ВибрацииI came into this world, to see the Sun,
And blue horizons.
I came into this world, to see the Sun,
And the towering mountains.

I came into this world, to see the Sea,
And the lush color valleys.
I concluded worlds in a single gaze,
I am the Lord of.

(Konstantin Balmont)

Vibration There are different. Vibration, inherent in the individual object, rather a ripple. All objects, vibrating with the same frequency, is part of the Space The selected frequency vibration. The Vibration frequency is selected from objects and objects vibrating with this frequency.

Vibrations are wave properties. More high frequency vibrations have shorter wavelength, so are able to impregnate low frequency Vibration, permeate and watch them. Moreover,, This can be quite noticeable for low frequency. Thus is solved the issue of visibility. Because the rule is in the opposite direction: Low-frequency Vibrations cannot impregnate and watch High-Frequency. The vibration of the high frequencies are freely everywhere, and even in the lowest frequencies, While remaining totally not visible.

Worlds, in which people are involved in race condition for progress, are an example of persistent low-frequency Vibrations. All of them are doomed to failure, because a static form is not able to move in its development, and therefore progress.

WITHaboutwd(a)nand(e) aboutbBJ(e)totaboutin.

In order to create a sufficient set of suitable vibration and organize information structure. Objects can be different so low- and High Frequency.

The vibration of the worlds to understand can be thought of as an event taking place on the deck of the ship during a storm. A team of sailors from the ship will not be able to, moving in the same clock cycle, is on another ship. All the ships, moving in the same quantum, can be viewed as different Worlds, vibrating with the same frequency, and the sea – as a receptacle all of these worlds. But this is only a model to understand, because the collision damaged ships, and the real Worlds, vibrating at a different frequency, do not face.

Relative Power Measurements.

Vibration can have on each other relative impact. And the power of this influence is comparable to the force of the impact of different measurements on each other. To understand the phenomenon better consider a real example of relativity.

Object, in the three-dimensional world is able to cast shadows, which represents the an object in the two-dimensional world. Just as the three-dimensional object affects the drop shadow (a shadow to an object), nearby measurement affect each other. In other words, any inferior measurement – This is the shadow the upstream. That is, space Bass – This is the shadow, on a high-frequency.

Unwanted low-frequency Vibrations can suck, If an object or body subject to their influence. In this case, you should use conscious denying the possibility of their exposure.

Increased Vibration (both frequency and power) accompanied by a feeling of joy and the actual movement of the General energy up. Vibration reduction is accompanied by a feeling of sadness and longing, and the actual movement of Energy down. This can contribute not only to the events in the life of the, but the standard audition musical compositions. You need to be careful and prudent, because attackers are able to go to all sorts of measures. Vibrations are ubiquitous and can manifest itself in different forms.


Like any object, Stars and planets are in a State of vibration, which may be extended under certain conditions influence. The individual space influence can have multiple planets and/or Stars in the queue, or both. So, the exposed influence of organisms can develop those or other functions. The science of the effects of vibrations various type is called Astrology, which ridiculed lžeučënymi and criminals of different levels, vypisyvaûŝimi their own degrees and purport themselves scientists or sages. Astrology – Science, that goes beyond the limits of understanding nizkorazvityh and undeveloped, because the appears on a planet by the grace The Gods. When such an event is the place to be – “supernatural treasure” hurry to take under its own control, the most horrible murderer, (a), If the leaked information was, the very Science do not conceivable and not much. It's not the most developed Beings fail to own forces to assess its true power. Although there are more powerful, but less clear science. All vruŝih reptiles should be the ultimate expulsion.

Wishing to have more detailed and in-depth information may be forthcoming in space University.

Construction of the scope of destruction “cancer” completed, the all and congrats. It's time to begin the physical stage “The End Of The World”. “The one who had eaten.” SIM find last sermon complete. Amen.

Music sketching:

꙳ ꙳ ꙳ ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ Kitaro – Magic Seeds ᴥ ᴥ ᴥ ꙳ ꙳ ꙳

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