+++A copy of the correspondence of the Government of the Russian Federation (Of The Russian Federation)+++

Your State (Of The Russian Federation) are given the opportunity to join the Empire of infinite space on voluntary-voluntary.
More information about the structure and the composing spaces has links in the document. The required documents are attached to the letter.
Because. time of the whole political structure located on planet Earth are not a lot – Mission of the infinite Cosmos decided to expedite the ancillary processes. One of which is the ability to.

The final Signature of the ruler of the Empire of infinite Space will be set after collecting the necessary signatures with your hand.
In response, you have one month. Please in this period, If you need additional time to collect the necessary signatures, with an indication of the time limit. Silence will be interpreted as a negative answer.

You can send the signed documents in doc format, PDF, JPEG, gif, PNG suitable for digital signature.

Thank you for your cooperation.
In An Infinite Space.


Your appeal from 10.06.2014 g. addressed to the President of the Russian

The Federation is registered for A26-20-67016891 from the 11.06.2014 g.

Your message does not match the item 1 Article 7 Federal

the Act of 2 may 2006 year No. 59-FZ "on the procedure for consideration of applications

citizens of the Russian Federation "so to give an answer on the merits of his

the content is not possible.

Chief Adviser of the Department of

written references of citizens and


A. Patrols

The original can be viewed here http://www.infinitecosmos.info/docs/670168.pdf


++++++The Second Letter
I would like to welcome you.

Unfortunately the answer is your authorized person is not the answer and can not be accepted, because. only two acceptable answers: positive or negative.

The waiting period for your State ends 09 July 2014 the year in the Gregorian calendar. Remind you, that lack of response is negative response.

Act referenced by your assistant contradicted paragraph and) The introductory paragraph of the fundamental laws of the infinite Cosmos, Private property Which is Earth. Which States:

“(a)) It is illegal to force or induce Space Creatures, of the bodies needed to be present in certain Worlds, follow your own desires. Or thinking about the, to goad them.”

Learn more about Laws of infinite space you can find on the official resource

http://forum.infinitecosmos.info/viewtopic.php?f = 40&t = 106

If you plan to later declare, that your assistant was an agent of the warring State with you – even your enemies perfectly represent the possible consequences.

Thank you for your cooperation,
In An Infinite Space.

In accordance with the laws of the infinite Cosmos, correspondence should be, that Pravitestvo the Russian Federation wants to end its own existence. Thereby jeopardizing the existence of the biological and material objects, located on the territory of the country. In other words, the State had expressed reluctance to exist in an infinite Space, and it is at least a typical exile. To which it previously sentenced.

Unfortunately, in this case, Nature will speak to you in a simple and understandable for all language: voices of earthquakes, disasters, Army of hurricanes and the descendants of outer Wind, blowing precisely in the purpose. And it means, that hurt not only your “Special” the Government of the, but other countries, at least, throughout the solar system. What do you think: they need it?

“Shorter, towards the middle of the night.” (How would you like to talk) And if you do not want to votknut′sâ in thick wall of Kosmičeskijh Nights, and would like to get a chance to earn another chance – you want to wash off the face of the Earth criminal grouping, which terrariziruet the Republic of Belarus for twenty years and holds the power in this country and do so silently. Because silence – It is beautiful. And do it so, to them nor dust, Neither ash, No odor, Neither rustle not left from this whole gang, their children, and all females, sparivalis′ with them. Why would you defend from fascism those, who became human shields on “the territory of death” during the second world war?

Moreover, This is no ordinary whimsy, as punishment for the Organization of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, arm to which made exactly this Bandit grouping. Because hatred 90% the population is hard to break, If only foreigners will come and tell, that “Uncle good”. And all this happened because the, that “Uncle” the fool. And not profukajte personal budget “caciques”, There, probably, not less than half of the money that the country niŝenstvuûŝej.

… to be continued …