The world of a supreme being, that takes into account the harmonious development at any stage. If it had not been taken into account-life would not have been at all. The necessary and sufficient information, for your understanding, peace and development, always contained in your surroundings with an abundance of. And at each point of space, in all dimensions, Times and Worlds together and separately…
Therefore, we look, that surrounds us. And the first, You may notice it is ordinary objects, familiar to us, and natural for our environment. They are natural and for our consciousness, and shall form an integral part of the. AND, in General, all objects. And only then are they differ, and only then are they have quantitative characteristics and characteristic properties. So the primary is that the, that all our surroundings-objects.

Understanding of the ob″ektnosti of the world is very important. And is the beginning of knowledge and understanding of infinity. And that's the first thing we look at in this world. And this is the beginning of a journey, created for us a supreme being. Is one of the basic pieces in understanding the world and Infinite Space in General. Because all we are learning here is better to do it from a professional teacher, and the best , as a rule, those who write tutorials. Therefore it is better to learn from the, who wrote The textbook. So let's learn from Nature.

Nature has created for us the objects. It is a harmonious structure. Objects not only items, but any notions: event, movement, the thought, emotion, feeling, a group of creatures, mental image, Group psychological images, the concept of, solution, process, a chemical reaction, information structure, information object (example: computer application, program, program behavior or society, law of nature, the force of attraction…).

How to use it. For Example, to protect the nervous system. In the case of a large risk of stress or just stress. To not destroy your nervous system. Which , Of course, can later recover partially or completely. But this will take time and energy. Why do you waste your energy and personal time? And where is the guarantee that, that doesn't happen over a massive blow, during or after a restore. The more that stress occurs as a result of the invasion by the. And on a larger scale everything looks so, that someone is stealing your energy and personal time. Therefore, you should think of stress as a psychological object, You can normally take. Better to take the object out of your environment, whom you sympathize. For Example, your dog, that barking at the neighbor, or cat, that was bitten by a girlfriend. Or the lion, who has no idea on how to, the Zebra, he ate, enjoyed the succulent taste of herbs.

Submit image (объект) for the event, and work with this image. Learn about his behavior on the real example, and use of knowledge on the actual object if necessary. It Is Desirable To, to the image caused you feeling love-then the absorption and transformation of the destructive energy of the situation will be more and more ambitious level.

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