Strange. Earlier people were defending their homeland, and now protect the property of fascists. The army in some countries (for example, with a population of up to 15 million. man) so rotten, that is not able to determine who is a friend, and who is the enemy.

Our ancestors defended their homeland: Forest, River, Sea, Land, Nature, Cosmos. Now “the defenders” protect “pea caciques” , his minions, the plunder of property, “kashcheyev Immortals” and “waste”, that all this Home destroyed.

Females can be seen as energy carriers, they can transmit. If an energy transfer possibility growth gets “the embodiment of prejudice”. Therefore, it is an offence to transfer is incorrect.

Females, mating with KGB'šnikami, as well as their children and themselves KGB'šniki are sentenced to ultimate expulsion. The same goes for the secret services of other countries. Because. theft and use of State secrets, development and dissemination of zetovstva – This damage.

Usually congratulate veterans on holidays with victory, but, honestly, nothing to congratulate: as fascism in your war won. What you and congrats. You are unique! You are the best! :)