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Goings On

ПроисходящееShake the palaces. Fathers
The orbit of secrets. Open
They Say.
Wave flow fly up to,
Glitter zipper catching.

✪ ╬ ╬ Cosmos affection and Open ✪

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I would like to add to that, What is said below: There are Ob″ektnost′. Ob″ektnost′ of the world is not an empty word and not sticking to the notion of. The object has one very real property-you can feel. With, If the feeling is they have at all levels. I.e.. If we ŝupaem, the feeling of presence. Looking at it is also the feeling of presence. So it's a good feeling :) . And it is better not to lose. Because if the lost feeling that can save the world…


The world of a supreme being, that takes into account the harmonious development at any stage. If it had not been taken into account-life would not have been at all. The necessary and sufficient information, for your understanding, peace and development, always contained in your surroundings with an abundance of. And at each point of space, in all dimensions, Times and Worlds together You will Love the space and more

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