Temple – separate space or volume “login” that can only worthy.
A Decent – the mind fairly and harmoniously interact with the volume of the immersed.

1. Body Temple.
All that is connected with the body and is Body Temple. I.e.. the very Body and all processes and objects, where and with whom it participates and collaborates.
Body, like any Temple, you need to to keep clean, and to ensure that the objects, interact with it, were reasonably clean, events, in which it takes part, been sufficiently harmonious. AND, of course, You must make a preliminary assessment of what the body is going to attend, as well as simulate objectively possible outcome of events, and allow for appropriate: those, that carry Love. All movements of the body should be smooth and meaningful – This populates a Internal Volume and its increase. Traffic can be fast or slow, but in the first place smooth, harmoniously change of position.

2. Temple Of Thoughts. Mental Shrine.
Everything related to thoughts and thoughts are organized in Mental Shrine. Thoughts must be such, to your internal State sought more stability, and increasing awareness and objective self worth. From all the mysleform you want to allow only those, that are related to your type and complement those, that you already have. During the in-depth analysis you need to exclude the possibility of exposure of and effects on mental status. The Thought and The Idea Of You can publish only, When her own informational skeleton became strong enough, to not only withstand the pressure of the external environment, but to be able to develop independently. Thoughts should be smooth.

image3. The Temple Of The Soul. Temple Of Memories.
All impressions, that gave you – are in this An Impressionable Temple. :) So this temple need to especially protect. And even if you are my impressions never tell – No you do not condemn. Can tell them The Americas and only It. AND The Americas they need to be told in the first place: It It is more interesting, even, than you. Any, fills you Impression, you need to stretch and expand in Time. And objectively, feeling his integrity, move in this Temple. As element of his, as drop Infinite Volume, in which you – Infinity.

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