase of the, This is to detoxify the head does not "cracked" (Although you can try is your head). During the meal, you will feel like the heart will start in normal mode. We generally have to, It has always worked in normal mode.

Once you have over-consumed and Center desires to reach the left border of the tactical areas of the body, which at that time is already in the position of "two" (This means that you will not be able to absorb the previous volume of biological food) your heart will be pounding too in the elevated rhythm. This is a sign that, It's time to begin the next phase of the.

The general rule is simple: We follow a series of rhythms of the heart to another. Your body will do everything itself: It is better to know.

The best option – If the Centre wishes is at the heart of the tactical scope. But for this you need increased sensitivity.

This method allows you to move to the subtle energy even to those who reserve only the fourth chakra. And what's more: If you have a heart, which knocks-Space will transfer you to the subtle energy. But it is better to do it yourself.

The fact that you all go to Тонкие Энергии just as inevitably as the, that each of you will be God. No matter what you believe: even in the Country, though in Satan, Yes, even in your own wife or even your neighbor's. Though you light, though you shadow, though you sound, though you maelstrom of immense, though you slut, even the emperor himself edinovlastnyj- It There is no difference.

When tactical industry reaches the three you will need to show all my will, gumption and accumulated skills in order, to eat one piece of candy, and not 300 Gram.

The method works 100 per cent. Suitable for almost all +/- 10%. The «baldežnyj» of the, that were tested. Requires about three months. Retrieved, certified, signed, approved by the, dubbed, sent out, embedded, saved, taken into account, confirmed. AND, Judging by the results of, later and drink would not necessarily.

Product brief. If the first is a focus on vegetarian food, then when you get to the 100-300 g products-will have to focus on your favorite meal. It can also be a synthetic type of candy or condensed milk, "Maggi soup». And towards the end of your food should be able to take liquid type (the type of milk boiled with honey, or tea with sugar). Because physiology is not recommend kefir. Strongly recommend not eating meat, If you, Of course, still going to eventually use their own mental abilities.

All products with a pungent flavour-increasing desire to pit, which well absorbs milk. Enough and a couple of SIPs. Plant food generally good suppresses any desire to eat, but it is not the: Perhaps a lot of chemicals are used in processing. But on the 2/3 Track suits.

And in general food is something, that is not a vowel habit, something like a drug. And you are lucky, If you're not on it anymore 20 years. This method is suitable for the treatment of any narcotic dependency.

Move on to Тонкие Энергии It is recommended if you have a persistent depresnâki, headaches, apathy, reluctance to live, low energy levels, outbreak of aggression, If you have relatives and friends often recommend: «valer′ânočki» popej or wine, If you have a "brilliant" ideas about the meeting with "Death", followed by a continuation of life, keeping the memory of this meeting, If you do not understand what kind of tumors, and diseases in which doctors shaking plečmi. Natural Living Being engulf all.


…today was farm, and tomorrow Strange: It covers The Second Wave


You should begin right now. :)

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